Heathrow’s huge waiting lines and delayed bag collection have been condemned by furious passengers.

As they attempted to get to their flight, angry travellers vented out at the “shambles” caused by groupings and an alleged lack of workers.

Some people claimed they saw so many customers queuing up that they took off their masks, leaving them open to the possibility of spraying Covid onto other customers.

Heathrow acknowledged that there were longer immigration lines, but said staff were still ‘working hard’ to get passengers through.

This comes weeks after the horrendous backlog that plagued the airport saw thousands of people wait up to four hours for their turn.

Livid travellers vented about the teaming lines and a lack of workers this morning as they tried to make it to their flights

As they attempted to get to their flight, angry travellers complained about lack of staff and teaming lines.

Some said people were getting so hot queuing for hours they had removed their masks and risked spraying Covid over other customers

Some claimed that people had been waiting for so long they were burning their faces, and some even removed their masks to spray Covid on other customers.

Heathrow is a long-running airport.

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Online, one man said: @HeathrowAirport send more officers here to assist at the immigration counters.

Heathrow responded: “We are aware that there is a longer wait in immigration. Border Force workers are hard at work to help passengers. Thanks for your patience.

Another wrote: “Hey @HeathrowAirport @British_Airways, when are you going to deliver the BA172 luggage from JFK?” The flight landed at 0836, and reached 0846.

According to the airport, they said that it was sorry about the delay. The airport said that baggage handlers were working tirelessly to help passengers with their bags.

Valentina Pena stated: “@HeathrowAirport, what has happened to the improvement of border agent staffing following September’s debacle?

I was waiting in line for almost an hour and noticed that many people were beginning to get out of their masks. The T5 area is at serious risk from your lack of staff.

Heathrow said: “We are aware that there is a longer wait in immigration. Border Force work hard to help passengers.

We are very sorry to learn that many passengers removed their masks. While we understand that not all passengers can wear masks, it is expected that everyone will be using them wherever they are able.

However, she retorted: “Unfortunately it seems that people are removing facial coverings out of boredom/frustration at being in line for nearly two hours without any progress. What if the wait times cannot be reduced? Is it possible to enforce your own policies?

Airport officials stated that they would enforce the existing rules, which include wearing masks whenever possible.

Paul Johnson stated that bags from @HeathrowAirport were delivered in the status of 15 minutes and there was no sign of them. This is normal.

Company replied, “We are sorry for the extended wait times for your baggage. Please contact your airline if you have any concerns about your luggage’s status.

Peter Martin stated: “@HeathrowAirport, what’s happening in the parking lot? Trying to get out, Level 3, for 30 minutes !!!!!!’

Another said: “Why cannot we leave T3 shortstay car parking?” “We have not moved in 15 minutes?” And one more added: ‘Rocked up to T3 Short Stay for a PCR test so I can travel … been sat in a queue to find a parking space for almost an hour … what is going on ?!’

Heathrow stated that they were sorry for the delays. If you have questions about the situation, please contact traffic marshals. They will be at the carpark.

The statement added that there were delays at the car park. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our staff is working tirelessly to allow passengers through the barrier.

Ramya Mure said, “Had the worst experience today at @HeathrowAirport with TSA. I was treated rudely by them and they refused to let me take most of my toiletries, even though they were less than 100ml. They couldn’t fit in a small bag. Other airports seem not to take this into consideration, and the staff are courteous. I was very disappointed. 

The airport was packed with people waiting to get processed.

Other passengers, most of them wearing masks and face-coverings, went past flights gates trying to make their way to their planes.

The chaos today was reportedly caused by ‘logistical problems’ leading to waits of up to an hour to collect baggage.

A spokesman for Heathrow said it was not an ‘infrastructure issue from our side’ and pointed to the airline handlers. British Airways was contacted to provide comment.

Last month Heathrow was in the grip of border bedlam as hundreds of infuriated travellers were forced to wait up to four hours at arrivals in Terminals 3 and 5.

An e-gates failure caused the huge lines to form. It was also the second crash in as many weeks. Passengers estimated there were more than a thousand people waiting at the immigration centre.

Heathrow stated that the egates went down because of a national system-wide problem. Even the airport blamed Border Force for the failure of e-gates in ports throughout the country.

Earlier this week British Airways’ owner threatened to pull out of Heathrow over the airport’s plans to hike charges and send the cost of family holidays soaring.

Luis Gallego CEO at BA, IAG was the one to fire the alarm over Heathrow’s plan to raise passenger charges up to 76%.

It would see them increase from the current £19.60 to up to £34.40, potentially adding £75 to the cost of a foreign holiday for a family of five. These costs are usually charged by airlines, but passed onto passengers.

Gallego stated that the UK’s biggest airport charges the most expensive fees in the world. He also said that IAG will’reconsider using Heathrow’ if the planned increase is implemented.

He said that other airlines might also reduce services between the UK’s biggest airport and London.

According to him, “Heathrow has become more costly for airlines to use.” Already, it’s 44 percent more costly than European counterparts.

It has one of the most expensive landing fees in the world. Now, the operators face possible fines. [more than]The UK would be less competitive if it were to raise its fees by 50%

Earlier this week British Airways' owner threatened to pull out of Heathrow over the airport's plans to hike charges and send the cost of family holidays soaring (file photo)

British Airways threatened to withdraw from Heathrow this week after the owner of the airline raised charges, sending family holiday costs skyrocketing (file photo).

He stated that Heathrow’s lead position was not an inevitable one. It is a fact that more than 40% of Heathrow’s passengers are connecting passengers.

“They’re just passing through on their way towards other destinations and could be easily moved to more lucrative hubs.

Hiking fees will not work. You will not get any hikers. You will get the exact opposite.

“And IAG wouldn’t be the only one to reconsider Heathrow’s use as a hub if landing fees rises, I’m sure.

BA is among a few airlines that exclusively uses Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

It is however set to launch a brand new European flight offering from London Gatwick next March.

Gallego spoke at the industry summit held by Airlines UK. This company represents all of the major UK airlines.

Willie Walsh (ex-BA chief) runs the trade association International Air Transport Association. He said Heathrow will be “shooting itself in its own foot” if passengers charges rise.

He said, “Pushing up charges at such a high degree will only push people away Heathrow,” he continued.

Heathrow has seven billionaire shareholders, including sovereign wealth funds in Qatar, Singapore and China.

It has paid out about £4billion in dividends since 2012 and has said it could restart payouts next year, after pausing them over the pandemic, if its debts come under control. Heathrow charges based on how many people use the airport.

According to it, 40million passengers will be traveling next year, up from 80 million in pre-pandemic. Each passenger has to also pay more to make up the difference.

An airport may increase fees if it is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. The review will decide if an increase can be made next year.

Tim Alderslade is the CEO of Airlines UK. He stated that Heathrow’s proposal to raise its fees would jeopardize its viability as an expansion site.

Heathrow responded last night by accusing airlines for raising airline fees Christmas Eve. 2021 bookings are close to their pre-pandemic level. Foreign travel restrictions have now been removed.

A Heathrow spokesman said: ‘A £10 to £15 increase in airport charges is not comparable to pushing up economy-class tickets to the US to over £2,000 this Christmas, which is what some airlines are doing.

“It is true that Heathrow proposes a higher pandemic prices increase than continental airports. However, we are not state-owned and have never received billions of dollars in state assistance during crisis. We rely solely on private investment.

“Heathrow travelers want reliable and quality experiences. We will use the higher fee to make key investments over five years in order to preserve passenger service.

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