On Sunday, Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady, said she’d ‘bet’ that Donald Trump would launch a new White House bid for 2024. This seems to be something many Americans want to see. 

A Wall Street Journal poll shows that President Joe Biden is just one percentage point ahead of Donald Trump in potential presidential rematches.

The split of the candidates is 46 to 45 percent. It has a margin of error of 2.5 percent, which is significantly higher than the survey. 

Clinton stated that Trump’s second win could bring down our democracy and she admitted guilt at not having beat Trump five years ago.

“If I was a gambler right now, then I would say Trump will run again.” He seems to have set himself up for that, and if he isn’t held responsible, then he gets it done again,” she stated on Sunday TODAY of NBC.  

Trump’s bombastic populism was seen in his loss as a former Senate Democrat in New York.

She warned that a second victory could result in irreparable harm to US institutions. This appears to be referring to Trump’s persistent insistence on making baseless claims about the rigged US election.

Hillary Clinton said she feels guilty for not stopping Trump in 2016 but blamed James Comey for her loss

Hillary Clinton admitted she was guilty of not stopping Trump’s 2016 campaign, but also blamed James Comey.

Biden and Trump would be in a near-tie in a 2024 rematch, a recent poll found

A recent poll revealed that Trump and Biden would tie in 2024, with Trump in third.

Clinton stated, “I believe that could be the death of our democracy–not to be too pointed about it.” “But, I want people understand that this can be a major turning point.”

This Democratic trailblazer has not hinted at his 2024 plans. Trump on the other hand, stated multiple times that he will have a decision soon and Biden has already said he intends to run again. 

Clinton said, “If he, or another of his ilk was elected president once more, and if particularly he had a Congress willing to do his bidding,”

According to the same Journal poll, Trump could gain some support from Congress. 

44% of those surveyed said they would vote Republican if 2022’s midterm elections took place today. The majority of respondents – 34% – stated that they would vote for the GOP. 41 percent, on the other hand, stated they would vote in favor of a Democratic candidate.

Trump is on an ongoing quest to get all Republicans to agree with him for several weeks. 

Trump has been hitting the campaign trail and making endorsements ahead of 2022 (pictured at an event with Bill O'Reilly Saturday night)

Trump was on the campaign trail making endorsements for 2022. This photo is of Trump at an O’Reilly event Saturday night.

The survey also reaffirmed Democrat fears of a red wave in the upcoming 2022 elections

A survey also confirmed that Democrats are worried about a red wave during the 2022 election.

Trump has endorsed over 30 Senate and House candidate, including Herschel in Georgia. This is a testament to Trump’s lasting influence within the party.

Republicans that have publicly opposed him either retire like Reps. Anthony Gonzalez in Ohio or Adam Kinzinger in Illinois, and face inter-party resistance like Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming. Cheney was fired from the Wyoming Republican Party, and she lost her No. Cheney was fired from the Wyoming Republican Party and her position as No. 

Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, highlighted Trump’s kingmaker status today by publicly telling his coworkers during a Fox News interview, that ‘if you don’t have a work relationship with Donald Trump, it is impossible to be effective’

Willie Geist asked Clinton Sunday whether, after all she’d said, she still feels “momentsof responsibility or even guilt” for her loss of what pundits considered a certain Democratic victory.

Clinton replied, “Of course,” because I tried warning people. I tried making the case that this is really dangerous – people with whom he was allies, their words, and what he might be doing.”

“But, I think that Jim Comey’s stunt 10 days prior to the election would have made me win.

A recent poll found that more people prefer Trump's policies to Biden's in an ominous sign for Democrats ahead of 2022

Recent polls show that Trump’s policies are preferred to Biden’s by more Americans, which is a worrying sign for Democrats in 2022.

She referred to the’stunt,’ which is the ex-FBI director who announced in a October 28th 2016 letter to Congress that the FBI was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email communications. Although he did send a second follow-up letter on November 6, 2016, letting them know that the probe had been closed again without any incident, Clinton’s loss was widely seen to have been due to the crucial first letter.

After a swift but direct jab against Comey Clinton, Trump turned to Trump and his supporters who she once described as a “basket of deplorables.”

She said, “I felt terrible for not stopping him and his people, but now everyone can see what kind of leader that he is,”

“And evidently, there were people that liked what they saw.”

Many still believe it – 48% of those surveyed by the WSJ said that Trump’s policies were better than Biden’s. Only 46 percent disagreed.

Numerous polls of Republican voters also showed that Trump is the most desired candidate for 2024. As other possibilities, Mike Pence (ex-Vice President) and Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor) have been mentioned.