Gucci has been mocked for horsing around by selling a sun visor with equine hair for £2,200.

It has been compared to Bondage Gear by one fashion buyer, and another compared it to a Spartan helmet by another. 

Gucci’s website lists: “Equestrian references dating back to 1950s are constantly revisited and used in unexpected ways.”

“The visor’s black leather harness recalls those worn in horse riding and is characterized by its visor.

“An impressive rendition of a horse’s mane completes this style.”

Gucci has been attacked by online critics after selling a sun visor with a horse hair mohican for £2,200

Gucci has been attacked by online critics after selling a sun visor with a horse hair mohican for £2,200

The headpiece features a visor for keeping the sun out of the wearer's eyes and an open harnes system that goes around the head

This headpiece has a visor to keep the sun from the eyes of wearers and an open harnes system which wraps around the head.

One user thought the hat was more suited to appearing in San Francisco's annual BDSM carnival

One user thought the hat was more suited to appearing in San Francisco’s annual BDSM carnival

The Visor with harness only blocks bright light from the eyes of its wearers and offers no protection against the sun’s rays. It’s also open at top. 

However, it does have an adjustable buckle and chin strap.

Gucci’s accessory was first revealed in April 2021 by models who wore it on the catwalk.

Commenter James Worrad was baffled by the price and said on Twitter: ‘£2,200 this’ll set you back, guys. It is a must-have.

The 'Visor With 'Harness' features real horse hair in a mohican style to add to the equestrian look

For equestrian looks, the “Visor With Harness” features horse hair in a mohican-style to enhance your look.

Gucci first unveiled the visor in April 2021 with models parading it on the catwalk, before its recent attention online

Gucci’s first unveiling of the visor was in April 2021. It was accompanied by models who paraded the item on the catwalk. 

Another commenter was surprised at the steep price given the eccentricity of the unusual garment

A second commenter expressed surprise at the high price for such an unusual item given its eccentric design.

Lee Thomason compared the clobber to that worn at San Francisco BDSM’s famous event.

He said, “Looks just like what you would see at Folsom Street Fair.”

One other said, “I’d expect it to be popular among Spartan soldiers.”

The backlash comes after another Gucci faced another brush with online critics after releasing a collaboration with outdoor brand The North Face. 

A collaboration between Italian fashion house Gucci and outdoor brand The North Face is being mocked online after adverts for the line showed models hiking in heels, skirts and puffer jackets

After Gucci, an Italian fashion brand, and The North Face outdoor brand were advertised in ads for their line, mockers have been made online about a collaboration. Models were seen hiking in high heels and skirts.

It was mocked for showing models hiking up mountains wearing skirts and heels teamed with giant puffer jackets.

Hikers and mountaineers expressed their shock at the partnership of the long-standing brand, which is known for making no-nonsense climbing clothing, with a high-end fashion house. They branded the label fashion for the ‘Daddy’s credit cards brigade.

Insta account of The North Face has received comment after comment questioning its 1970s-inspired partnership. Promo photos for the North Face show models camping in patterned outerwear paired with smart leather bags.

Pixie Geldof promoted the collaboration to her 194,000 Instagram fans.

Models can be seen frolicking in the woods wearing heels and leatherwear in a 70s inspired move by Gucci and The North Face that has received a largely negative reaction

In a Gucci-inspired move that was inspired by the 70s, Gucci and The North Face have seen models frolicking through the woods in heels and leatherwear. This has resulted in an overwhelmingly negative response.

Many fans of The North Face were not impressed by the collaboration between the two brands, with some asking if it was an April fool

The North Face’s fans were disappointed by this collaboration, some even asking whether it was a joke.

The socialite shared a photo of her in a green gilet and a large North Face/Gucci logo on Wednesday. She captioned it: “In my mind this is very Lady Di @gucci #thenorthfacexgucci #ad.”

Daisy Lowe, her friend replied to her: “Such a BABE! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!”

Henry Holland, fashion designer and author of the book “Never been more jealous” also contributed.

However, she was also criticised on social media by users. Rebecca Jones commented: “This stuff is expensive disposable fashion. ….’ No one can afford to wear this stuff for more than one season.

In adverts for the line, models wearing puffer jackets, leather wear and heels are seen hiking in the woods

Models wearing leather jackets and high heels, as well as puffer jackets are featured in ads for the brand. 

Fans of The North Face were not impressed by the collaboration, calling it impractical and 'expensive disposable fashion'

The North Face fans were less than impressed with the partnership, calling it impractical as well as a ‘expensive fashion disposable’

High socks, booties, puffer jackets and denim shorts; the collaboration between Gucci and The North Face did not land well with some consumers

Some consumers were not happy with the Gucci-The North Face collaboration. They wanted high socks, booties and puffer jackets, but they also didn’t like denim shorts. 

However, The North Face’s Instagram account was far more bleak, and there were dozens of messages praising the deal as a sellout.

One unimpressed user stated, “Bro I swear that if I ever find someone outside dressed like this,” 

Another wrote, “Rest in Peace to an once proud and respected outdoors company,” 

One commenter stated that the collab displayed people dressed ill-practically. He also said: “My Issue is a brand I used to love, feeling the need for overpriced clothing brands and using overpaid models wearing ridiculous and inadequate clothes whilst pretending they are doing adventure.” 

Socialite Pixie Geldof promoted the line in a sponsored advert on her Instagram account, saying it made her feel like lady Di (pictured)

Pixie Geldof, a socialite and socialite, promoted the brand in an Instagram sponsored advertisement. She said it made her feel like Lady Di (pictured).

“Perfect moment to release this collab as people are being evicted. One person said that these tents would look like they are under highway overpasses.  

Another joked, “Someone needs to be fired in marketing for this catastrophe.” 

One replied, “We need conservation not exploratory.” I’d love to see you promote your renewed and refurbished clothing store,’ while one vowed: ‘If this is real, I am legit never buying North Face again.’ 

Gucci was a brand that embodied status, fashion and opulence. North Face enters the fashion world now. Disappointed. Another commented, “Not going to lie.”

Unimpressed social media users ridiculed the images of the collaboration, with one remarking that 'someone in marketing' needed to be fired

Social media users Unimpressed ridiculed the photos of the collaboration. One commented that “someone in Marketing” needed to get fired.