Hilaria Baldwin was seen on Friday shopping and riding horses in Hamptons. It happened just one day following her husband’s denial of firing the gun which killed the cinematographer.

Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin, and their home in Long Island have been seen several times. They were there to see him after he was accused of shooting Halyna HUTCHINS, a cinematographer on Rust’s western set at the beginning of October.

Their previous photo shows them enjoying time together at the Hamptons park, where they play with their six children and have a picnic.

Hilaria, 37 years old, was captured in photographs on Friday with her husband, and children. She loaded errands onto a black Cadillac Escalade, and rode a horse around the Hamptons.

A metallic gray jacket was worn by her, as well as a sweatshirt and black UGG boots. She also wore leggings, large sunglasses, and UGG boots in the cool, sunny conditions on Friday. 

Alec Baldwin, aged 63, was not present with their children, although they were seen in Hamptons the day before loading bags into their car.

Hilaria Baldwin was pictured running errands in the Hamptons on Friday, wearing a metallic gray jacket, a sweatshirt, leggings, a pair of black UGG boots and some large sunglasses

Hilaria Baldwin was photographed running errands at the Hamptons on Friday wearing a metal gray jacket, a sweatshirt and leggings. She also wore a pair UGG boots in black.

As she rode her horse through one of the East End farms, she was enjoying the cold weather.

Hilaria, 37 was joined by a dog as she roamed around the wide-open spaces on her horse

Hilaria, age 37, was joined on horseback by a canine companion as she explored the vast open spaces with her horse.

Hilaria had previously been pictured in the Hamptons with her children and her husband, embattled actor Alec Baldwin

Hilaria, her children, and Alec Baldwin her husband were pictured previously in Hamptons.

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria, and Hilaria had been seen just one day earlier, having a cup of coffee at Madman Espresso, West Village. Baldwin looked sluggish in black and Hilaria, in electric metallic leggings with a Moncler vest, was dressed in all-black. 

They were also seen earlier that day strolling with their babies in Manhattan’s streets.

Baldwin packed his bags into an SUV after the coffee break.

Now it appears that the couple packed for another weekend in the Hamptons as they prepare for Alec Baldwin’s interview. Interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in which he appeared to insist that the gun that shot Halyna Hutchins dead was not his. 

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin were spotted grabbing coffee near their New York City apartment just hours before the actors interview with ABC was set to air, where he discusses the deadly Rust film shooting

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin were seen grabbing coffee in the vicinity of their New York City home just hours before ABC’s interview was scheduled to air. This is where the actor discussed the Rust movie shooting.

The pair can often be seen grabbing coffee at the Madman Espresso. They are pictured on Thursday waiting for their order

They can be often seen at Madman Espresso grabbing a cup of coffee. On Thursday, they are waiting to receive their orders.

Hilaria Baldwin is glued to her phone as the couple walk their children near their Greenwich Village home

Hilaria Baldwin stares at her smartphone as she walks with their kids near Greenwich Village.

Hilaria was dressed in electric metallic leggings, high heel boots and a golden-colored vest

Hilaria was dressed up in metallic leggings with high heels and a gold-colored vest

In the interview, which aired Thursday night but was pre-recorded, Alec said that he was devastated by the shooting, and frequently broke down in tears. He insisted that he was not responsible for Hutchins’s death because he didn’t bring any live ammunition to the set and therefore did not feel any guilt.

He claimed that he never pulled the trigger and the gun just ‘went off’ while in his arms on the New Mexico set on October 21.

“I let the hammer go, bang. The gun sounds. The gun goes off. They’re shocked. He said, “It’s very loud.”

He also revealed that in the moments after the shooting, he did not realize Hutchins had been hit, saying he originally thought she had fainted or had a heart attack, and it did not occur to him until around 45 minutes later that it could have been live ammunition put in the antique prop gun for their Western film, Rust.

Baldwin stated to Stephanopoulos that they kept telling her she was stable. “Just as you don’t believe there’s a live round in your gun, so do you think it’s going be fatal,” Baldwin said.  

“At the conclusion of my interview, the sheriff’s office told me that she had not made it. They told me immediately. 

He said, “That was when I got outside and called my wife.” 

However, he claimed that police had told him it was ‘highly likely’ that he would face criminal prosecutions.

“Someone is responsible. Although I don’t know who it might be, it’s not me.

“Honest to God. If I believed I was responsible, I may have committed suicide.” That’s something I won’t mince.   

Dave Halls was the assistant director and was looking at Baldwin. He confirmed Baldwin’s story through his lawyer.  

Alec Baldwin, 63, spoke to George Stephanopoulos for an interview which aired on Thursday

Alec Baldwin (63) spoke to George Stephanopoulos during an interview, which aired this Thursday

It was his first time opening up publicly about the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (pictured)

He spoke out publicly for the first time about Halyna Hutchins’ fatal shooting (pictured). 

He said that after the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office told him Hutchins didn't survive, he went outside and called Hilaria

After hearing from Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office that Hutchins had died, he said he called Hilaria outside to report the matter.

