It is believed that the Grenadier Guards would like Kate Middleton, to succeed Prince Andrew, to be their new colonel.

After Queen Elizabeth II stripped the Duke of York of her HRH title as well as his military and charitable affiliations, the honorary position of the Duke of York was lost.

The position of colonel was reverted to Her Majesty automatically, but it is believed that senior officials would like the Duchess and Cambridge to fill the role.

Kate (40) would become the first female colonel to be appointed in the regiment’s 366 year history. 

According to a senior Grenadier Guards source, “They would all love it to have Kate.”

“We admire her ability to fit in and be herself, she doesn’t seem to make a mistake. 

The Grenadier Guards are understood to want the Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) to take on the honorary role of colonel after the Duke of York was stripped of his remaining military titles

According to Grenadier Guards (pictured), the Grenadier Guards want the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge to accept the honorary position of colonel, after the Duke was stripped of all his military titles

Military sources told The Post that the new colonel’s identity was to be announced Monday, but was delayed.

According to the source, it wasn’t the Duchess Of Cambridge. However, they claimed that not making the announcement meant they had been pondering it over again. 

The regiment decides the new colonel. 95 years old Queen Elizabeth took over Andrew’s position by default.

The Grenadier Guards were established by King Charles II in 1656. They have participated in nearly every major British Army campaign, from the Napoleonic to the Crimean and Boer Wars, as well as the First and Second World Wars. 

Andrew (61), inherited the honorary position with the Grenadier Guards, from his father the Duke of Edinburgh. He retired in 2017 from public life.

When he was first allowed to step back from office duties, it was this position that he kept his eyes on.

Andrew was left without his honorary rank after he was removed from his military titles in a suit brought against him by Virginia Giuffre, the United States.

Ms Giuffre says she was trafficked into having sex three times with Prince Jeffrey Epstein by Ghislaine maxwell, who is a paedophile convicted of sexual abuse. These allegations were strongly denied by the Duke of York. 

Prince Andrew, 61, (pictured) inherited the role with the Grenadier Guards from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, when he retired from public life in 2017

Prince Andrew, aged 61 (pictured), was the heir to the Grenadier Guards position from his father the Duke of Edinburgh when he retired as a public figure in 2017. 

If Kate were to take on the role, she would be the first appointed female colonel in regiment's 366-year history. Pictured: Members of the Grenadier Guards at Buckingham Palace

Kate could be made the first female colonel of a regiment in its 366-year history if she accepts the position. Pictured: Members of the Grenadier Guards at Buckingham Palace

As a US citizen, he must fight claims for rape or sexual assault. 

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Andrew could lose his round-the-clock police protection as early as next month after he was exiled as a frontline royal. 

According to sources, the Metropolitan Police has been conducting an extensive review of his security.

Andrew, who remains ninth in line to the throne, has so far been allowed to keep his taxpayer-funded police bodyguards at a cost to the public purse of an estimated £2-3million a year.

The controversy has been heated, especially because Prince Harry’s nephew was removed from his protection by the police when he left as a working prince in 2020 to move to the United States.

According to a Daily Mail source, ‘Although nobody will make any comments on it publically, this issue is currently being actively discussed by the Met’s Royal and VIP Executive Committee’.

“The Situation” [as regards Harry]It is difficult and could prompt you to make a decision quickly. Andrew should not be granted security in the UK if Harry isn’t a working prince.

Andrew lives in a 30-room Royal Lodge at Queen’s Windsor Estate. He will continue to enjoy the protection of a royal residence.

It comes after Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles amid a sex assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre (pictured) in the United States

It comes after Prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles amid a sex assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre (pictured) in the United States 

It is this security, however, that will be discussed.

Following public outrage about their globe-trotting ways, officers were regularly following their children on their trips overseas, his daughters, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie had their official royal security removed several years back.

Although Sarah, the Duchess, is still living with him, she has not been officially provided any security by the government since their divorce in 1996.

Others royals, including Prince Edward and Princess Anne, have seen their security reduced while the royal grandchildren Zara Tindall (and Peter Phillips) have not had to have it at all as adults. 

Andrew would be represented by the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police, but neither would the Home Office or the Home Office.

Former head of Royal Security at Scotland Yard Dai Davies said that Andrew could lose his bodyguards. However, the risk to him is low and there are strong arguments for not requiring “PPO.” [personal protection officer]Status if the monarch is not a working one.