According to current estimates, the world has 7.8 billion inhabitants. America’s population has grown by 707,000 in the past year. Each 130 second, the United States adds an international visitor.

According to US Census Bureau, the world has grown by 1.9 percent or 74million people since New Year’s Day 2021. 

US’s population has been estimated to be 332.4 million. Customs and Border Protection is fighting record numbers of illegal crossings on the south border.

CBP witnessed 173,620 illegal border crossings in November. That’s a 140% increase compared with November 2020. 

US population grew by 707,000 people last year, or a growth rate of 0.2 percent. The Census Bureau previously said the country hit a record low population growth during the pandemic

US population increased by 770,000 people in 2013 or 0.2%, which is an increase of 707,000. The Census Bureau had previously stated that the United States experienced an unprecedented low rate of population growth after the pandemic.

Border crossings have also hit record highs in 2021, going up by 140 percent in November 2021 compared to a year earlier. Above, Haitian families cross the Rio Bravo on December 23

The 2021 record-breaking border crossings saw a 140 percent increase in the month of November 2021, compared with a year ago. Above, Haitian families crossed the Rio Bravo on December 23,

Customs and Border Protection saw 173,620 illegal crossers at the southern border in November . Above, migrants wait in Mexico City hoping to get humanitarian visas

Customs and Border Protection observed 173,620 illegal border crossers crossing the southern frontier in November. Below, immigrants wait in Mexico City to obtain humanitarian visas

It is predicted that the US will have a child born every nine seconds, and one death per eleven seconds in this year.

The Census Bureau estimates that worldwide, there will be 4.3 new births every second and 2 deaths per day. 

From New Year’s Day 2020-21, the agency’s US figures show a growth rate of 0.2 percent. The agency previously stated that the country experienced the lowest growth in population since it was founded during the pandemic.

Customs and Border Protection is battling record high numbers of illegal crossings at the southern border

Customs and Border Protection are fighting record numbers of illegal crossings at South Border Border.

The US will see an increase of one person per 40 seconds this year from births to deaths and net international migration.

The Biden Administration announced that, by court order last month it had resumed former President Trump’s Remain In Mexico policy. 

Biden’s administration made two attempts to stop the policy that requires asylum-seekers to be in Mexico for processing of their claims. 

107 migrants were reportedly packed in a cargo truck used to transport perishable goods that rolled over and crashed into a pedestrian bridge over a highway in Mexico on December 9

According to reports, 107 migrants were packed into a truck that was used for perishable cargo. The truck crashed into a bridge in Mexico and rolled onto a road in Mexico.

The deceased were believed to be Central American migrants, some from Guatemala and Honduras, who were packed in a cargo truck

They were likely Central American migrants who arrived in the truck to pack their belongings.

The container truck that was carrying US migrants crashed in Mexico, killing at least 54 of them. Officials blamed both the vehicle’s speed and its weight in human cargo as the causes of this tragedy.   

A road in Chiapas in southern Mexico was captured with dozens of white-sheeted bodies. 

In the terror smash, at least 54 more people were injured, with 21 of them seriously. 

According to some, the victims were Central American migrants who had arrived in Guatemala or Honduras. 

The cargo truck was used for transporting perishable goods. It contained as many 200 migrants.

According to civil protection authorities and video footage, the trailer burst open and spilled out the migrants after it crashed onto a curve just outside Tuxtla Gutierrez (state of Chiapas). 

The world's population grew by 74 million people - or 0.9 percent - since New Year's Day 2021. Above, people enjoy the sunset on December 21 in Sydney, Australia

The world’s population grew by 74 million people – or 0.9 percent – since New Year’s Day 2021. People enjoy sunset in Sydney, Australia, on December 21st.

The Census Bureau had previously said that US population growth had dipped to its lowest rate since the nation’s founding, though those numbers only looked at growth from July 2020 to July 2021.

The US has experienced slow population growth over the years. However, the recent pandemic only exacerbated this trend. Since 1937, the country’s population has grown by less than one million persons for the first year.

William Frey is a Brookings Institution Senior Fellow and a Brookings Metro policy director. He stated, “I had expected low growth, but nothing that low,”. 

GOP Rep. Dan Meuser is demanding answers after the administration sent flights of migrants to Pennsylvania in December

Rep. Dan Meuser, GOP, is asking for answers following the sending of flights by the Administration to Pennsylvania in December.

It tells us, “It tells me that this pandemic had an enormous impact on all of us in different ways, including demography.”

After the Pandemic is under control, there may be a drop in death rates in the US, although population growth won’t return to its previous levels due to lower births. 

Frey stated that this will lead to a rise in the demand for immigrants from younger workers, whose tax dollars can be used to support programs like Social Security.

Frey explained that there was an aging population, which means that more women are having children. “We are seeing younger people put off having children, and that will lead to fewer children.” 

Despite the small increase in US population, the illegal border crossings to the US are on the rise.   

Pennsylvania congressman Dan Meuser has demanded answers from Biden following Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) chartered flights for at least 130 migrants towards Joe Biden’s Scranton hometown.

Rep. Meuser sent a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security secretary and ICE acting director Tae Johnson.

'Pennsylvanians deserve to know about these decisions affecting their community, and I expect immediate answers,' Meuser wrote to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson

Meuser sent the following letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, and Tae Johnson, Acting ICE Director: “Pennsylvanians deserve to be informed about decisions affecting their communities, and I expect prompt answers,”

“It is my understanding that a total 130 immigrants (118 minors, and 12 adults) arrived on an iAero charter plane on Friday, December 17, and were subsequently transferred on buses to a private airport,” the Republican congressman wrote on December 27. 

“This flight appears to have taken place without any notice from airport officials or passenger manifest.”

Lou Barletta is a former Pennsylvania legislator who ran for governor. He suggested that the Dec 17 chartered flight may have transported as many as 180 illegal aliens.

Barletta claimed Sunday that another two secret planes from El Paso (Texas) landed in Scranton with additional migrants on Christmas.

Due to their secrecy, the transportation of migrants is sometimes called “ghost flights” because of how they arrive at night and without any passengers being registered.