A huge fire on the thatched roof of an historic Michelin star restaurant caused it to be’reduced ashes’.

Since 1996, when celebrity chef patron Andrew Pern arrived, the Star Inn Harome has received ‘virtually every industry award’.

It is one of England’s most renowned restaurants and was awarded a Michelin star in January for 18th year. 

The staff was shocked to learn that a fire had broken out just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday. 

It was the heroic efforts of firefighters that saved the inn from burning down at night. 

On Thursday morning, the gastropub posted a tweet to inform followers that it had been “reduced to ashes”.

Fire crews on an aerial ladder platform battle to save The Star Inn at Harome after a fire broke out in its thatched roof

A ladder platform enables fire crews to fight for The Star Inn at Harome, which was damaged by a fire on the thatched roof.

Smoke pictured billowing out of the pub's roof on Wednesday night as as many as nine fire engines attended the scene

On Wednesday night, smoke billowed from the roof of the pub as up to nine fire engines arrived on the scene

The Star Inn at Harome pictured showing its large thatched roof where a fire broke out on Wednesday

Picture of Harome’s Star Inn showing the large thatched roof from which a fire broke out Wednesday

The Star Inn at Harome, pictured, has held a Michelin star for 18 of the 25 years chef Andrew Pern has been a patron

Pictured: The Star Inn in Harome has had a Michelin Star for 18 years. Andrew Pern was a patron

A look at the inside of The Star Inn at Harome, in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, where a large fire broke out on Wednesday night

The Star Inn Harome is located in Helmsley (North Yorkshire), where Wednesday night saw a large fire break out.

The gastro-pub is one of the most popular in the north of England with its excellent food inside a building that 'oozes character'

This gastro-pub, which serves excellent food in a historic building with character, is one of the most loved places to eat in northern England.

It said: ‘It’s been a long night so far… I’m afraid we won’t be open for a while as we are reduced to ashes with The Star on fire and still burning, residents please call after 9am.’

Staff shared the following Facebook post: “We are devastated that everyone knows that there was a fire at our restaurant and pub which has burned throughout the night.”

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Our hotel Cross House Lodge continues to be operational with meals and accommodations for its guests.

“Please be patient with us as our efforts to find a path forward.

“Unfortunately, our internet service and telephone lines are down at the moment. We are therefore unable to respond to email and phone calls. Thanks for all your kind words of support. We’re very thankful.

People across the UK were upset by the announcement of the fire. 

Zac Berrycloth tweeted: ‘Such a heartbreaking sight to see a stunning historic building ablaze, and literally a star of Yorkshire’s food scene reduced to ashes, the main thing we hope is all are okay. 

“The star that shines brightest again is what we want, and it has the best people behind. That’s our next goal.”

Jay Rayner, food critic said: “Terrible news.” We are thinking of you all.

The 14th century gastro-pub has excelled since chef patron Andrew Pern (pictured) arrived in 1996

Since Andrew Pern’s 1996 arrival as a chef patron, The 14th Century Gastro-pub has been a success. 

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said seven fire engines remained at the scene as of 9am on Thursday

According to North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, seven engines were still on the scene at 9 am Thursday

The large fire started in the pub's thatched roof, with crews having to use an aerial ladder platform to tackle the blaze overnight

Crews had to climb up an elevated ladder to control the large fire that started under the pub’s roof.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said that crews arrived on the scene around 10.13 pm.

“All the occupants of this property were out upon the arrival of crews,” they added.

There were at least nine appliances, one fire engine, one ladder platform, and one water bowser at the scene. An incident command team was also present.

To contain the fire, the crews employed main jets along with hose reeljets. A ladder platform was used to lift the thatch off the roof.

“The incident was reduced to 7 fire engines, and an aerial ladder platform around 5:45 am.

Updated at 9:00 AM, crews confirmed that they were on the scene and ‘continuing the removal of the thatched roof. 

Star Inn was a well-known restaurant in the 70s. However, it became a top destination restaurant after Mr Pern’s 1996 arrival.  

There are several dining spaces in the building. The thatched area houses the elegant Pub Bar. It was designed by Robert “Mouseman” Thompson, a prominent craftsman.

Michelin’s restaurant guide points to its “luxurious” feel.

This sign says, “This 14C-torched building is full of character due to its low-beamed ceilings. There are also fires that burn in the grates. 

‘While the restaurant side has a plush, luxurious feel, it’s still very much the village local and you’ll find the regulars supping on a pint of bespoke ‘Two Chefs’ beer in the characterful bar.

The place is proud to be from Whitby. It also has fish from Whitby. Game from Yorkshire Moors, vegetables from the garden and meats from Whitby. Steve Smith, Head Chef, uses these items to make rich, flavorful, taste-driven meals with classic and modern undertones. 

“The wine list, however, includes bottles from lesser-known growers and producers.”