Heinz Christmas Dinner in a Tin is BACK! After being sold out within three hours, the brand will offer a second serving of its can, which contains turkey, potatoes, and pigs wrapped in blankets, at noon

  • Heinz UK has announced a limited edition Christmas Dinner canned soup for November
  • A second serving of festive cans is being released by the brand due to popular demand 
  • The £1.50 tin contains turkey, roast potatoes, pigs-in-blankets in a festive sauce 
  • FEMAIL reporters put the tinned meals to the test in order to determine if they can save time.

It sold out in just three hours, and now Heinz’s Christmas dinner tinned soup is back as the British-loved brand releases a second helping in aid of charity.

Due to the unprecedented demand, Heinz has announced that a second drop of their Christmas Dinner Big Soup will land on www.heinztohome.co.uk at midday today.

This time around, Heinz is producing even more cans after 500 of their £1.50 tins – which contain turkey, roast potatoes and pigs-in-blankets in a festive sauce – sold out in just three hours after first being released.

The Soup Kitchen, Tottenham Court Road, London will receive all proceeds. This is an organization that provides nutritious food, clothing and toiletries to the elderly and homeless in London. 

FEMAIL tried the soup before, but it was disappointing. The dish looked far more appealing at home than in the promotional photos.    

The tinned soup boasts roasties including Brussels sprouts, and large chunks of Turkey as well as pigs in blanket and cranberry sauce

You can find roasties like Brussels sprouts and Turkey in the tinned soup, as well as large pieces of pigs in blanket or cranberry sauce.

The soup (pictured when put to the test by FEMAIL) is brown and thick in consistency, with lots of veggies, meat and sausages all thrown in together

FEMAIL tested the soup and found it to be thick and brown. It also contains lots of meat, vegetables, and sausages.

It is claimed that the soup was an answer for family members who are worried about having enough turkeys by December 25th. It will be filled with the festive flavours and trimmings that you would expect from a Christmas dinner.

It boasts ‘big chunks’ of turkey as well as sprouts and stuffing and the Christmas dinner with Big Soup also includes roasties, pigs wrapped in blankets, gravy, and cranberry sauce.   

Claire Toureille, a journalist, previously tested the Tin to Taste and declared:Heinz lives up to its promises. The soup includes plenty of vegetables and turkey, as well as two pigs wrapped in blankets. 

‘The soup is easy to prep,  and can be heated on the hob or in the microwave. 

“The mixture is rich in flavor and salty. However, except for the Turkey and Brussels sprouts which can easily be identified, most of it could be called salty mush. Other ingredients may also not be as easy to recognize. 

The Heinz Christmas dinner in a can, in photos shared by the company...

It doesn't look nearly as appetising in real life

Not quite photo ready! Heinz’s Christmas dinner in the tin isn’t as attractive in real life as in its promotional images (left).

While the soup might be funny, it can’t compare to an authentic British Christmas meal.

Anke von Hanstein (Brand Manager for Heinz Soups) said, ‘It has been absolutely incredible to see the response to our Heinz Christmas Dinner BIG Soup. To have sold out in three hours was beyond our wildest expectations – Brits really do love a Christmas Dinner, even in soup form!

Heinz wants to make Christmas memorable for everyone, so we offer a variety of options. 

“Which explains why we’ve increased production and are extremely happy to be in a position to bring a second Drop of this amazing product onto our own virtual grocery shelf heinztohome.co.uk.

“It is wonderful to be in a position to add some festive magic to the nation’s Christmas season with our Christmas dinner big soup and the donation to The Soup Kitchen (a London resource for the elderly, homeless and vulnerable, located on Tottenham Court Road, London. 

Due to high demand, orders are limited to 1 per person – any orders over this amount will be automatically cancelled and refunded. 

Claire Toureille, FEMAIL, tries Heinz Christmas Dinner in a Can – and gets VERY surprised results

Claire admitted the soup was flavoursome, but she said it could never compete with a Christmas meal

Claire said that while the soup is delicious, it cannot compete with Christmas meals. 

Heinz says their soup can be used as a quick and easy way to make a perfect Christmas dinner. 

How does this affect the taste buds? Claire Toureille (FEMAIL journalist) puts the Tin to the Taste Test!



It’s hard to believe that a canned meal could ever be comparable with homemade Christmas dinner, so the Heinz deal won’t replace your family’s cooking anytime soon. 

It is delicious on its own. 

It looks terrible, but it tastes better than one might think. 

This soup is rich in vegetables and meats, as well as lots of sausages and other ingredients. 

Heinz lives up to its promises. The soup includes plenty of vegetables and turkey, as well as two pigs wrapped in blankets. 

The soup is easy to prep,  and can be heated on the hob or in the microwave. 

Although the mix is rich and salty, it can also be described as rich in flavor, aside from the Turkey and Brussels sprouts which are readily recognisable. Some ingredients, however, are difficult to identify from others. 

While the soup might be funny, it can’t compare to an authentic British Christmas meal. 

The soup, pictured, is easy to prep, and can be heated on the hob or in the microwave. It has a big potatoes serving, plenty of veggies and some generous chunks of Turkey

This soup can be made in a few minutes and is ready to heat on the stovetop or in the microwave. The soup is rich in potatoes, lots of vegetables and generous amounts of Turkey.