The next day, Hilaria took to Instagram to lament that Alec’s involvement in the shooting death of Hutchins meant she had  ‘lost my voice in this giant cyclone’, vowing that she would not let the tragedy affect them or their relationship.

Hilaria gave a heartfelt tribute to her husband, which was immediately condemned by critics as being insensitive.

On Instagram, she posted, “I lost all my voice to this huge cyclone in modern media, social and news.” 

I stopped speaking out of fear. I am encouraged to use my voice and speak out. Your words continue to motivate me.

She shared the famous photo of Alec Baldwin speaking on the telephone outside Rust. This was apparently Alec’s reference to Hilaria.

Hilaria considered this evidence in her post.   

“I’m here. I’m there. I’m your friend. I’ll take good care of you. These were my only thoughts when I learned that Halyna had passed away. 

That phrase was repeated over and over. You, my husband, put me in an unimaginable nightmare. 

The moment is forever engraved in my mind, with photographers all around you documenting your suffering. Our connection via the telephone, which I could not be there to hug you, is a visual that the whole world can see.

Hilaria Baldwin on Friday night posted a photo of her and her husband, with a 450-word tribute and analysis of what they were enduring since the fatal shooting

Hilaria Baldwin posted Friday night a picture of herself and her husband with a tribute of 450 words and an analysis on what she had endured since the shooting.

Many have continued to doubt Alec Baldwin’s account of the events, even after Thursday’s interview. 

Bryan W. Carpenter is a weapon armorer for Dark Thirty Film Services. He said that he doubts Baldwin ever pulled the trigger.

Carpenter stated to Fox News, “To make the gun light, first you need to place your thumb onto the hammer. Next, turn the hammer backwards until it is fully cocked. Then, pull the trigger to fire the gun.” This is very important, because the gun must have a two-step process in order to light. The trigger had to be pulled and it had to be cocked.

Carpenter said, “Once you have cocked the hammer back on an old west gun, it doesn’t take much to get that trigger off.”

He made these comments after Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Medoza stated to the outlet that guns don’t simply go off. It doesn’t matter what happens to the firearm. [Baldwin]He did it and the result was in his possession. 

Many people on social media also doubt Baldwin’s assertion that he didn’t trigger the gun. 

The trigger mechanism must be pulled on newer weapons or it will stop firing. I.E. Dropped, Bangled Hard,” tweeted one user. “Do you really believe that people can believe what your stupidity?

One person tweeted, “Good grief his acting is horrible.” The shooter must either first cock the handgun in Western style, or he can ignore it. This weapon was pulled the trigger. But it wasn’t dropped.

“@AlecBaldwin held it in his hand and killed Halyna. He also wounded another. Man up, already.’

According to an affidavit by the Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Office, detectives now want to know if Seth Kenney (a Hollywood veteran of 51 years) may have used recycled bullets from a prior set to assist the film.

There are still investigators investigating Hutchins’ death and they have not filed any criminal charges. 

The gun prepared by the film's armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed (pictured on the set of Rust)

Hannah Gutierrez Reed prepared the gun for the movie’s film armorer. (Photo: Rust).

Baldwin’s on-set version of tragedy 

“I am just showing.” Then I ask, “How do you think that will work?” Is that possible? Is that what you are seeing? Is that what you are seeing? 

“And then she continues, “Yeah that’s nice.” 

“I let the hammer go, bang. The gun sounds. The gun goes off. They’re shocked. It’s loud. It’s loud. 

“Nobody was there – it was meant to be empty.” It was said that I had been given an empty pistol. 

“If they were cosmetic rounds with no charge, nothing at all, flash rounds, nothing. 

“She went down,” I thought to myself, “Did her faint?” 

“The idea that the gun had a live round was something that I didn’t realize until probably 45 minutes or an hour after.

He said, “Well, she is lying there, and I say, “Did she get hit with wadding?” Did she leave a blank?”  

“I have never pulled the trigger.” No, no, no. It would not be possible. 

“The gun was supposed not to have any ammunition. The gun was supposed to be empty.  

‘Nobody gave a f*** who you are any more until this. “You see a lot more people with their smartphones now in a coffee shop,” he stated, showing them how he films them. 

Hutchins’ bullet, which was revealed previously to have been made from ammunition that an New Mexico armorer had purchased in a past film. The makeshift ammunition was then used by actors as training at the firing range.

Baldwin spoke affectionately about Hutchins in an interview broadcast by ABC. Baldwin said that Hutchins was someone everyone loved, liked, and respected.

“Even though I believe this, it is hard for me. It just does not seem real to my mind.”

Baldwin answered “Yes” when asked whether the shooting was his worst experience. Yes, yes.’

Hilaria, Hilaria’s wife, shared the pain and suffering that the tragedy had caused on Instagram. Following the shooting accident, the mother-of-6 revealed that it was difficult for her to talk with her six children. 

And in the weeks following the shooting, several former crew members have spoken out about what they called an unsafe environment on the set.

Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor, announced two weeks ago that she would sue Baldwin. She accused Baldwin of “Russian Roulette” when he shot a gun at him without first checking that it wasn’t loaded. Further, Mitchell claimed that the shooting scene was unnecessary.

