After meeting Covid positive Australian deputy PM, Grant Shapps and Dominic Raab on a trip to London, Cabinet Ministers Grant Shapps & Dominic Raab have become self-isolating.

Grant Shapps, Dominic Raab and Dominic Raab went into self-isolation following a meeting with the Australian deputy pm on a London trip.

Barnaby Joyce, a London-based Barnaby minister, was in contact with the Cabinet ministers earlier this week.

Joyce tested positive after he traveled to Washington DC. Since then, he has been self-isolating in isolation for 10 days. He is currently unsure of his virus strain.

It was a bad news for Mr Shapps, who had been scheduled to attend HS2-related events in Newton Aycliffe (County Durham), where he would be signing a large contract with Hitachi to produce rolling stock.

Grant Shapps

Dominic Raab

After meeting Dominic Raab, the Australian deputy PM (left), Grant Shapps and Dominic Raab went into self-isolation.

The Cabinet ministers came into contact with Barnaby Joyce (pictured) in London earlier in the week

Barnaby Joyce (pictured), a Cabinet minister, was in contact with them earlier this week in London.

Twitter: Mr Shapps said that he was unable to travel to County Durham, @HitachiRailENG to accept the massive new rolling stock contract from @HS2ltd.

‘Have taken precaution of cancelling visit & have taken PCR test after being in contact with Australian Deputy PM this week – who’s tested positive for Covid.’

The spokeswoman for Mr Raab stated that he was being tested, and that he is now self-isolating until we hear whether or not the Australian Deputy Prime minister has Omicron.

Joyce is 100% vaccinated and stated in a post on Facebook today that he was experiencing mild symptoms. He decided to have his blood tested.

He stated that he would remain isolated while seeking out further advice.