After an Audi driver drunk driving crashed into a car, a woman was strapped to the bridge. The scene was captured by a dashcam.   

Nadine Wood, 48, was left with a fractured spine and pelvis and was warned she may never be able to walk again after she was pinned against the wall on Halfpenny Bridge, just a minute’s walk from her home in Lechlade, Gloucester. 

Ms Wood was hit by drink-driver Loic Freeman, 26, who ran a red light and crashed into another car after drinking all day with friends and family before the incident, which happened in May last year.    

She had organised the stargazing get-together in the hopes of seeing a rocket that was being launched into space by NASA and billionaire businessman Elon Musk.

Freeman from Bullinghope (Herfordshire) pleaded guilty in August to the two charges of causing serious injury through dangerous driving.  

He was sentenced to two-and-a half years in prison and banned from driving for three years.

Loic Freeman's Audi A5 after the crash in May 2020 when he ran a red light while drink driving

Loic Freiman’s Audi A5 in May 2020 after he crashed it. He was drunk driving and had run a red light.

Nadine Wood, 48, was left with a fractured spine and pelvis

Loic Freeman, 26

Nadine wood, left was threatened that she would never be able walk again. Loic Freeman (right), a drink-driver, had hit Ms Wood, hitting her when she ran a red light, and collided with another vehicle.

Dashcam footage showing Nadine Wood with friends on the bridge, seconds before the crash

The dashcam video shows Nadine Wood at the bridge with her friends, just seconds before the crash.

Ms. Wood is an English Language Lecturer at the Ministry of Defence. He was four-times the legal limit, and nearly rendered me paralysed.

“I hope my story can be used as a guide for other people who might consider driving after having a few cocktails this Christmas or New Year’s Eve.”

Ms Wood explained that the idea was her own and she was very excited about it. We walked a few minutes to the Halfpenny Bridge, so we went.

“As we stood on a bridge’s pavement, it provided the best view.”

After 15 minutes, Ms Wood heard the sound of an engine.

Ms Wood says that a car came from the left onto the bridge. Then I noticed another vehicle coming towards me from the right. The bridge was traffic lit so I knew it would be a crash. Terrified I turned my back to face the river.

An X-ray of Nadine's broken pelvis. The two cars crashed head on, and Ms Wood was left pinned against the wall of the bridge

A radiograph of Nadine’s pelvic fracture. Two cars collided and Ms Wood was left behind against the wall.

Nadine Wood pictured with her two dogs, Maxwell and Dexter just before the incident in May 2020

Nadine Wood, with Maxwell and Dexter her dogs just prior to the May 2020 incident

The crash scene. Eventually someone managed to move the cars back and Ms Wood was released from the wall. She was still alive and was swiftly taken to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford

The scene of the crash. The cars were eventually moved back by someone and Ms Wood was then freed from the wall. She survived and was taken quickly to John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford.

The two cars crashed head on, and Ms Wood was left pinned against the wall of the bridge.

According to her, she felt intense burning pain. In agony, I started screaming. It was soon that I could not breathe. All of a sudden, everything was black.

The driver, who skipped the red light and fled the scene a moment later.

Finally, someone was able to get the cars out of the way and Ms Wood was freed from the wall. Ms Wood was alive when she was quickly taken to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Doctors told Ms Wood that she had suffered two fractures to her pelvis as well as a lower back fracture.

Nadine Wood pictured in hospital

Nadine wood pictured at hospital

Ms Wood says that surgeons informed me that they had to perform surgery but advised me I may not be able walk again. Some days later I was brought to theatre, where doctors placed metal pins in my pelvis and held it there for hours.

The surgery was a success, however more tests later revealed I had life-threatening blood vessels in my lungs. It was a terrible experience and my shock is still constant. My body also felt in pain. My mind kept replaying the accident in my head and I couldn’t stop crying.

From then on, Ms Wood was given daily injections to dissolve the blood clots and had to learn how to walk again.

Although she was eventually discharged from hospital, two weeks later she relied upon crutches as she often tired.

Ms Wood explained that Covid-19 created a shortage of caregivers, and so she moved in with her neighbor. She cleaned, cooked and dressed me. It was overwhelming and I felt broken.

“I dreaded for weeks falling asleep, just in case it didn’t happen to me,”

In July 2020 Nadine made a formal statement about the near fatal collision to police.

Loic Freeman had been taken into custody by officers.

Nadine said: “I discovered that Loic Freeman was day-drinking with his family before he crossed the bridge.” He had almost four times exceeded the alcohol limit.

“Loic fled initially from the scene. I was pinned between his boot and the bridge before police found me nearby.

“The passenger at the front of another car almost died twice, and also suffered serious injuries that could have a life-altering effect on his health.

“I was shocked and disgusted by the way someone could do that.”

Ms Wood speaks out about Freeman’s sentence and says that he should be banned from driving permanently. I was almost killed by him.

“Now I am able to walk but have nerve damage. I feel constant pain in my pelvis, lower back, and hips.

“Please don’t drive if your child has had any alcohol during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

“You are not only risking your own life, but also the lives of many other people.”