Despite the scathing criticisms of ‘deep-seated racism’ and lack of diversity within cricket during the Azeem Rasiq scandal, the government will continue to fund the ECB

  • The ECB currently receive around £2.25million annually in Government funding 
  • Advisors to the government felt that withdrawing money would hinder diversity efforts
  • On Tuesday, Tom Harrison, chief of the ECB will be subject to further questions by MPs 

Despite what MPs call the ECB’s ‘endemic and ‘deep-seated racism’, the Government has no plans to reduce the amount of funding it provides.

An earlier report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport selection committee called for financial support to be conditional on the achievement of tangible progress in fighting racism. But, government advisers have determined that funding being withheld would hurt the cause making cricket more diverse.

The ECB currently receive around £2.25million annually in Government funding, administered by Sport England, payments that MPs on the DCMS select committee have questioned in the light of the Azeem Rafiq affair and conclusive evidence of the sport’s lack of diversity. 

A report by the DCMS Select Committee concluded that there is a 'deep seated' racism issue in the sport after revelations made by former Yorkshire star Azeem Rafiq

A DCMS Select Committee report concluded there was a racism problem in the sport following revelations from Azeem Rasiq (ex-Yorkshire star)

It is divided into several payments over the course of the year. There are currently no plans for reviewing it.

The DCMS select committee will continue to question Tom Harrison, chief executive of ECB. On Tuesday, Harrison will have to answer specific questions about the sports plans for addressing the racism crisis. The ECB produced a 12-point diversity plan to address Harrison’s appearance last November at DCMS. But MPs will not relent.

Although Harrison is expected to be grill again, most ECB members welcome this scrutiny. It allows them to exert pressure on some counties that have not responded to their requests for more diversity in the boardroom and dressing room. Lord’s has been frustrated by the slow pace at which some clubs are changing, and Harrison threatened to pull some of the funding that the ECB provides to these counties during an interview. SportmailTwo years ago.

Lord Patel, the Yorkshire chairman will be present today to update Headingley on the changes in culture after last month’s firing of all coaching staff.

Government advisors felt withdrawing money could hinder the diversity drive in cricket

Advisors to the government felt that withdrawing money would hinder diversity efforts in cricket