The lawsuit names 22 defendants, including Baldwin and Rust producers. Six production companies – El Dorado Pictures and Thomasville Pictures. Brittany House Pictures. Brittany House Pictures. Short Porch Pictures. Brittany House Pictures. Short Porch Pictures. Brittany House Pictures. 3rd Shift Media. Streamline Global – armer Hannah Gutierrez Reed. First Assistant Director David Halls.

Mitchell was a veteran of the industry for 40 years and stood close to Hutchins at the time that Baldwin shot a bullet. It then killed Mitchell and injured Joel Souza. 

It claims that the suit includes assault, deliberate infliction and emotional distress as well as infliction or harm. Also, it states that the shooting scene did not need a gun.

“I ran to 911, and I said: “Bring everyone, send everybody Mitchell,” during a press conference. “This woman was gone in the early stages of her career. She was an exceptional, rare and very rare woman. 

Mamie Mitchell (left) and attorney Gloria Allred laid out their lawsuit regarding the shooting - which alleges assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deliberate infliction of harm

Gloria Allred and Mamie Mitchell, the attorney, presented their lawsuit about the shooting. It includes allegations of assault, deliberate infliction and distress and intentional infliction and harm.

Serge Svetnoy (the head electrician) held Hutchins as she died in his arms. Baldwin, Gutierrez­Reed and David Halls were also sued over “severe emotional distress” following the fatal shooting. Halls revealed that Baldwin did not fire the gun at the scene. 

Svetnoy, along with the other crew members who are unnamed, filed suit against them alleging that they were negligent in causing the shooting. This caused him emotional turmoil.

Svetnoy claimed in court papers that the bullet almost hit director Joel Souza, 48.

He claimed that Halyna’s bleeding was so severe that she needed to be treated immediately and that he tried his best to keep her awake.

Baldwin told TMZ that he was suing Baldwin for failing to fulfill a duty to plaintiff and the other cast members on the ‘Rust’ set to use the Colt Revolver given to him by Defendant, Halls, with reasonable care to ensure safety for the ‘Rust’ crew and cast.

Lane Luper served as A-camera’s first assistant and said that he quit the post-fatal shooting one day earlier because of overworked employees, inadequate COVID safety enforcement, and poor gun safety.

Rust believes that it was the perfect storm, according to him, of Rust the armorer, Rust the assistant director and the culture present on the set. The rushing was also a factor. He said that it was all, and Good Morning America told him about the circumstances leading to the shooting.

“It was not just one person. All of the pieces had to be in place to make this happen.

Luper stated in his resignation that there were two accidental weapons discharges and an accidental sound effects explosion around the crew.

There were NO instructions on what they should be expecting for the shots. Luper explained in the letter that production staff are often asked the same questions about their lack of time or if they rehearse.

The crew became tired of the long commutes between the set and their accommodation, which took them more than two hours.

Luper stated that in all of her 10 years working as a camera assistant, she has never seen a crew so concerned about safety.

Sky News was contacted by a representative of the producers to refute his assertions. He stated: “Mr. Luper’s claims about safety and budget are clearly false. This is not surprising given that his job as a camera operator was all about safety and budgets.

The spokesperson stated that while we cooperate with all investigations, our options are very limited. “Safety is our top priority.”

Hilaria Baldwin: “There’s no guide” Hilaria Baldwin admits that she had difficult conversations with her kids about Alec Rust shootings

Hilaria Baldwin said that her heart was broken after Alec killed Rust cinematographer Halyna Houtchins.

A candid blog post by the 37-year-old mother of six describes how difficult it was for her to talk about recent events and share with her family, “tremendous sadness” and “heartbreak”.

Hilaria credits The Child Mind Institute as well as a book entitled It’s okay not to be Okay for helping her understand Alec’s involvement in the tragedy.

Tough: The mother-of-six penned a candid post detailing how she's struggled to discuss the 'tremendous sadness and heartbreak' of recent events with her family

Tough: The mother-of-six penned a candid post detailing how she’s struggled to discuss the ‘tremendous sadness and heartbreak’ of recent events with her family

Hilaria shared a photo to Instagram Stories and wrote, “I had to have some discussions, explaining recent events my oldest children.

It was heart-wrenching, I can’t imagine. Thank you to The Child Mind Institute for your guidance. Anne, my friend and mentor, was a great inspiration to me. 

“Sometimes I freeze. I know I am the adult who has to guide my family but I don’t know where the right way is.

“There’s no guide we can follow. Sometimes, I get surprised at how far I have come in adulthood.? 

Important: Hilaria then shared a snap of the book she'd used to help explain to her children about Alec's recent tragedy

Important: Hilaria then shared a snap of the book she’d used to help explain to her children about Alec’s recent tragedy

She stated, “All these have helped to explain the immense sadness and heartbreak that I feel for my children,”

“You don’t know how important your love, kindness and support are. You are the ones reading this. You are so lucky to be here.

Hilaria also shared an image of the book she used to tell her kids about Alec’s latest tragedy.

She and Alec are parents to Carmen, age eight, Rafael, six, Leonardo, four, Romeo, three, Eduardo ‘Edu’, 14 months, and María, eight months