This is the Leaning Tree of Hampshire. Gosportians are in fits and giggles as contractors fighting Storm Arwen remove the Christmas tree from their town.

  • After it was installed at an odd angle, the Christmas tree caused panic among residents. 
  • Gosport Borough Council provided tree replacements after the original had been damaged 
  • Tree appeared to mimic Leaning Tower of Pisa due to Storm Arwen on weekend

After it was set up in an odd angle by Storm Arwen, a Christmas tree has caused a stir and has been compared with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The tree, covered in blue and white lights with red baubles, has gone viral on social media after residents in Gosport, Hampshire, spotted it was ‘at an angle’ and compared it to the freestanding bell tower in Italy.

Gosport Borough Council has replaced the tree that was damaged during transit and stated that the festive fir is now’straightened.

The wonky Christmas tree in Gosport, Hampshire (pictured)

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (pictured)

After it was placed at an angle during Storm Arwen, a Christmas tree from Gosport in Hampshire has been likened to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Graham Burgess was the leader of the council. He said, “I believe that the tree has been straightened.”

It was said that the angle was caused by contractors. I believe they knew it. 

“We have again delivered in the sense that we provided Christmas decorations, despite the current pandemic.”  

Jan Richardson lives nearby and said she was there when contractors were putting it up.

She said, “I saw the tree being lifted off of the lorry last night. They had a terrible time with the wind.”

It was difficult to install the decorations as the tree that originally stood in the middle of the street got knocked over during transport. 

Gosport, like many other areas in the UK cancelled this Saturday’s Christmas light switch due to the severe storm that ravaged the UK and left thousands without power for several days.

Gosport Borough Council replaced the original tree after it was damaged in transit, and said the festive fir has since been 'straightened'

Gosport Borough Council has replaced the tree that was damaged during transit and stated the festive fir is now’straightened.

Posting on the Gosport Aware Facebook group, one user said: ‘How is it that every where else get lovely trees but Gosport looks like it’s only half a tree and the best part has gone else where. They should not have bothered.

An additional comment was added: “Embarrassing.”

A second user stated: “It looks terrible. Total disappointment.”

Gosport Borough Council shared the straightened tree on their Facebook page. They were disappointed to have to cancel the Christmas lights switch off due to windy conditions from Storm Arwen.

The Christmas tree (pictured) was blasted by Gosport residents on social media who said it would be better if the council 'did not bother'

Gosport residents took to social media to blast the Christmas tree (pictured). They claimed it would have been better if council didn’t bother.

At the time they said:  ‘We’re very sorry, but a forecast of dangerously high winds means we have had to cancel tomorrow’s festive events in Gosport High Street.

As Storm Arwen approaches, gusts of around 50mph have been predicted locally – strong enough to wreck marquees and stage structures and endanger people gathered nearby. Safety has been our priority.

The couple posted the fixed Christmas tree with the following: “In the midst of the disappointment at having to cancel tomorrow’s Christmas lights switching-on, here is a cheery festive shot from our Gosport High Street Tree.”