Kamala Harris claimed Tuesday that reports saying she wouldn’t wear bluetooth headphones were ‘ridiculous.

The San Francisco Chronicle printed the comments of Harris’ vice president on Sunday, based on an interview from last week. Harris is still facing mounting criticisms and low approval ratings.

A more strange report was found around these reports, claiming Harris did not use bluetooth pods due to her concern about security.

Harris said that Harris was comparing it to saying she was buying marijuana on her journey to the airport.

Harris said to the Chronicle, “Oh, how about she’s going to purchase a pot while on her way home from the airport,”

“After a very important and highly successful bilateral meet in France on topics that are related to national security, climate and issues that relate to what is being done in terms of international norms, rules and laws governing everything, from cyberspace and space, she criticized the report.”

She lamented, “Come on!”

According to reports, Harris used to insist on using wired headphones because Bluetooth ones could pose a security threat and allow for someone to intercept her communications.

Harris also addressed criticisms she received as vice president. She dismissed reports that Harris was in a tussle with President Obama. Harris also didn’t address the failures she has made in her role, such as the south border crisis.

Harris explained that Harris did not believe this job was easy.

“If it comes to me, then it is because it must be dealt with and, therefore, because it will not be an easy task. It would be handled if it had been easy before it reached me.

Harris refused to answer the question twice if she would have done something differently during her year as Biden’s. 2.

Harris stated, “I love people and there is so much we can do that directly impacts and has the people in our minds,”

Vice President Kamala Harris bashed reports claiming she thinks Bluetooth earphones are not secure as 'ridiculous'

Kamala Harris, vice president of Kamala Harris, denies that Bluetooth earphones can be as secure and ‘ridiculous.

According to her, the second year of Biden’s administration’s mandate is for her to travel further around the U.S. in order to advocate Biden’s policies.

“My responsibility as an elected leader has been to listen to and serve the people.

She said she would like to aid people who have ‘undiagnosed trauma’, ‘anxiety’ in relation to the pandemic.

Harris can often be seen with her cable hanging from her ears conducting remote TV interviews, even though many people have switched to Bluetooth buds and pods.

She has white wires all over her left hand in a viral video that shows the time she talked to Joe Biden on phone following their 2020 win.

Politico heard from former aides, that Vice President has been very careful with technology and security.

In a much shared clip of her congratulatory phone call with Joe Biden after their 2020 election victory was confirmed she can be seen with the tell-tale white wires in her hand

A much-shared clip shows her calling Joe Biden to congratulate him on their victory in 2020. You can see her with her white wires in hand.

Harris can often be seen carrying a jumble of wires with her phone as reports emerged the vice president prefers using wired earphones because she believes they are more secure than wireless Bluetooth connections

Harris is often seen with a bunch of wires on her phone. According to reports, Harris prefers wired headphones over wireless Bluetooth because they offer more security.

Bluesnarfing and Bluebugging: How criminal hackers can hijack Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology wirelessly transmits data between mobile devices at short distances.

This can prove to be a useful feature for users but it gives criminals another point of attack in intercepting communications.

These types of attacks include Bluejacking which involves sending unwelcome messages, Bluesnarfing which involves hacking phones to become ‘discoverable’ and Bluebugging where a hacker can compromise a phone in order to hear conversations.

Bluetooth for phones is limited to a distance of 30 feet, but laptops have an extended range up to 300ft. Laptops are therefore more difficult to protect.

The National Security Agency issued a warning to users this year that Bluetooth may be turned on in public settings. This could pose a security risk.

When Bluetooth is enabled, it is recommended that you turn off discovery on your device.

Some thought it was an intelligent precaution for handling classified information. Others said the outlet that it seemed paranoid. 

She uses wired headphones in order to prevent Bluetooth and also prefers to text to her email. 

An ex-aide stated that staff were instructed to make sure her visitors waited outside her California office when she was Attorney General.

An inquiry to the vice president about why he prefers wired headphones was not answered.

Harris is not the only person who likes retro looks.

Celebrities including Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Zoë Kravitz have been spotted with corded earphones. 

According to fashion writers, the ubiquitous nature of flowers has prompted some trend-setters look for something different.  

Liana Satenstein was a Vogue.com fashion writer who saw Hadid in 2019 wearing a wired headphone. She called it’strangely luxury’

Experts in cybersecurity believe there could be something to the vice-president’s approach.

Even though security has improved significantly since Bluetooth was created in the 1990s, there are still potential points of attack. 

Kim Crawley, a cybersecurity researcher and writer, stated that Kamala Harris uses wired headphones and communications between her phone’s ears and her phone can’t be intercepted. 

“I presume Ms Harris has access to top secret or classified information. That top secret or classified information could also be being sent through her cell phone. So, no, I don’t believe that that’s excessively paranoid.

Some presidents were also upset by the security restrictions placed on cell phone usage.

President Barack said, “I’m not allowed to have an iPhone for security reasons,” in 2013, during a White House function.

He was instead allowed to only use Blackberry devices and to communicate with 10 other people.

Even that was not easy.

His email was his first and only president. He had to get permission from the National Security Agency for him to have a smartphone in the office.