Hesitating under the Xmas tree The baubles conceal the presence of one the most dangerous snakes on the planet, which is found among family members

  • The Wild family is originally from Hertfordshire and now resides in Cape Town, South Africa. 
  • While admiring the Christmas tree, they noticed a snake among its branches.
  • Boomslang was one of the most deadly snakes in the world, and it was hidden under the tree.

One of the most vicious snakes in the world popped its head from a Christmas tree and shocked a British family. 

Rob and Marcela Wild, originally from Hertfordshire were looking at the tree near their Cape Town home with their children Edward, 11 and Sahara, 7, when they noticed the boomslang. 

Drop-by-drop, the snake is the most dangerous snake in South Africa. It can be fatal if it gets too close to the victim.

Their family watched their beloved pet move through the branches, then settled between the lights.

Rob, 55 years old, of Borehamwood (Herts) said, ‘We had just decorated up the tree, and the kids were putting presents under it, before we turned the lights on.

The Wild family with Dad Rob, 55, mum Marcela, 35, and son Edward, 11, and daughter Sarah, 7, with family pet dog Darcy

Wild family: Dad Rob, 55; mum Marcela 35; son Edward 11, Sarah 7, and Darcy the pet dog of the Wild family

Marcela from Marcela’s house pointed at our cat and suggested that there may be a mouse inside the tree while they stared at it.

Marcela saw that they sometimes bring gifts from the farm where she lives. Marcela moved a bauble to see a snake’s head looking back at Marcela.

She cried out and shouted “snake!”

“It took us two hours to get the snake trapper here. We were like the cavalry coming up. But once he got it hooked with his tongs, we were finally able breathe again.’.

Rob is a stock broker who moved to South Africa with Marcela 15 years ago. Together they have Edward, 11 and Sahara, 6, respectively.

McGregor is 100 km from Cape Town. He stated that he was hoping for lots of gifts, but no poisonous snakes.

A deadly venomous boomslang snake was found staring at the homeowners from the top of their newly decorated Christmas tree in South Africa

From the Christmas tree top in South Africa, the homeowner was confronted with a deadly and venomous Boomslang snake.

Rob also sent Gerrie Heyns photos of the snake’s head peeking out from the tree. But Gerrie dismissed these images as a prank.

Gerrie stated, “I assumed it was one my snake-catcher friends trying to catch me out. I closed the photos after laughing that they wouldn’t fool me.”

“Then, my phone rang. Rob had sent me the photos. He promised to send them more and that they did indeed have boomslang Christmas trees. It was not a joke.

I drove to their place and warned them that it could escape from their Christmas tree, hiding in their home.

“It was not an easy catch because it was very nippy. It kept going up the tree, round and around the tree. I tried to keep it from disturbing the lights or decorations.

They won’t attack you unless you are extremely afraid of them and they only want to protect themselves. This one probably slithered in the shade to seek shelter.

“Finding a Christmas tree in the house was an added bonus, but it was our family’s Christmas tree!”