A horrifying moment when a Mexican man was trying to stop kidnappers is that he was shot and killed in a Mexican supermarket parking lot.

  • The murder of two kidnappers was captured on a surveillance camera at a supermarket in Baja California.
  • Two suspects riding on a pickup truck snatched a car and attacked the victim in Ensenada.
  • He fought with his captors, and was briefly able to escape from them until one of the gunmen shot him.
  • Baja California State Attorney General’s Office did not announce any arrests 

Here’s the moment that shocked Mexico: A man was shot dead in Mexico after he tried to escape two kidnappers.

The suspects were captured on surveillance cameras pulling into an indoor parking area in Ensenada (Baja California) Sunday afternoon and then stopping to set up their pickup truck near the vehicle.

Customers watched in horror as the victim, whose name was withheld due to authorities, tried to flee from an abductor disguised. He eventually managed to stop him.


Two suspects were caught on a surveillance camera attempting to kidnap a man at a supermarket garage in Ensenada, Mexico, on Sunday before one of the assailants shot the target multiple times, who was declared dead after authorities arrived on the scene

On Sunday, two suspects attempted to kidnap an Ensenada man from a grocery store garage. One of them shot him multiple times. The victim was then declared dead by authorities.

The victim was able to get away from the kidnappers before one of the two men shot him dead and then escaped outside a supermarket in Ensenada, a city in the Mexican state of Baja California

After the second of two kidnappers shot the victim, the victim was freed and escaped. The victims escaped from Ensenada (a Mexican town in the Mexican state Baja California).

In an attempt to push him into the truck, the second suspect, who was not identified, ran forward.

As he attempted to escape, the video shows him losing his shirt before the mask-wearing kidnapper took his life.

He fired another round before racing to get the car.

No arrests have been announced by the Baja California State Attorney General¿s Office, which is leading the investigation

No arrests have been announced by the Baja California State Attorney General’s Office, which is leading the investigation

The accomplice then put the pickup truck into reverse, drove over the man who seemed to be alive and speeded away.

La Opinión newspaper reported that the Baja California State Attorney General’s Office is leading the investigation.

At the time of uploading footage to social media, there had been no announcement of arrests.