Firefighters rescue a kitten trapped on an Indonesian highway flyover.

  • Firefighters reach the top of Bogor City Outer Ring in Indonesia
  • Staff member tries to persuade frightened kitten to climb off the ledge with cat food
  • The kitten initially runs towards the firefighter before moving further away 

Firefighters gently coaxed this kitten, who had been trapped on a flight over Indonesia, to safety. 

West Java footage shows a firefighter encouraging a nervous cat with cat food while the animal sits in the Bogor City Outer Ring flyover. It was captured November 30, 2013.

The little kitten first ran towards the firefighter but then moved further away.

To coax the kitten towards the firefighter, he moves closer and keeps shaking the treat.

One of the firefighter's uses cat food to coax the kitten towards him after it became stuck on the Bogor City Outer Ring flyover in west Java, Indonesia, on November 30

The firefighter used cat food as a way to coax his kitten toward him, after the kitten became trapped on the Bogor City Outer Ring flyover. This was in west Java (Indonesia) on November 30.

The animal takes a few steps towards the fighter as he crouches on the ledge before running away

As the animal runs away, he takes just a few steps toward the fighter and then crouches down on the ledge.  

Multiple attempts later, the firefighter was able to catch the kitten. Then, he stepped onto the fire crane, and made his way back up to the ground. Emergency crews were waiting for him.

Kristian Permana, Bogor City Fire and Rescue Service stated that they received information from people who had seen the cat. Six firefighters and rescue personnel were deployed to the scene.

Hydraulic ladder cars were used by the experts to reach the cat that was stuck on the structure high above the busy streets of the city.

Perman continued: “We had the task of convincing the kitten to eat cat food. Finally, we were able to save the kitten.

The firefighter is able to capture the frightened animal and makes his way to the fire crane

Firefighter captures the animal in distress and takes him to the crane.

Kristian Permana of the Bogor City Fire and Rescue Service said they were deployed to the area after receiving reports from residents

Kristian Permana, Bogor City Fire and Rescue Service stated that they had been called by residents to respond to reports.

Specialists used a hydraulic ladder car to reach the feline during their rescue operation

A hydraulic ladder car was used by specialists to reach the feline in rescue operations

Now, the kitten was taken to Bogor City Fire and Rescue Office. It will then be available for adoption.

The scenes come just months after a stray kitten was rescued from a car engine by a Thai driver who heard the tiny cat meowing while he was on his way to work.

Settachet Guedchai The cat’s faint, low-pitched cries could be heard coming from the car of his commuter on October 21, as he was stuck in Bangkok morning rush hour traffic.

The confused driver finally gave up. The sound was followed by a surprise discovery: he had a male kitten hiding in the engine.

The ginger cat was scared and Mr Guedchai managed to get it to safety before gently pulling its hair out.

Settachet Guedchai was nearing the end of his 18-mile commute when he heard the cat's faint cries coming from his car during the morning rush hour traffic in Bangkok on October 21

Settachet Guidchai heard the cries of a cat from his car in Bangkok’s morning rush hour on October 21.

Mr Guedchai was able to pull the scared animal out of his car

The cat was stuck in Mr Guedchai's engine

Before pulling the cat out, Mr Guedchai coaxed him to get it in a place where it could be reached.