The toilet is situated on the pink-tiled platform. The front door is two meters above the ground Humorous snaps prove some design choices make zero sense.

  • My Health Gazette shares these strange home designs that aren’t logical
  • Many people made home improvements during lockdowns
  • These interior design options are just as bizarre as each other.

In at least one lockdown, we all thought of ourselves as DIY experts.

Even if you didn’t see it, these photos show that some people did. And the result was bizarre designs and ideas that don’t make sense.

My Health GazetteWe shared some hilarious snaps of bizarre home designs from all around the world. These range from a toilet in a pink-tiled stage to a bathroom with no doors to stairs leading to nowhere.

You can even have a bathroom in your shower. Toilet with roll dispenser that comes out of the lid. A toilet visible from your neighbor?

The homeowner also added another front door two metres higher than the first.

These are some of the most bizarre design decisions that raise the question: What are they thinking? 

As kitchen decor goes, this takes the cake... and it will definitely wake you up in the morning!

This is the best kitchen décor… it’ll wake you up every morning!

This staircase can definitely be classified as a 'centrepiece'... a very hairy way of decorating the steps in your house

You can categorize this staircase as a centrepiece ‘…, a complicated way to decorate your steps.

Neighbours will be in for a fright when they look out the window each day, with this toilet stupidly placed right by a window, with no blind in sight

This toilet is so stupidly located right next to a window that neighbors will have to be alarmed when they see it.

Putting on a performance? Is there any need for this toilet stage, which is also entirely covered from floor to ceiling in pink tiles

What is the point of putting on a performance? Are you putting on a performance? 

This homeowner decided they wanted a second door... but placed it on top of the other, about two metres above ground level

The homeowner wanted another door, so they placed the second one on top of their existing door.

The bathroom is somewhere you definitely need your privacy, but this is a bit excessive...

You need privacy in the bathroom, but it is not excessive.

Stairway to heaven: Not quite sure who gave this design the go-ahead, but imagine navigating yourself to get to the toilet, this toilet, in the middle of the night?

It’s a staircase leading to heaven.

Blue cheese, anyone? These flooring tiles look scarily edible, which might be intentional... or not

Are you a fan of blue cheese? This flooring tile looks spooky edible.

New house often offers logistical challenges, and fitting all the important appliances can be tricky. One way to solve it is this, by leaving the fridge as it is, lifted above the ground

A new house can present logistical problems, making it difficult to fit all your appliances. It is possible to fix this problem by lifting the refrigerator off the ground and leaving it as is.

This homeowner clearly wanted to get creative with the shelving unit and it's placement by the door - and it's certainly unique

It was clear that the homeowner wanted to be creative in the arrangement of the shelves unit and its placement near the door.

Aesthetics over safety is obvious in this one, where the homeowners decided the quilted design was more importantly placed in the kitchen than the living room, where it would be much less of a fire hazard

This case is a clear example of safety over aesthetics. The homeowners decided that the quilted design should be in the kitchen, not the living room. It would pose less danger to the fire than in the living area.

This diner-esque bath is certainly eyecatching, especially with the red, white and black steps

The red, black and white steps make this diner-style bath stand out.

This takes using natural, earthy materials for everyday tasks to a new level... how can someone go to the toilet sat on the rocks?

It is a whole new way to use natural and earthy materials in everyday life. How can you go to the bathroom if the rock face is your toilet?

Another slightly bizarre theme choice for the toilet, complete with purple frills that line the toilet seat and a purple shark sat above you as you do your business

The toilet has a unique theme with its purple frills and purple shark that sits above it. 

Design fail: usually a grand entrance like this will welcome guests with the gorgeous staircase in front of them, but clearly there was a miscommunication as now only one door works

Design Failure: A grand entrance like this is usually used to welcome guests. However, the staircase that runs in front of them will be a stunning feature. It seems there was some miscommunication.

There are stupid staircases, and dangerous staircases like this one - anyone living in this house wouldn't want to stumble up or down these in the middle of the night

You can’t climb up and down stairs that are too dangerous, or there is a stupid one like this.

Another great toilet location choice, but this time, the shower placement allows the homeowner to kill two birds with one stone

This is another great option for toilet locations, and this time the shower placement allows the homeowner kill two birds with the same stone

No, it's not an accident, a tree has not fallen into this house - the wooden beam was placed there on purpose

This is not accidental. No tree fell into this home.