You are where you belong! These photos will show you why you shouldn’t be living in these homes.

  • These images from all over the globe prove disaster can strike anywhere. 
  • The Parent Influence team has put together a selection of images that show home horrors 
  •  In one snap someone has the worst luck when their key breaks in the lock
  • A snow day that isn’t reflected in a window could end up inside someone else’s home.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up your home and with so many tutorials and videos available almost anyone can turn their hand to a bit of DIY.

Even if you don’t try it yourself, external forces such as the weather and an unruly truck can sometimes cause havoc.

All over the globe, people have taken photos of their mishaps and put them in a gallery created by Parent Influence.

One diabolical photo features a drain that will never be of any use, a mould remover that’s covered in mould, and an extractor fan that won’t be working anytime soon. 

FEMAIL has some great examples here…

Ouch! We bet the owner of this car will be cursing that they parked outside of the garage and not inside. It's amazing all of those bricks and rubble from the front of the house in the US didn't smash the windscreen of the car

Ouch! It’s likely that the car owner is going to curse the fact they left their garage door open. Amazing that all those rubble and bricks from the US’s front didn’t break the car’s windscreen.

Let's hope the poor person who came home and snapped their key in the lock wasn't desperate for the toilet. This would have needed a locksmith for sure!

Let’s just hope that the man who came back and put the key in the lock was not desperately looking for the toilet. For this to have happened, you would definitely need a locksmith!

POV: You've just come back and half of your home has been caved in by a crane ¿ or worse still, what if you were in bed when it came through the window! Thankfully no one was in when this calamity happened

POV: You’ve just come back and half of your home has been caved in by a crane – or worse still, what if you were in bed when it came through the window! It was an unfortunate accident that no one was inside when it happened.

Putting together furniture is never fun but it's not supposed to be impossible! No matter how many ways you try and make this couch work, it just doesn't happen

Although putting together furniture can be tedious, it is not impossible. It doesn’t matter what you do to make it work.

Imagine you've just had your bathroom remodelled and look in the shower to see this travesty of engineering. What's even the point of having a drain if it's not going to take water away?

You just got your bathroom remodeled. Now, look into the shower to witness this terrible piece of engineering. If it doesn’t take away water, what’s the point in having a drain?

How long did they leave the square-shaped things on the lawn? It's going to take some serious green fingers to rescue this grass

For how long were these pebble-shaped items left on the lawn? This grass will need to be saved by someone with serious green fingers.

There's a whole host of height-related problems that can occur when you're on the short side but this really takes the cake

While there are many height-related issues that may occur if you’re short, this is the most serious.

Extractor fans are supposed removes all the yucky stuff like fumes, smoke, heat, and steam but this one definitely isn't going to work

Extractor fans purport to remove all the nasty stuff such as smoke, heat and steam. But this extractor fan is going to fail.

A hole in the ceiling? What every person wants after a trip up to the attic!

Is there a hole in your ceiling? After a visit to the attic, what every person needs?

Ew! This person's place is so mouldy that even the cleaner being used to get rid of it has become covered with mildew. There's only one option at this point ¿ move!

Ew! The moldy condition of this person’s home is such that the cleaning agent used to remove it has become contaminated with mildew. There’s only one option at this point – move!

One look at this photo and you'll never forget to close the window again on a snowy day. It's even got on the walls of this room in Svalbard, Norway

This photo will make you forget every time you go outside on snowy days. It’s even got on the walls of this room in Svalbard, Norway

Smoke detectors are incredible life-saving bits of kit, all except for this one that had a fire inside and didn't go off

These smoke detectors can save your life. 

Safety features at their finest ¿ the door doesn't fit the frame and if all else fails you could probably get in through the wall

Safety features at their finest – the door doesn’t fit the frame and if all else fails you could probably get in through the wall

Anyone who has had to get forgotten tissue residue out of their washing machine will appreciate what a nightmare it is. Now imagine a pocketful of staples escaping into every crevice

Anybody who has ever needed to wash away a piece of tissue from their machine will know how frustrating it can be. Think about how many staples could get into any crevice.

Aren't windows supposed to keep the rain out?

Window aren’t supposed to stop the rain from getting in? 

Fitting a hole in the door for your cat is an adorable idea. Let's hope the feline this was intended for can jump really high

It’s a cute idea to make a hole for your cat in the front door. This is a great idea! Let’s just hope that the cat it was meant for will be able to jump very high.  

Outdoor lights are supposed to be able to withstand the elements but this lamp found the sun way too hot causing it to melt and bend right over

Although outdoor lights should be weatherproof, this lamp was unable to resist the elements. The sun just too hot caused it to melt.