A vaccine-sceptic doctor whose tape of a TV interview appeared to be interrupted by an X-rated WhatsApp message from a contact called ‘Suzie Sub’, has broken his silence to say: ‘I’ve never met anyone like Suzie’.

After Dr Samuel White’s interview with GB News was recorded, the video went viral. The raunchy message read: ‘As your rest please give a thought that you could use me for my pleasure. I will be on my knees, doing what you ask…xxx.

The clip had been shared countless times via Twitter and Dr White closed his website, alleging that he was being hacked.

He joked to MailOnline: ‘I think I’ve lived a very sheltered life as I’ve never met anyone like Susie.’

The clip was seen by his IT coordinator, publicist, and lawyer before being uploaded. But hackers then accessed his web site to upload the fake message, making it appear like it flashed on his screen.

Despite receiving cryptic messages from hackers, the GP insisted that he was not against vaccines.  

Vaccine sceptic doctor Samuel White, who put a recording of his GB News interview on his website, mistakenly revealed a WhatsApp message from 'Suzie Sub' - prompting ridicule online

Samuel White (vaccine sceptic) accidentally posted a video of his interview with GB News on his website. He also misrepresented a WhatsApp message sent by ‘Suzie Sub. The mistake prompted ridicule online

On Sunday, Dr Samuel met Patrick Christys to discuss the case. This was following a ruling by a judge last week that a tribunal committed an error of law’ in ordering the GP not to talk about Covid on social networks after he was charged with spreading misinformation.

A clip of Dr White speaking remotely with Jon Gaunt was uploaded to his website.

M. Gaunt republished the clip on his social media accounts and wrote: “Oh dear, someone forgot to switch their WhatsApp off!” That is quite funny.

MailOnline reported that Dr White had reported the matter.

He said: ‘It was uploaded first thing in the morning. Before lunch, I began to receive messages from people asking what was happening. I think I’ve lived a very sheltered life as I’ve never met anyone like Susie.’

The hack, he said, was not his first encounter with strange messages sent by strangers.

‘I’ve been getting messages via WhatsApp trying to get me to incriminate myself,’ he said.

‘They always call me Dr Sam and they’ll say things like, “I have a two year old baby and I’m really worried about giving them the vaccines” — standard childhood vaccines, wanting me to come out and say I’m anti vaccines, which I’m not.

‘I’ve had about 15 of those messages, then yesterday I had a voicemail asking a similar sort of thing.

He had apparently failed to notice that, while recording the clip, he received a message to his phone, apparently from a woman, which read: 'As you rest just give a thought to using me for your pleasure. Having me on my knees doing whatever you say... xxx'. Above: Dr White on the programme with fellow guest Jon Gaunt

Evidently, he didn’t realize that, as he was recording, a message arrived to his mobile phone from a woman. The message read: “As your rest please give thought to using my services for your pleasure. “Having me down on my knees and doing whatever you want…xxx.” Above: Dr White and Jon Gaunt on Dr White’s programme

‘Michael Bailey, my IT guy, had to take my website down yesterday to fix it.

‘He said the original video he’d uploaded was removed and they’d got into the back end of my website which we’ve now uncoupled from my google account.

‘We’ve got the full show from GBNews which shows there was no message and we are trying to find the IP address of the hacker and we’re instigating a forensic analysis of my website.

I’ve also reported it to the police and have a crime reference number.’

Today, the site was accessible but not as embarrassingly.

A Twitter user noticed the clip and joked that Dr Sam White had uploaded it to his site. However, in his eagerness to spread his message, he clearly didn’t view it first.

‘Unlucky Sam, unlucky.’

One joked that Suzie Sub would be interested in hearing what she thought about this. Dr Sam White appears to be a big fan.

Another added, “Maybe Dr Sam had an important message to share about wearing masks?”

Following his concerns regarding vaccines and posting a clip online in June, Dr White (who was a partner in Hampshire’s surgery) received an order to stop talking about coronavirus socially.

As a result, Dr White was not allowed to register as a general practitioner by the General Medical Council’s Interim Orders Tribunal.

The High Court however, stated that this ruling was wrong under the human rights laws.

It also noted Dr White’s claim that the Government and NHS had responded to the coronavirus with’so many lies’ that he was unable to’stomach, or tolerate’ the lies.

Dr White's fellow guest on GB News, broadcaster Jon Gaunt, has since reposted the clip onto his own social media account. He said: 'Oh dear someone forgot to turn their WhatsApp off! This is very funny'

Jon Gaunt from GB News was Dr White’s other guest. Since then, he has reposted it to his personal social media account. He added: “Oh dear, someone forgot to turn off their WhatsApp!” He said, “This is so funny!”


Twitter users ridiculed Dr White following the apparent error in the message by “Suzie Sub” 

According to the tribunal, Dr White sharing his opinions’may have an impact on patient safety.

Judge Justice Dove stated that the Human Rights Act 1998 provided no protection for the tribunal and that it had not been subject to the requirements of the act.

They had to prove that they would likely succeed in any tribunal hearing in imposition of the restrictions now requested by the GMC.

Justice Dove, however, stated it was “clear” that the tribunal did not do this. He concluded there had been an error or law, and a clear misdirection, which means the decision is ‘clearly incorrect and cannot be held’.