Holly Willoughby risks angering ‘grumbling’ neighbours as she begins renovations on her £2.8 million west London home

Holly Willoughby is set to begin renovations on her £2.8million west London home, as planners have given her the go-ahead to extend.

The move might not be well received by the neighbours of the presenter, who were less than happy with it. The 41-year-old has many planning applications throughout the years.

Holly bought the home with Daniel Baldwin in 2011, and has experienced a string of setbacks while renovating it. This led to Holly becoming embroiled in an endless series of rowdy neighbours. 

Ruffling feathers: Holly Willoughby is set to begin renovations on her £2.8 million West London home, to the dismay of her neighbours - who she has had a number of feuds with over the years

Ruffling feathers: Holly Willoughby is set to begin renovations on her £2.8 million West London home, to the dismay of her neighbours – who she has had a number of feuds with over the years 

Here’s hoping the presenter will be able to get along with her neighbors’ sweeter sides. Richard Eden, the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, has reported that planners approved a first-floor extension for the six-bedroom home. The property is in a leafy conservation zone.

Holly lives in the extravagant home together with her husband Daniel, and their three children, Harry (12 years old), Belle (11 years old) and Chester (7 year-old).

The news is good news for residents who had previously complained of noise disturbance, loss of privacy, and local wildlife.

Attempts: Holly has attempted to extend her lavish home (pictured) many times before, to the dismay of locals

Holly’s Attempts to Extend Her Luxurious Home (pictured) Many times previously, to the dismaying of her neighbors

Made amends? Hopefully the presenter can get on her neighbours' sweeter side, as the Daily Mail's Richard Eden has revealed that planners have given the go-ahead for a first-floor extension on the six-bedroom home

Did you make amends? The presenter should try to make amends with her neighbor. Richard Eden, the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, has reported that the planners gave the green light for the first floor extension of the six-bedroom house. 

Setbacks: Since buying the home in 2011 with husband Daniel Baldwin (pictured), Holly has had a series of setbacks renovating it - as she became entangled in a series of 'ugly' rows with neighbours

Holly Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin purchased the house in 2011, but Holly experienced a few setbacks when renovating it. This led to Holly becoming involved with some ‘ugly rows’ with her neighbours. 

Neighbour Liliana Velez previously spoke out on the matter, telling The Sun: ‘Having the noise all week all day for so many months is not the standard of living in such an expensive area to live.

“I don’t pay taxes to have this degree of disruption. It’s not quality of my life,” she said.

While another local, Julie Halstead, added: ‘Further development as per proposal, would severely impact the character and nature of this part of the road and community.’ 

It seems that the presenter never saw eye-to-eye with her neighbors after an anonymous 2013, 2013 letter sent accusing her, “keeping the whole neighborhood up last night with drunken behavior”.

Gorgeous: While the grandeur staircase features a striped running carpet and a deep mahogany painted wood

Beautiful: The grandeur staircase has a mahogany-painted wood and a running carpet.

Children: She also shares the home with her three children: Harry, 12, Belle, 11 and seven-year-old Chester

Children: Her three children share the house: Harry (12 years old), Belle (11 year-old), and Chester (7years).

Daniel, Daniel’s husband, was furious about the accusations and sought out an explanation from the unidentified sender.

In the hope of enlisting the help of his neighbors to find the perpetrator, the TV producer wrote a letter. However, it seemed to only rile them more.

Neighbour David Moss told MailOnline in 2013: ‘We have been shocked by this vicious intrusive email, in which they make themselves out to be good neighbours, when we have had enormous trucks blocking the pavement six days a week.’ 

As their renovations begin, we can only hope that the couple has built bridges. 

Family kitchen: Her house caters for all the family, with the large kitchen perfect for big meals together

The family kitchen: This large, open-plan kitchen is perfect for cooking big meals with all of the family. 

Open space: Glass panelled doors lead out into the garden of her home, leading into a white tiled patio area

She has created an open area by opening glass panelled doors that lead into her garden. This leads to a patio with white tiles. 

Furious: After the pair were entangled in another neighbour feud in 2013, accusing Holly of drunken antics, her husband Daniel was reportedly furious over the accusation, claiming it untrue and seeking an explanation from the unknown sender

Furious: Daniel, Holly’s husband, was furious after they were involved in a neighbour dispute in 2013. He accused Holly of drinking antics and claimed it to be false.