A 51-year-old healthcare worker is charged with the sexual assault of seven women in a hospital.

  • Hernando Puo (51), of Layton Blackpool was charged with nine infractions
  • These relate to seven female sex attacks that occurred between November 2012 and March 2021
  • A healthcare worker indicated to the court that he would not admit all nine of these charges 
  • Puno will be appearing at Preston Crown Court next February 2, after which Puno will be granted bail

Pictured: Healthcare worker Hernando Puno arrives at Blackpool Magistrates' Court where he is accused of nine counts of sexual assault

Pictured: Hernando Puno, a healthcare worker arrives at the Blackpool Magistrates Court to face nine charges of sexual assault

Today, a court heard that a nurse was charged with sex assaults on female patients at a hospital.

Hernando Ponzo, 51, has been accused of sexually assaulting seven women at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

There are nine allegations against him in total, relating to incidents that occurred between Nov 1, 2012 and March 1, 2021.

Each complainant is being charged with him intentionally touching them. The touching was not sexual, she didn’t consent to it and he couldn’t reasonably have believed she consented. 

Mr Puno lives in the area and indicated that he will not deny the attacks during the five minute hearing at Blackpool Magistrates Court. 

Robert Osinski Gray (chair of the bench) declined jurisdiction and the case was sent to Preston Crown Court for trial.

He was informed that he would be allowed to remain under conditional bail up until the Crown Court appearance on February 2.

His alleged victims were not given an age beyond the fact that they were 16 years old at the time of his assault.

He arrived with his wife at court and they both left the building after the hearing wearing black masks. After that, Puno took them out of the building in a white SUV.

Mr Puno, 51, is currently suspended from his job at Blackpool Victoria Hospital (pictured)

Blackpool Victoria Hospital, 51-year-old Mr Puno is currently out of work. (pictured)

The defendant’s bail conditions include a stipulation that he remains in the country, that he does not approach any witnesses in the case, and that he continues to sleep each night at his home address.

He cannot seek employment in any type of healthcare environment and is prohibited from entering any local clinic unless it’s for his or her treatment.

Sue Mugford, Sue’s lawyer, asked the bench to confirm that Puno can leave the country at any time if a Lancashire Constabulary senior detective authorizes such an exit.