Scarlett, a tube-fed toddler, tries out a popsicle. It’s a heart-warming moment

  • Scarlett, a one-year-old girl, leans on her high chair to attempt the first popsicle.
  • Mother Kelsey makes the lolly for her daughter and observes as she cracks into a smile
  • She smiles joyfully and raises both her hands when she discovers new flavours.

The excitement of a young toddler when she got her first ever popsicle was overwhelming.

Footage captured in Maryland shows one-year-old Scarlett, who is fed through a tube, lean over her high-chair with enthusiasm as her mother Kelsey offers the orange-colored popsicle to her.

At just four months old, the toddler was diagnosed with gastroparesis. She received a feeding tube and smiled with delight as she tried the sweet new flavor. 

Scarlett continues to kiss her lips while she enjoys her food.   

One-year-old Scarlett leans over her high-chair with enthusiasm as her mother Kelsey shows her the orange popsicle

Scarlett, a one-year-old girl, leans forward in her high chair with excitement as Kelsey hands her an orange popsicle.

At four months, she was diagnosed with gastroparesis. It is a condition in which the stomach can not empty normally.

Scarlett was forced to undergo surgery because of her condition. Many medications can be given through a tube feeding. 

Kelsey described her daughter on her blog, writing: “Although she was faced with multiple medical complexities but she has smiled through all of the hardships. 

“She’s already made great strides and will keep doing so, I believe. She is so courageous and beautiful.

Following the heartwarming footage, which has received more than 3million views on TikTok, viewers took to social media to applaud the young girl, with one saying ‘it’s like she loves the world again’.

One reader wrote “She’s precious!” It’s a feeling I can relate to.

Another commented, “Life’s little pleasures are all that matters.”

A third user on social media said, “It’s almost like she’s rekindling her love for the world.”

A second person wrote, “Her reactions are priceless to food.”

The toddler tries the lolly

Scarlett breaks into a smile

Scarlett is overcome with excitement after trying the popsicle her first time.

The toddler continues to smile with joy as she enjoys the new sweet flavors

She continues smiling with happiness as she explores new sweet tastes.

Viewers took to social media to applaud the scenes, with one calling the toddler's reaction 'priceless'

The scenes were praised by many viewers who took to social networking to show their support. One viewer called the reaction of the toddler “priceless”.