One grandfather-of-7 has been reunited to his brother and sister, whom he lost for over twenty years. This was thanks to his famous litter-picking dog. 

Alfie Kitson, 80, had drifted apart from his siblings after he moved to Coin in Málaga two decades ago.

After his five-year-old Spanish Podenco Millie hit the headlines for her party trick and Mr Kitson was spotted by his sister’s husband Ray, 73, in Hereford city centre with her on litter-picking duty, his siblings decided to track him down. 

They found he was living in the village of Ulingswick with wife Judy, 75, and had been since he moved back from Spain 18 months ago. 

Mr Kitson has now been reunited with his siblings Dave, 84, and Anne, 71, after more than 20 years, in Hereford, where they all grew up.

His siblings stayed in touch over the years but did not know if their brother was back from Spain as they had no address for him. 

Alfie Kitson, 80, had drifted apart from his siblings after he moved to Coin in Malaga two decades ago. Pictured: Mr Kitson and his litter-picking Spanish Podenco, five-year-old Millie

Alfie Kitson (80) had fallen apart from his siblings since he moved to Coin, Malaga, two decades earlier. Pictured: Mr Kitson and his litter-picking Spanish Podenco, five-year-old Millie 

Anne’s husband Ray said: ‘He moved over to Spain without leaving a forwarding address. We had no contact with him, his wife Judy or their eldest son Simon.

‘After I spotted him back in Hereford, we then saw the coverage on Millie and went to Ulingswick to see if we could find him.

‘After asking around the village we finally tracked him and his wife down.

‘After 20 years of not knowing where Alfie was, Anne finally got to meet him once again and there was plenty of hugs and tears.

‘Anne also let Dave know that Alfie was back in Herefordshire.

‘Dave and Alfie made arrangements to meet thereby completing a reunified family.’ 

Mr Kitson has now been reunited with his siblings Dave, 84, and Anne, 71, after more than 20 years, in Hereford, where they all grew up. Pictured: Millie puts litter in the bin

After more than twenty years of separation, Mr Kitson was reunited in Hereford with Anne (71), and Dave (84), his siblings. Pictured: Millie throws litter into the bin

Retired plumber, Mr Kitson stated: “My brother moved to London years ago. My sister went somewhere else too. It was just that we drifted apart.

I was in Spain when we lived our lives. Our return was due to my wife’s illness 18 months earlier.

“We were able to move back because we had relatives over there. Anne and Dave had not spoken to me in 20 years. They kept in touch.

“But, my granddaughter called me recently to tell me that Anne, my sister, was trying to locate my family, and I was just eight miles from her.”

“I went home one day to find my sister. Then, she got in touch my brother Dave.

“All of us grew up here, and it’s been an amazing experience to be reunited.

The 80-year-old's pooch became an overnight star with her ability to put rubbish into bins- a party trick learnt from her time in Spain

This 80-year-old pooch was a star overnight because of her unique ability to throw rubbish into the bins – an art she learned in Spain.

“It’s amazing to believe that it all comes down to Millie learning how to place litter in the trash can.

“They may not have found me had it not been for Millie’s little trick.

“We’re trying to make up lost time but Covid is still quite a distant arrangement right now.

“We went on a walking trip with Millie last Wednesday and it was very touching. The new year will bring us together.  

Pictured: Millie prepares to put some rubbish in the bin in Hereford town centre. Mr Kitson previously described her as 'intelligent'

Pictured: Millie is about to place some trash in the rubbish bin at Hereford Town Centre. Mister Kitson described Millie as “intelligent” previously.

Kitson’s pet dog, who was able to empty rubbish into the bins — a trick she picked up from Spain – became an instant star.   

Millie was only eight months when she was abandoned by her mother in a garbage bag. She was tied to a tree trunk and was saved by Mr Kitson’s wife. 

Father-of-3 Mr Kitson stated previously that he rescued the cat because he felt his home was empty without an animal. If you love animals, dogs and cats will be a huge part of your life.

Millie's owner is delighted that her party trick has led to him being reunited with his family

Millie’s owner was delighted to see that his party trick led him back home with his family 

Millie seems very happy and intelligent.

It’s a little thing that we do for the good of our city.

The only thing I have to say is “put that litter into the bin”, and she will go get it. She gets lots of applause and seems to enjoy it from the passersby.

“Obviously, environmental issues are hot topics at the moment. If we can clear away rubbish from the streets then that’s our way of helping.

“She’s not just a member of our family. She is part of us all. We are so glad to be able to show her off, as she’s an incredible dog.

Mr Kitson said their litter-picking rounds are their way of keeping the city clean and tidy as well as their good deed. Pictured: Millie

Kitson stated that litter-picking is their way to keep the city tidy and clean. Millie