A RUFF Day! Unlucky animals look worse in clothes


The internet is filled with snaps of cats and dogs doing adorable things, but sometimes our furry friends find themselves in very unfortunate situations. From a cat who ended up jammed between two trees, to an unfortunate raccoon who found himself headfirst in a bin, check out these hilarious photos showing animals who are having a really bad day...

There are many adorable photos of dogs and cats doing cute things on the internet, but occasionally our furry friends end up in really bad situations. These hilarious pictures show animals having bad days, from a cat that got stuck between two trees to a raccoon who fell headfirst into a trash can.

This raccoon, believed to be from the US, got his head stuck in a recycling bin, while his fluffy tail remained outside.

According to the US authorities, this raccoon got his head in a bin of recycling while his tail remained outside.

No lazy Garfield here! This very fluffy ginger cat, from Canada, got stuck between two trees and needed rescuing.

There’s no lazy Garfield in this place! Canada’s very fluffy ginger cat got caught between two trees, and had to be saved.

A helping hand! This little hamster, from Russia, got trapped and needed surgery on his arm, resulting in one adorable, tiny cast.

It’s a great helper! A Russian hamster got stuck and required surgery to his arm. The result was one tiny cast.

Another user, from the US, shared this snap of a cat whose neck got stuck in a vase.

A US user shared the following snap of a cat who got his neck stuck in a vase.

Not so big now! This pit bull thought he was the biggest dog at the park - until he got shocked by a much larger canine friend.

Not so big now! The pit bull believed he was the largest dog in the park, until he was shocked by an even larger friend.

Moose on the loose! This dog, who was out for a walk in Canada, was in for a surprise when he came across a wild moose.

There are moose out there! A wild moose greeted this canine on his walk through Canada. 

Not so picture perfect! This cat, from an unknown location, was very disappointed when the delicious looking dinner turned out to be just a print on the cardboard.

Not so picture perfect! Unknown location cat was disappointed that the tasty looking meal turned out to only be a printed on cardboard.

Rat trap! This Reddit user, from the US, shared a snap of this squirrel print and footsteps in the snow and joked about how the squirrel must have fallen off the roof.

Rat trap Reddit user from the US shared this photo of the squirrel footprints and steps in the snow, and joked about how it must have fallen off the roof.

How did you get there? This poor pup, from Denver, Colorado, ended up following a cat onto the roof and needed help getting down.

How did you get here? Denver’s poor puppy had to be helped down by an elderly cat who was following him onto the roof.

Should have ducked! This bird, from an unknown location, got trapped in a fence and needed to be helped out.

It would have been smart to avoid! The bird was found in an unidentified location and became trapped inside a fence. It needed to be released.

A sooty day! A US user said that her friend left her dog at home and came back to this. Oreo apparently found a bag of charcoal ... and played with it.

It was a sooty morning! One US user claimed that her friend had left her dog home, and she returned to it. Oreo reportedly found a bag full of charcoal and started playing with it.

Let me in! This dog was shocked to see no one was home as he peered through the the stained glass window at a UK home.

Please let me in. As he looked through the window of a UK house, this dog was stunned to find no one home.

None for me? This husky, from the US, was very disappointed when his owner didn't share a bite of his burger.

None for me? A husky from America was disappointed to find that his owner did not share his burger.