“It’s almost like another job!” Meet the homeowner with a £70k cladding repair bill who spends two hours every day fighting for justice

  • Steph Pike, 30, reveals the time she spends fighting her £70k cladding repair bill 
  • For many leaseholders, the hours they spend daily in so-called cladmin is an everyday reality.
  • Due to the Cladding Scandal, many leaseholders cannot sell their houses. 

Steph Pike. Steph Pike, a 30-year-old lawyer living in Bristol in her own apartment. She appears to be living a happy life with a great career, which enabled her to purchase a house.

But if you look closely, you will see that she’s not the only one facing huge cladding repairs. In her case, the bill is ‘around £70,000, with the final bill expected to be more’.

However, she doesn’t think about the possibility of living in unsafe buildings – which is the reality for many homeowners affected by this tragedy – and instead spends her time cladding admin or ‘cladmin.

Solicitor Steph Pike (pictured), 30, paid £193,000 for her one-bed flat in the 109 flat development in Bristol, completed months after the fire at the west London Grenfell tower block in 2017 claimed 72 lives

Solicitor Steph Pike (pictured), 30, paid £193,000 for her one-bed flat in the 109 flat development in Bristol, completed months after the fire at the west London Grenfell tower block in 2017 claimed 72 lives

Steph has found the problem to be all-consuming. She spends up to four hours each evening on it, and weekends on cladmin.

There are media interviews to help raise awareness about cladding issues, there is dealing with her own block of 109 homes that face a £7.6million repair bill, as well as time-consuming wider issues such as organising protests against leaseholders having to pay.

MailOnline Property told her that she spends about two hours per day dealing with cladding problems. However, it can be as much as three or four hours daily.

“I took a break from work last night at 7 PM and opened my laptop to research cladding issues. I also wrote emails to residents. This job feels like another, and it never ends.

Fire services have attended at least 300 fires at blocks with waking watches since Grenfell, according to magazine Inside Housing. (Pictured, Grenfell tower block)

According to the magazine Inside Housing, fire services responded to at least 300 incidents at block with waking watches in Grenfell since then. Grenfell Tower Block, photographed

Steph talks to her family and friends about concerns and plans for repairs.

“I don’t know what I’m talking about to my friends and family.” It is so overwhelming and boring.

To my friends and family, I think that I never talk about any other topic. It is so boring.

Elle continued to add that her support network includes her mother makes it all so much more special. 

“I am very fortunate to have a supportive mother and can talk about cladding issues with her. Steph explained that it is difficult to concentrate on other areas of my life, and there seems to be always something related to cladding.

Steph has given more than 40 interviews to date on television, radio, and newspapers, in order to raise awareness of the problems that cladding users face.

Additionally, she runs the Bristol Action Cladding Group Facebook page and engages in cladding-related topics on Twitter.

In addition to keeping up with current developments like listening to Grenfell Inquiry, she also keeps herself updated.

She actively encourages other residents who are affected by cladding to get involved and to share information.

Steph claims that it is just another job, which she feels is taking away her life and robs her of the ability to share it with others.


After the Grenfell fire four years back, the cladding problem became a scandal.

The issue is that the owners are unable to sell the properties until the buildings are proved to be safe, leaving them stuck in their homes and also seeing monthly bills rise as they are potentially unable to remortgage.

It is understandable that no lender would want to finance homes constructed of combustible material like Grenfell.

Some flat owners might not be able to sell their property even though the material hasn’t been tested and isn’t combustible.

This issue could also impact flat owners that are looking to remortgage.

The national, multi-billion dollar Building Safety Fund was created to assist those who were affected. This fund applies only to structures above 18m. Many leaseholders still wait for work to begin and have to deal with piles of administrative paperwork to make the situation better.