A Good Samaritan has described her heartbreak after her £3000 luxury trip to the Eiffel Tower and the Alps was cancelled by Emmanuel Macron’s travel ban on Britons.

Today thousands of people rushed to cross the Channel tonight before borders close. Kelly Levell (33) fights to receive a full refund for her trip.

Bournemouth native Ms. Levell stated to MailOnline that she wanted to travel to the Alps as a last resort before her condition worsened.

A charity volunteer who gives enough toiletries every week to 100 people homeless in her locality, was shocked when Macron declared a ban on British citizens traveling to France. 

She is now desperately trying to get a refund for her £3,000 holiday to the Alps luxury Spa Resort. 

France has now imposed new restrictions on travel to Britain under President Emmanuel Macron. It will do this starting at midnight tonight. ‘compelling reasons’ able to enter.

Thousands today rushed to get across the Channel before borders close tonight, while Kelly Levell (pictured during a beach clean with her support dog Frankie), 33, battles to get a full refund on her trip

Today thousands of people rushed to make it across the Channel today before borders close at midnight. Kelly Levell (pictured in a beach cleaning with Frankie, her support dog) fights to receive a full refund for her trip

Queues for Trains at Eurostar at Kings Cross St Pancras station today

Trains are awaiting you at Eurostar Kings Cross St Pancras Station today

Photographs at London's St Pancras showed dozens of suitcase-laden passengers heading inside to catch the Eurostar

Photographs taken at London’s St Pancras show dozens of people carrying their suitcases into the city to catch Eurostar.

After the move, you can fOn Friday, all trains and lights to France were sold out in hours. This was as a result of desperate travel attempts by travellers to reach France before the ban became effective.

Photographs taken at London’s St Pancras revealed dozens of passengers carrying suitcases inside the station to board the Eurostar.

Ms. Levell was scheduled to travel to France on the 29th of December, the day she turned 34 years old. She said that this might be her last chance to do so. I don’t know if I’ll do it again. 

“I’m disappointed in the French government and feel let down. If you look at the stats we’ve got less cases. I’m perplexed why they made that call. It’s just France as far as I’m aware. This is the one place that I choose to travel.

Her support dog Frankie was with her, along with her brother and three other friends. She had a ferry booked back for January. 

“We planned to spend one night in Paris, then head for the Eiffel Tower in the morning. After breakfast we would drive up to the Alps to arrive around 5.30. I’ve always planned to see the Eiffel tower. It’s on my bucket list.’ 

Ms Levell with her dog Frankie

Ms Levell and Frankie (pictured) were due to travel on December 29

Ms. Levell (pictured), was to drive to France in December 29, the day after her 34th Birthday. She said that it might be her last attempt. I don’t know if I’ll do it again’

Ms. Levell wanted to test her ability to snowboard before her condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which worsens with age, was diagnosed. 

‘This trip was my chance to see how capable I am, as well as a holiday which I haven’t had for two years now. 

‘My emotional support animal Frankie was unable to travel with us due to additional costs such as his passport and jabs. Frankie was a wonderful companion and I really enjoyed taking him along.

‘After all of the amazing community work he’s been doing this year with We Do Ethical. When we give toiletries and clean the beaches to support Dorset Mind charity, Hope for Food twice a week, he brings smiles to the faces of the homeless. 

‘I had planned to take him to the alpine lodges and have some fun together in the snow, which he’s never seen before.’

Passengers with suitcases headed to London's St Pancras station today

Travellers with bags heading to London’s St Pancras Station today

Queues of passengers formed outside St Pancras Friday as people headed across the Channel

As people crossed the Channel, queues formed at St Pancras for passengers Friday.

Eurostar reported a rise in bookings and the aviation analytics company Cirium, said there were 540 flights scheduled between the UK and France before Christmas Day

Eurostar reports a surge in bookings, and Cirium (aviation analytics company) stated that there had been 540 flights between France and UK before Christmas Day.

Now, she hopes to be able get the money back. ‘I’m currently trying to obtain a refund for all of the costs amounting to around £3k for this trip. 

‘I have made contact with the resort and also my travel insurance providers, so I’m hoping that I may at the very least be able to redeem my costs and not be left out of pocket as well as out of luck.’

Ms. Levell is a volunteer for an organization that assists the homeless since 2010. Ms. Levell said that Hope For Food has helped her buy all of her toiletries. Amazon has a wishlist, but I’ve never received anything. I buy shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes. They are put in vegetable boxes and hung up on the wall. The homeless can then get food and toiletries from me.

