TikTok’s gynaecologist tells women to stop wearing pantsy liners all day. Or they run the risk for chronic itching

  • TikTok’s gynaecologist warns of side effects associated with daily pantyliners 
  • Dr Annie Frankel reveals use regular can lead to contact dermatitis and itching 
  • Her followers were warned by her to use only pantyliners when absolutely necessary  

A gynaecologist has taken to TikTok to warn women against damaging their vulvas by regularly wearing panty liners.

Dr Annie Frenkel, 39, an Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist, shared a video to her 95,300 followers after fearing that too many women are harming their delicate skin by wearing panty liners every day.

New York doctor who is a practicing physician, starred in this viral clip. It showed why consistent wearing of pantyliners around the vulva could lead to contact dermatitis.   

Annie was both a patient and a doctor to describe the common condition. Her video has been viewed more than 474,000 times. 

Dr Annie Frenkel has warned women against the harmful side effects constantly wearing panty liners can bring

Dr Annie Frenkel warns women to avoid the side effects of wearing pantyliners.

The TikTok gynaecologist advised only to use panty liners on light days at the end of a period or very occasionally

TikTok’s gynaecologist recommended that you only use pantyliners during periods or on very rare occasions.

I can see that your vulva is clearly defined. Do you use daily pantyliners? 

Annie responded as the patient. She then went on to give an answer that she was used to hearing: “Yes. These are what I use every day. It doesn’t bother me that my underwear is leaking. 

She continued with her medical advice and said: “Yes, that is likely what’s causing your irritation.” It looks like your skin is prone to contact dermatitis. 

In response to Dr Annie’s question about what the patient should do regarding discharge, she suggested that Dr Annie carry a Ziploc bag in her purse. 

Annie further explained in a later video that stopping using them may lead to other problems if the patient persistently scratches

Annie also explained, in a video later added that stopping the use of them could lead to additional problems for patients who scratch persistently

‘When you feel discharge, change your underwear. Your vulva skin is not happy with liners.

Following up, Dr Annie showed irritation in the patient’s face and said that she had stopped using the pantyliners.

“The bad news was that you have Lichen Simplex Chronicus because of all your scratching due to contact dermatitis,” she said.

Most women on the post were grateful for the advice with some even saying it had helped them personally

The majority of women in the group were thankful for the tips, some saying that they had been able to help themselves.

The original video’s commenters were quick to follow Dr Annie’s lead.

How do you define Lichen simplex chronicus  

Lichen simplex or Lichen simplex chronicus is the skin’s response to repeated friction over time, such as scratching or rubbing. 

You may notice it as a few thickened areas or bumps on your skin around hair follicles.  

The symptoms can range from painful to severe. Itching is the most frequent symptom. 

The condition can be treated with ointments, creams and antihistamine tablets, although it’s crucial to tackle the underlying cause to ensure it doesn’t come back.  

A person stated, “I have been wearing liners for about 3 months. It was also the time that I noticed severe irritation. Then I realized it was something else. We are grateful.

A third person commented, “Shocked at how many women wear liners daily!” That’s insane. You can just wipe it off with toilet paper. 

Another agreed, saying “Omg! This is me!” I’ve been so uncomfortable with discharge for so long! I have always had issues. I have never heard anything from a doctor.

But, there were some comments that refused to give up liners even though Annie advised them.

One person said: ‘I wear them everyday and haven’t had any problems. It’s not “sad” or weird, it just makes me feel more comfortable, to each their own I guess.’

Another said that liners are a personal preference. It’s personal preference.’

Speaking to the Mail Online, Dr Annie said, ‘I did make a video answering these kinds of comments stating that if you have been wearing them as they say for the longest time without any issues then that’s ok.’ 

Some women may not be as sensitive. This video will help women suffering from irritation due to liner usage.

‘And as always if irritation doesn’t resolve after discontinuing daily use for a month see your Gyn.’

Some commenters decided against taking the daily panty liner advice of the TikTok gynaecologist

Some commenters decided not to follow the TikTok daily advice on gynaecology