One young lady believed to be Putin’s love child hasn’t posted anything on social media in over two months. This has prompted concern among her followers.

Luiza Rozova, also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh, regularly posted on the social media platform Instagram until October 1. The post has been deleted by the 18-year-old since then.

The student was ‘out’ last year by Russian website Proekt and has since become a social media celebrity with over 82,500 followers, her own fashion line, as well as being in high demand as a DJ. She has been spending time in Paris over the past few months despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Concern is mounting over the teenage girl, who resembles Putin in many ways. She hasn’t posted anything to her thousands upon thousands of Instagram followers since Oct 1, when she uploaded a photo of a foot peeking out of under a duvet beside a computer.

Pictured: Teenager Luiza Rozova, believed to be Russian President Vladimir Putin's lovechild

Pictured: Russia's President Vladimir Putin attends an extended meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Board at the National Defense Control Center

Luiza Rozova, also known by Elizaveta Crivonogikh (left), regularly posted to Instagram from October 1st. The post has been deleted by the 18-year-old since then. Ms Rozova’s mother Svetlana, 46, is alleged to be the mistress of Russian president Vladimir Putin (right)

Concern is growing over the teenager - who bears a striking resemblance to Putin - who has not posted to her thousands of Instagram followers since October 1. Pictured: Her last post

There is concern about the teenage girl, who bears striking similarities to Putin and hasn’t posted anything to her Instagram followers since Oct 1. Pictured: Her last post

‘You completely abandoned Instagram for some reason … Please come back Luiza’ one of her followers wrote.

Another question was: “What has happened?” Pa prohibited the publication of details about the luxurious lifestyle.

In her 206 posts on the platform, Ms Rozova made every effort to conceal her face wherever possible. This suggests that she didn’t want her identity to be known.

Svetlana Rozova, 46, is said to have been Ms Rozova’s mother. She is believed to have enraged Putin by posting pictures she claimed were taken in Monaco.

One featured a fireworks display and one showed the rainbow over the ocean. The third displayed yachts at the harbour. Daughter Luiza commented on the 2014 yacht photo with the comment: “Beautiful!” It’s a beautiful place.

After Krivonogikh’s daughter was born, Krivonogikh purchased a Monte Carlo apartment for $4 million through an offshore company.

In the Pandora Papers leak, Krivonogikh revealed that she owned the fourth-floor residence in Monte Carlo Star just below the famed casino.

Some of her other assets include a yacht and shares in some of Russia’s most valuable state-owned companies.

Krivonogikh and her daughter have not commented on these disclosures. In October’s televised broadcast, Putin called for an end to journalists ‘digging into some elites dirty linen’.

Putin also blocked Proekt – the website that identified the cleaner-turned-millionaire alleged mistress and her ‘£74m business empire’, as well as Ms Rozova. 

Luiza Rozova's mother Svetlana Krivonogikh posted this image of Monaco's harbour from Monte Carlo, which her daughter and alleged Putin lovechild commented on - saying: 'I know this place!' The picture and exchange reportedly infuriated Vladimir Putin

Svetlana Crivonogikh (Mother of Luiza Rozova) posted this photo from Monaco showing the harbour. It was shared by her daughter. This exchange apparently angered Vladimir Putin

Svetlana Krivonogikh, 46 and believed to be Putin's mistress, owns a $4million apartment in Monte Carlo through a secretive offshore firm, the Pandora Papers revealed this year

Svetlana Krisogikh, 46, is thought to be Putin’s mistress. Through a secretive offshore business, the Pandora Papers, she owns a Monte Carlo apartment valued at $4million.

Putin’s affair with Svetlana ended allegedly around the time that he became first romantically associated to Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast Alina Kazaeva. 38-year-old Putin is currently head of an important pro-Kremlin media corporation.

However, neither Kabaeva nor Kremlin have confirmed such a relationship.

Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila has given birth to two children, Lyudmila and Putin.

Dr Maria Vorontsova, 36, is a geneticist, and Dr Katerina Tikhonova, 34, a high-kicking ‘rock’n’roll’ dancer-turned-mathematician.

Rumours abound that Katerina has political aspirations.

A BBC Russia journalist once said to Putin that Maria and Katerina were his kids, however he refused to confirm this rumour.

Official denials of rumors that he may have a Kabaeva family are not a response to the speculation, but they persist.

Putin once stated that interference is not allowed in his private life. This must be observed.

He lamented “those with their snotty noses or erotic fantasies prowl in to other people’s lives”.

Photos posted to Krivonogikh's social media further linked her with Monaco, including this one of a firework display over the ultra-rich enclave

Photos posted to Krivonogikh’s social media further linked her with Monaco, including this one of a firework display over the ultra-rich enclave

Another image from Krivonogikh's social media showed a rainbow over an ocean view, which she also tagged as being taken in Monaco

Krivonogikh shared another photo on her social media, showing a rainbow hovering over an ocean view. This image was also tagged as having been taken in Monaco.

Kabaeva claims that she met a man whom she adored very deeply.

The Pandora Papers are the biggest-ever data leak relating to offshore businesses that have been used by ultra-wealthy individuals to hide their wealth and potentially avoid huge amounts of tax.

According to a tranche of documents contained in the leak, in 2003 — shortly after giving birth — Svetlana Krivonogikh secretly acquired a fourth-floor flat in the Monte Carlo Star, an apartment block beneath the city’s famous casino. The complex has two parking spots and access to its luxury spa and pool.

Svetlana Krivonogikh is the owner of the property through two Panamanian shell corporations, which in turn control another firm in Tortola in the Virgin Islands.

Moores Rowland created the secret ownership structure. This Monacan tax company is run by Eamonn McGregor. A Merseyside-born accountant, Eamonn was trained at Littlewoods in the UK and now represents many of Putin’s associates.

Gennady Timchenko – a bureaucrat-turned-oil trader worth an estimated $22billion – is also a client of McGregor via Monte Carlo-based accounting firm Moores Rowland.

McGregor was Timchenko’s trusted advisor for over two decades according to papers. These assets included jets as well as a yacht measuring 130ft called M/S Lena.

Petr Kolbin is also mentioned in the paper. He was a childhood friend to Putin and whose family owned an Imenitsy house that Putin’s parents rented as a child.

Kolbin began his life as a butcher. However, his fortunes quickly changed in 2001 after Putin’s election. Because of deals made with the largest Russian state-owned businesses, Kolbin entered business and flourished.

Moores Rowland also became a client. He opened various overseas bank accounts, which contained $550million in fortune.