One-man, off-duty security guard stops passenger from opening plane doors on flight from Spain to Hungary

  • Off-duty guard Antonio Quintero stopped fellow passenger opening plane door
  • Unnamed passengers ran for the doors on a Budapest flight.
  • Quintero and his companions wrestled him to the ground and tied him to a chair.

The dramatic scene in which an off-duty security officer stopped another passenger opening the plane’s doors just seconds after it took off from Spain.

Ryanair Flight FR5253 took off shortly after Sevilla, Spain. It was en route from Budapest, Hungary. One passenger began to question his decision.

As staff members tried to soothe the passengers and persuade them that all was well, they filmed one of their passenger.

The man eventually agreed to go back to his chair, but then he changed his mind and began to lunge towards the door.

Antonio Quintero, an off-duty security guard, and a number of passengers pin a disruptive passenger on Ryanair Flight FR5253 from Budapest, Hungary after he tried to open the aircraft door in panic.

The unruly passenger had previously chatted with staff towards the front of the plane explaining his problem with being onboard the flight

The unruly passenger previously spoke to staff at the front explaining his problems with the flight.

It was at this moment that off-duty security guard Antonio Quintero leapt into action and with the help of various other passengers, managed to bring him to the floor.

Antonio, along with others, managed to secure the passenger in a seat using the belt. The pilot, who was panicked by the situation, watched over the rest. 

We don’t know what caused the passenger’s reaction on that flight.    

Antonio claims that the unnamed passenger kicked chairs, shouted, and threatened others with a pen.   

The unnamed passenger, who was arrested upon landing, had already been calmed down once by passengers and staff

Unnamed passengers had calmed the unnamed passenger who was taken into custody upon landing.

As the unruly passenger was walking back to his seat - and apologised to others for his behaviour - he had a change of heart and made a lunge for the door

The unruly passenger, who was trying to get back in his seat and apologized to everyone for his behavior, had a moment of clarity and began to lunge towards the door.

The suspect was said to be a Hungarian-born young man who was brought into the Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport.

Local newspaper Antena 3 reported that the off-duty security guard, who was travelling with his girlfriend, was on his first-ever flight and he said that he wouldn’t be forgetting it for a while.

Lara Ferreiro, a psychologist, believes that the cause of his actions could have been acute anxiety due to aerophobia.

According to statistics, one third of people fear flying. However, a smaller percentage are clinically diagnosed.