Following her argument that seniors are too self-centered to get dogs because they lack the energy, a woman ignited heated debate.  

Adil Ray and Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain asked Jilly Cooper, a novelist who said she wanted another dog at 84 years old.    

Jan Leeming, an ex-newsreader and 79 year old, spoke on ITV. She said that her dogs are lifelines for the elderly. Lara Asprey, matchmaker stated that elderly people don’t have enough energy to care for their pets.

“When my grandfather, now in his 80s, was living in retirement, his final wish was to have a dog. We had to all gather and ask, “Look, who’s going to take it?” “How are you going to look after it?” she asked. “How will you look after it?” and “What happens if ever you need to visit the hospital?”

“You need to take a dog with you when your health is declining.” It is important to show consideration to your dog. He needs a place to live for the rest of his life.

Ex-newsreader Jan Leeming, 79, who owns two dogs, argued they are a lifeline for the elderly (pictured)

Jan Leeming (pictured), 79-year-old ex-newsreader, claims that two dogs are an important lifeline for seniors.

Lara answered when asked her age limit. She said that she didn’t believe it was about an age. It’s more about responsibility. The world becomes more complicated as we age.

While I can understand that dogs are great for exercise, and can make wonderful companions, why should they be the sole responsible?

Her next suggestion was that the elderly might share a pet dog. She also mentioned several websites which allow for you to rent a pet dog.

You could also make an arrangement with someone in your family and ask them to be the guardian if something happens. It’s selfish and unfair for the dogs.

Jan Leeming, however, disagreed. He argued that there are many important issues to be addressed in this debate — including the health of oneself. 

Lara Asprey said the elderly don't have the energy needed to look after a dog (pictured)

Lara Asprey stated that the elderly aren’t able to care for a dog because they lack the energy (pictured).

Novelist Jilly Cooper (pictured in 2012 at her home with greyhounds Bluebell and Feather) came under fire after saying she wants another dog age 84

Jilly Cooper, novelist (pictured 2012 in her home with bluehounds Bluebell & Feather), came under fire for saying that she would like another dog at the age of 84.

The Good Morning Britain guests debated: 'Are you ever too old to get a dog or is age irrelevant when there's tens of thousands of unwanted dogs needing a good home?' (pictured)

Good Morning Britain hosts debated whether it was ever too late to adopt a dog, or is the age of the pet irrelevant in a world where there are thousands of unclaimed dogs looking for a loving home. (pictured)

She stated, “I feel fortunate to be 80 in January”, ‘I’ve had dogs all my life and have adapted my dogs to suit my needs. Standard Poodles require lots of walking. I’m fortunate I’m fit.

Some rescues can even be breed-specific. They conduct thorough investigations of the place they are going to and determine whether it is safe.

“I love dogs and have two dogs.” It’s not selfish to have two dogs. It’s possible to have a puppy at 30 or a pet at 30. But you may lose your dog. This is a narrow view.

“I had a friend that died at 103,” she continued. She had always owned Shelties, and she stated that at age 60 “I am too old to own any more.”

Think about how many dogs she could have had and the loving home they would have given. It’s all about your physical abilities.

Adil Ray (pictured, left) asked Jan whether she's ever had days where she didn't feel up to walking her dogs

Adil Ray (pictured at left) asked Jan about her feelings of not being able to walk her dogs.

Taking to the comments section, one person commented: 'How can you put an age restriction on having a dog? As long as you look after the dog what's the problem?' (pictured)

One person wrote: “How do you limit the age of a dog?” If you care for the dog, what is the problem? (pictured)

Adil asked Jan about her feelings on days when she wasn’t able to walk the dogs.

She laughs and says, “The only thing that makes me think “oh dear!” is bad weather!” Walking the dog is something I enjoy and, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I would never walk in wet, windy weather without them. But I do. I can’t imagine them not needing a lot of exercise.

They gave me companionship and love during lockdown, and I feel fortunate that they are fit.

Many viewers quickly took to social media to agree with Jan.

“How is it possible to put an age limit on having a dog?” If you care for the dog, what is the problem? The first person asked: “The problem with Jilly cooper’s dog is that they don’t care about it.”

A third noted: ‘Surely it’s better than dogs being put down because no one wants them and they keep people company in old-age and for some keep them fit taking the dogs for a walk?’

Elsewhere, a fourth wrote: ‘What’s this about being too old for a dog ? My great grandmother lived with her beloved pet dog to the age of 87. People are so judgmental & ageist.’