With Covid and restricted entry to festivals a thing of the past, 2023 will be a huge year for the festival. We already saw with the likes of Glastonbury and Coachella how happy people were loving life and making the most of them.

The music, the vibes, the alcohol-free flowing, it’s what many people love. However, in the case of the latter, it’s not exactly the healthiest, or most ideal for those who suffer from addiction and are in recovery.

But not to worry, there are a number of amazing festivals that are alcohol-free these days, making it totally possible to enjoy staying sober at a festival. Where are the sober festivals from around the world you should be visiting?

Bhakti Festival

There are tons of great festivals at Joshua Tree in California, however, you won’t find a better sober one than Bhakti. It’s certainly one to add to your list for next year and you’ll find tons to do from enjoying great music and parties to all manner of wellness activities including yoga classes, and kirtans which help heal the mind, body and soul.


While California is well known for its rock and roll, so is Buddhafield, a festival that sets up just an hour drive from the famous Glastonbury Festival. It’s very much similar to Bhakti in that its focus is largely on well-being and spirituality, but there is some fantastic musical acts and dancing to enjoy and it really is all about happiness and joy.


Taking place in Ireland, you’d usually expect the Guinness to be free-flowing. However, this festival in Offaly is completely alcohol-free, and is a festival like no other.

It brings together Ireland’s rich heritage with a great musical lineup amidst a backdrop of the iconic, and fairy-tale-like Charleville Castle. It’s an out-and-out rave like no other, with not a drop of alcohol or drug in sight.

The Leipzig Annual Music Festival

You perhaps also wouldn’t expect an alcohol-free festival in Germany either, with the nation the home of the stein, but you can certainly get one at the Leipzig Annual Music Festival.

It’s a very relaxed festival that is all about the music, with audiences able to chill out and sit back. Genre-wise, it’s very much about bringing a peaceful vibe and audience members can have the ultimate chilled-out weekend with some great music and great company.