After being taunted by police officers, a bodybuilder was shot in the head and then shot at point blank range. Shoot me!

Len Cloete (54) was a father-of-2 and had been encountered by at most four armed officers in Muldersdrift (Gauteng), South Africa. This occurred after an altercation between staff members.

He was believed to have rowed with Misty Hills Country Hotel management because the room was not available for Chantal (46), upon his arrival.

Shocking moment police officer fires at Len Cloete, 42, during a fierce stand-off at a hotel in South Africa

Shocking: A 42-year-old police officer fired at Len Cloete during a heated standoff at South Africa’s Hotel. 

Video footage shows gym owner Mr Cloete taunting police officers in his underwear at the Misty Hills Country Hotel

A video shows Mr Cloete, the owner of the Misty Hills Country Hotel, taunting officers with his underwear. 

Footage shows Mr Cloete brandishing a gun during a heated argument with armed police officers before he is shot in the head

Video footage shows Mr Cloete holding a gun while arguing with police officers. He is then shot in the head. 

According to police sources, he was asked for a refund and refused. He then became angry at the South African Police.  

In a video Mr Cloete – who owns the Vo2 Max Fitness Centre in Rietvleirand in Pretoria – is seen in his underwear confronting cops who asked him to pack up and leave.

The owner of the gym walks off from officers and tells a woman he believes to be his wife that he has his gun.The gun was then cocked by the owner of the gym. 

You can hear a female police officer saying “Now, you are being dangerous”.

He shouts at her, “Whose is playing dangerous?” You f*****g cowards. Come on!’

He shows the four armed cops his gun and looks to point it at them and says angrily: ‘Come on you f*****g a******s.

‘The problem is I know how to use this f*****g thing’.

Chantal, Chantal’s spouse can be heard shouting “Guys, you are supposed protect us really!”

Cloete screams, “These guys?” These men? You are a shameful person, I’m sorry.

The female officer is then disarmed by him, and he grabs her gun.

Father-of-two Len Cloete, 54, had been confronted by at least four armed cops at a holiday lodge in Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa, after a bitter altercation with staff (pictured with wife Chantal, 46)

After a long and bitter dispute with employees, Len Cloete (father-of-two), 54, was confronted at least four times by armed police officers at Muldersdrift in Gauteng.

It is thought Mr Cloete had rowed with the management of the Misty Hills Country Hotel (pictured) because a room was not ready for him and his wife Chantal upon arrival

Because a room wasn’t ready when Chantal and Mr Cloete arrived at the Misty Hills Country Hotel, it is believed that they had taken umbrage with their management.

A male officer takes out his pistol and fires one bullet at point blank distance into the head of the aggressor, making him collapse.

As he turns the fire, the video shows his muzzle explode in bright orange.

Chantal is believed to have been a Chantal woman who shouts Mr Cloete’s death.

Paramedics arrived quickly and took the man to the hospital.

Grace Langa, spokesperson for Independent Police Investigative Directorate said that the shooting took place just after midnight Saturday following an altercation.

The manager requested that the guest leave, stating that the lodge would reimburse him. But he declined and became more aggressive.

“Police officers were dispatched to the scene and the guest started fighting. They took the firearm from the bedroom drawer and he turned it on.

It is said that one officer from the police was disarmed by the victim.

Wife Chantal, who was a recent Mrs Pretoria finalist and is a poetry book author and has her own clothing design range, is said to be 'completely broken' by the shooting (pictured with Mr Cloete)

Chantal’s wife, Wife Chantal (pictured with Mr Cloete), was recently a Mrs Pretoria finalist. She is also a poet book author, and her clothing range is available for purchase.

“The guest had two guns, then one officer pulled out his service pistol to shoot the guest in the head.”

Chantal’s wife, who is an author of poetry books and owns her own range of clothing designs, was recently a Mrs Pretoria finalist. She is said to have been ‘completely destroyed’ by the shooting.

Facebook post: “My husband fights for his life. My thoughts and prayers are with him. [sic]Completely broken. Day by day. We miss you! We are here for your children.

Fight for my man. I will not lose you. All of you, pray for a miracle. 

“He was shot, and is now in a coma. You are our angel, my man and everything.

Chantal said, “Please come back to me,” adding that she is also an estate agent.

These two were married 5 years ago. They have a daughter, aged 7, and a son, aged 3. Both of them are famous characters in Pretoria.