Home security tips can help you protect your home and your belongings. Among other things, you should keep your keys in a safe place and make sure they’re out of reach of burglars. Also, make sure your windows and doorjambs are secure. A dog can also be a great home security guard.

Lock windows

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Almost 25% of burglars enter your home through a window. Keeping your windows locked is a great way to prevent a break-in. There are many types of locks available.

Sliding and folding latches are easy to install. They can be used for single-glazed or double-glazed windows. For added security, you can add removable allen keys.

Keyed locks require a key to unlock, and have to be installed near the outside of the window. This is a great deterrent, but they can also be difficult to open. To avoid this problem, make sure that the lock is out of sight from the outside.

If your windows are sliding, you should consider installing a track lock. These are inexpensive and simple to install. The locking mechanism is secured on the track of the window, and can be tightened to keep it closed.

If your windows are hinged, sash locks are an excellent choice. These locks are made of metal and are designed to be sturdy. They are typically used on double-hung windows.

Increase the strength of your doorjamb

A strong door jamb is an important part of a home’s defenses. Kick in burglaries are a real thing and you can protect your house by bolstering your jamb. The latest in door jamb reinforcement is the StrikeMaster II Pro from Safe Homes.

First, you will need to identify the weak points in your door. Aside from the obvious, you should also think about other solutions. Some of these options include adding hinge bolts to make your doors more kick resistant, or reinforcing your garage.

To start, you will need a hacksaw and a reciprocal saw. These will make the process a lot easier. Next, you will need to remove the trim on your door. This will open up the space for you to drill the new strike plate. Depending on the size of your mortise, you may need to extend it by a few inches.

Finally, you will need to install the new strike plate. The new plate will need to be angled back so that it catches the framing. If you plan on using the new plate on a sidelight window less than three inches from your doorjamb, consider installing a shorter screw. And you can always install a security camera like Wyze.

Keep keys out of reach of burglars

There are many ways to keep your keys out of the hands of burglars. One example is installing a hidden combination lock box that can hold a small number of keys. This is a more secure alternative to hiding your keys in a sock. And this includes keeping keys away from the guests you entertain.

In the same way that you should never leave your house unlocked, you should also never give out your home keys to strangers. If you must give out your key, be sure to let a trusted neighbor know.

You might also want to invest in a motion sensing light that will turn on automatically after dark. This is a small detail but can go a long way to securing your home.

In addition to these simple measures, consider incorporating an electronic timer that will turn on your outdoor lights after dusk. It’s also a good idea to replace burned out lights. Keep a few extra bulbs on hand.

The best way to keep your keys out of the hands of thieves is to take steps to make it hard for them to get in. For example, you could install a locking door on a garage. Use metal grilles to prevent would be burglars from breaking your windows.

Get a dog to guard your home

Having a pet dog around the house can add a sense of security. You should be careful when choosing the right breed of dog. It is recommended that you get a guard dog that is both loyal and courageous.

When selecting a dog to protect you and your family, you should be aware of their behavior towards other animals. Most dogs are lovable and will want to protect their family, but some are naturally aloof. The best guard dogs will not view other animals as a threat and will respond to threats with intelligence and determination.

If you are interested in purchasing a guard dog, make sure that you have an experienced dog owner. Some breeds require more training than others. You should also consider the dog’s obedience.

In order to be a good guard, you must train your dog to be indifferent to other animals. A German Shepherd makes a great indoor protector.

Another dog that is well suited to home guarding is a Doberman Pinscher. This strong dog can switch to protector mode in an instant.