After a crash with a drink driver, he left him fighting for his own life. A police officer who was in tears has spoken out about how he fears he will never see his girls again.

While investigating an incident at Wakefield pub, South Yorkshire, PC Stephen Wales got into an argument with Karolina Serbiafin (25), who boozed her way up to him and put him on his van.

Serafin was twice the legal limit for drink driving and also hit two pedestrians at the same time, who suffered ‘horrific injuries.

The father of two shared his terrifying account. He said that he was immediately aware of the seriousness and danger in his injuries when he noticed blood gushing from his right knee.

He stated that he could feel the blood rushing from his right leg and that if I turned my attention to my right leg it had been bent in an unnatural way.

“At that moment, I believed that I would never again see my little girl.”

“I’m a dad, that’s when it was really serious.”

PC Stephen Wales, pictured, was dealing with a disturbance outside a pub in Wakefield, west Yorkshire on July 10 when he was left fighting for his life

Pictured: PC Stephen Wales was fighting for his life after he had to deal with an altercation outside of a Wakefield pub on July 10.

PC Wales was crushed against his van after a drink driver mounted the kerb and struck him

After a drunk driver mounted the curb and hit him, PC Wales was driven against his van.

Karolina Serafin, 25, pictured, was more than twice the drink drive limit when she crashed into PC Wales and two other pedestrians

Karolina Serafin (25), was twice as drunk when she collided with PC Wales and two pedestrians.

This devastation crash occurred on July 10, when an officer noticed a scene outside of a Wakefield pub.

PC Wales explained that: “On Sunday, 11 July 2021, I went on routine patrol at Wakefield City Centre to cover the night-time economics.

“At 2:44 AM, I came across an incident at the Black Bull Pub. It was a matter of public safety.

“As soon as I had parked my patrol car, which was a van police, I got out of that vehicle. I felt a tremendous bang and grabbed the driver.

I was about 20-30 feet away from the pavement when the driver threw me into the middle.

PC Wales realized quickly that he’d been struck by a speeding car and that two other pedestrians had also been injured.

After the impact I realized I was being struck at a considerable speed by a vehicle.

“Laid before my eyes were two other members of the general public, who also suffered horrific injuries that night.

In minutes, the officer from the police department stated that he knew that his injuries could prove to be fatal.

He explained that he initially realized at the accident scene that his injuries were severe.

‘I could see blood coming from my right leg and I was able to feel it bend the wrong direction.

“At that time, I was certain that I wouldn’t see my girls again.”

“I’m a dad, that’s when it was really serious.”

Since the crash, PC Wales has required 24 hours of surgery, where he's had a metal plate and 12 screws in his left leg and 11 pins inserted in his right leg. His right leg was the most severely affected as it suffered muscle and tissue damage that will leave it disfigured for the rest of his life. He will also have to undergo a further 8-12 months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation

PC Wales required surgery for 24 hours after the crash. A metal plate, 12 screws, and 11 pins were inserted into his left leg. It was his right leg that suffered the most damage, with muscle and tissue injuries that could leave him permanently disfigured. The rehabilitation and physiotherapy will continue for another 8-12 months.

PC Wales was injured in the accident and required 24-hours of surgery. He had 12 screws and a metal plate in his left leg, and 11 pins in his right leg.

It was his right leg that suffered the most damage, as it sustained muscle and tissue injury which will make it severely disfigured for the rest.

The patient will have to go through rehabilitation and physiotherapy over a period of 8-12 months.

He is amazingly proving doctors wrong and will likely make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, one of the legs suffered by both PC Wales and PC Wales pedestrians had to be amputated.

Serafin was from Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He admitted to three counts of causing serious injuries by dangerous driving.

PC Wales is expected to make a full recovery despite the extent of his injuries

PC Wales will likely make a complete recovery, despite his severe injuries 

Andrew Dallas, the prosecutor for Serafin, stated that Serafin went to Alverthorpe Road just hours prior to the smash and had been drinking vodka.

She went to a neighbor’s party and drank even more, but she got into an argument at the housekeeper.

When she finally grabbed her keys, she was described as a slow-talking person who is unsteady and “all over the place”.

Investigators found out that she had just set her satnav to a Pontefract location in her phone moments prior to setting off.

Court footage showed that she was heading towards Westgate and Alverthorpe Road when CCTV captured her turning wide.

The court was told that she averaged nearly 37.8 MPH on the 30-mph stretch.

Serafin sustained head injuries and was unable to perform a roadside breath analysis.

PC Wales said that, despite having worked with doctors for the rehabilitation of his injuries over five months PC Wales hasn’t gotten over being hit by an impaired driver.

It was later revealed that he had initially discovered it to be a drunk driver while undergoing hospitalization, but this has never been fully absorbed.

“It really began to hit home when I first saw my children and realized how close it was to my death that night.