Eurostar reports a surge in bookings, and Cirium (aviation analytics company) said that there had been 540 flights between France and Britain before Christmas Day.

Cross-Channel ferry operator said it had seen a similar surge in bookings by travellers. 

President Macron's new rules France will sharply restrict travel to and from Britain from midnight tonight

France’s President Macron has announced that travel restrictions will be tightened starting tonight at midnight.

Tickets to France sold out within hours yesterday after France confirmed British travellers would be banned. Pictured: A plane landing a Lille Lesquin airport in France

Yesterday, after France declared that British travelers would not be allowed to travel to France, all tickets for the trip sold out quickly. Pictured: A plane landing a Lille Lesquin airport in France

This is about Brexit.The Anguish of a family-of-4 whose Christmas was ruined by Macron’s British ban 

The family have had their Christmas ruined

Their Christmas was ruined for the entire family

The sudden ban has devastated a family of four from Surrey who were looking forward to Christmas skiing in Val Thoren. 

Maxine Lane-Badenhop (56), was set to ski in France together with Henning, her husband, and their daughters 14 and 15.

They spent around £3,800 on the holiday which they have not lost – but cannot get back, only postpone the trip.

Mrs Lane-Badenhop was able to get the necessary passes for her girls and even their health certificates for their dog, despite having difficulties.

Their Eurotunnel journey was disrupted by the volte face of President Macron.

MailOnline was informed by Mrs Lane-Badenhop that this trip had been postponed since last Christmas because of the same reasons.

“We had everything ready to go. It’s very difficult this morning to learn about the ban. 

“My husband was working abroad, so he was flying back tonight. He had purchased all necessary tests and we paid everything.

“We are distraught, but we all looked forward to it together as a whole family. It is not clear what we will do Christmas.

“If France closes its borders for us, is it going to do that to the rest of Europe?” 

I’m not sure if this is an English or British phenomenon about Brexit, but I’m being cynical.

“I think that it seems absurd with Omicron everywhere. It is terrible that resorts will lose their money, too.

“It’s a big disappointment. The ski clothes we bought are too small.

It is insane to think that we will have to cancel everything now.

Derek Lubne from London, who arrived in Paris just before the deadline on Thursday, stated that it was crazy. Omicron has already begun to spread in France.

“I understand that they must protect people, but this is what I mean. How can we help? It’s going to hurt people. It affects local communities, tourists and people.

Gabriel Attal spoke out on BFM TV about the ban. He stated that tourists and business travel from France will be greatly restricted and that everyone arriving in Britain from abroad will have to pass a virus test of less than 24 hours.

The arrivals will be required to repeat the test and then isolate for 48 hours, pending results. 

Jean Castex, French Prime Minister, stated in a statement that the new measures would take effect on Saturday.

Both vaccinated passengers and those who are not will be covered by these rules.     

On Wednesday a family-of-four looking forward to spending the festive break together at a luxury ski resort hit out at President Macron for shutting France’s borders to Britons.

Maxine Lane-Badenhop (56), was set to ski in France together with her husband Henning, and their daughters Millie and Maddie (15 and 15 years respectively). 

The family had booked a £3,800 holiday which they can only postpone, but their Eurotunnel trip was thrown into chaos by President Macron’s volte-face. 

Maxine claimed that Maxine was her. I thought that the ban was absurd, and it was reported to me MailOnline: “We cannot go now. Our family was looking forward to the holiday. Now we don’t know how to celebrate Christmas.

What if France closes its borders for us? 

I’m not sure if this is an English or British phenomenon about Brexit, but “I’m cynical,” you might say.

“It just seems insane with Omicron everywhere. The resorts losing money are also my worst nightmare.

Macron’s government was quick to point out that Britain is the target of the UK ban on travel other than essential, saying it is intended to slow down the arrival the Omicron super-mutant variant.

Omicron, however, is well-established in the French travel industry according to experts and current data.

Boris Johnson lashed out at France for banning British tourists to the country beginning Saturday, citing fears about the Omicron variant. 

France only has 16.7 million boosters and plans to increase that number to 20 millions by Christmas. It is still behind the UK with 24 million booster jabs.  

Johnson’s spokesperson stated that the government didn’t believe travel bans were an effective or proportionate response to Omicron.

He stated that Red Lists were not effective and proportionate in this moment, given Omicron’s transmissibility around the globe.

This move follows weeks of political tensions between Britain and France over post-Brexit fisheries rights and how to handle migrants crossing the English Channel.