The Hey Bud Serum and Cleanser that Soothes Inflamed Skin has a 27,000 strong waitlist.

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You may have used a variety of products to control your skin if you are suffering from acne or skin inflammations.

However, there are many Australian products skincare fans swear by that reduce inflammation and soothe the skin while maintaining skin’s natural moisture.

Hey Bud, the company that launched the world-famous Hemp Clay Mask, is so loved by its dedicated followers, their Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser, and Hyaluronic acid + Hemp Serum, sold out five days after launch in October 2021.

Additionally, around 27,000 people wanted to try the cleanser/serum so they joined the waiting list. 

Before and after photos how effectively the Hey Bud Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser and Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum help tackle acne and inflammation

Comparison of the results achieved by Hey Bud Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser, and Hyaluronic acid + Hemp Serum in reducing acne and inflammation

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Study after study has revealed that CBD and Hemp Seed Oil stop excess sebum production in the sebaceous glands, which inhibits acne activation.

However, it has remarkable anti-aging benefits due to its high level of Omega 3 & Omega 6 essential oils. This helps in collagen production.

Save 15 per cent on the entire Hey bBud range, including the bestselling hemp clay mask (left)

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The hemp seed oil works to clear clogged pores, calm irritated skin and leave you looking and feeling brighter, purified and more balanced

The healing properties of hemp seed oil help to open pores and soothe irritation. You will feel brighter, more balanced, and your skin will look and feel cleaner.

Hyaluronic acid + Hemp Serum contains soy bean oil and hyaluronic acids. This improves both the skin’s elasticity as well as levels of fatty oils to reduce signs of premature ageing such wrinkles, dry skin and fine lines. 

Hemp Gel Cleanser can be used to treat dry skin.

This cleanser is super lightweight and foamy, so your skin won’t be left dry or dehydrated.

Hemp seed oil is a natural remedy for clogged pores.

You only need a small drop of the hyaluronic acid + hemp serum for impressive results

To achieve impressive results you will only require a very small amount of the hyaluronic + hemp serum

You can also use it as a moisturizer to maintain youthful skin. It is made with grapefruit extract which is naturally rich in Vitamin C. This helps to increase collagen production and protect against free radicals.

All this might sound too good for true. However, thousands of people have reviewed the clay mask that contains hemp.

A reviewer called it “the best skin care I’ve tried.” “It’s a lifesaver- I’ve struggled for years with my skin and Hey Bud skincare has solved it all.

“I love Hey Bud’s Hemp Mask!” Another comment: The mask is amazing and my skin has never felt so alive.