An accused horse trainer was found not guilty of hitting his girlfriend in her face with a skillet after she allegedly hit him with it.

Michael Jackson (41), was accused of striking Rosie Bell “four to five” and stamping on her foot in a furious row at the Cotswold stables. This occurred on January 24, 2020.

Prosecutors said that Jackson told Miss Bell, within just two days, to get all her belongings out of his Sezincote home.

Jurors were told that the woman drove to the yard, argued with the judge while the young horseman led the young stallion from the stables.

Miss Bell, who was giving evidence to Gloucester Crown Court denied that her toe had been injured by the horse. 

Jackson said she approached him shouting and grabbed his jumper before attacking her.

The horse rider told the court that he lost his grip on the stallion’s neck rope and the horse had bolted – causing him to put out his hand to steady himself and connecting with Miss Bell’s chest.

Jackson claimed that Jackson’s girlfriend hit him with a fryingpan during an August 2019 row.

Michael Jackson, 41, was accused of hitting Rosie Bell ‘four to five times’ and stamping on her thigh and foot during a furious breakup row at his Cotswold stables on January 24, 2020

Michael Jackson (41), was accused of striking Rosie Bell “four to five” and stamping on her foot and thigh during an angry breakup at his Cotswold stables. This occurred on January 24, 2020.

Prosecutors alleged that Mr Jackson had told Miss Bell to move all her belongings from his home in Sezincote within two days

Prosecutors claimed that Jackson instructed Miss Bell to remove all of her possessions from Sezincote’s home within the next two days

He told the court that he was “surrounded by brick walls, and lots of steel,”

“The horse started to accelerate in one way as I attempted to hold him, and my other hand fought with Rosie, who was attacking me.

“She shouted at me and tore my jumper, which caused the horse to bolt forward. The situation escalated and I instinctively tried to stop her from falling. But, as I did this I hit Rosie on the chest.

‘During this commotion she and I both lost our equilibrium and fell on top. The rope was ripping through me, which caused rope burn.

The stallion ran from the stables. I wasn’t able to see where it went.

“Rosie” scratched my face in the same way she did in the past. She may have caught one of my hands on her face when I was trying to get up.

“I ran from the stables in search of the horse that had run away. To me, it was important that I retrieve the valuable stallion.

“With the assistance of other people, I was able to find the horse within five minutes. He was talking with other horses through a fence at a neighboring field. I was able to retrieve him from the field and take him to safety.

“When Rosie saw me again, she was fine when she took her belongings out of the office.

Mr Jackson insisted she had approached him screaming as soon as she got out of her car and grabbed his jumper, ripping it

Jackson said she tried to scream at him as soon as they got out of their car.

Mr Jackson told the court he rides and trains horses for various owners

Jackson stated to the court that he has ridden and trained horses for several owners.

“I continued to muck out horses, and as I was wheeling out my wheelbarrow, she confronted me once more and became argumentative.

“I shouted for assistance to another member of my team, as I hoped that something would happen.

“Rosie” said, sarcastically, that I needed him holding my hand. I replied, Yes, I did. I was looking for a witness to any possible events.

Jackson stated to the court that he trains and rides horses for different owners. Jackson said that he usually has between 14 and 15 horses under his care, and that he spends twelve hours per day with them. In addition, he said that he has competed in many competitions across the UK, Ireland, Europe.

“My reputation matters. This is how I trust that the horses will be sent to me. I have the trust of people,” he stated.

According to the court, he was previously married for nine year and had divorced from his wife in 2016. According to the court, Jackson had met Miss Bell while riding and eventing on circuit. She moved in with Jackson in 2017.

Rosie’s relationship began to break down while they were in Portugal on June 2019, he said.

Jackson stated that Jackson and she were at a bar in a marina where they had an argument. She threw the glass in my face.

The court heard that Mr Jackson met Miss Bell on the eventing and riding circuit and she moved in with him in late 2017

A court was informed that Miss Bell met Mr Jackson on the riding and eventing circuits and moved in with him in 2017.

“The next time she got off the tracks was at Hartpury in Gloucester in August 2019. I was there riding three horses.

“We enjoyed some drinks at the horsebox’s bar before moving on to the bars. As a group, we arrived in a small number of eight. I recognized the barman from earlier that day as someone I’d seen at the eventing stage. I offered him to purchase me a drink.

“Rosie” then accused me, accusing me of talking up boys.

‘I was so upset by this accusation, that I decided to go back alone to the lorry and then went to sleep. Rosie arrived in the lorry about an hour after I was finished and began screaming at me. She wanted to check my phone.

“I gave it to him. She twisted a message sent by a female photographer into sexy allegations.

“She attacked me with her lorry and grabbed a fryingpan to hit my face. It made my nose bleed. Rosie started screaming at the people.

“I quit the lorry because I felt embarrassed by being in an Eastenders scene.

He claimed that Ms Bell had told him several times after their split-up that she’d ‘try to ruin’ him.

He continued, saying that “She had also said she’d wasted three years of life with me” and adding: “Don’t ever think you’ll ever see my good side again.” We’ve broken up. It won’t make you so proud later.

His text to Miss Bell on Sunday, January 24, 2020 stated that he had sent her a message reminding her that everything she owned must be removed by Sunday evening or else it would go into the bin.

He told the court that she soon arrived in the yard feeling raged and the fight which eventually led to her assault allegation started.

Jackson was released after the jury returned a not guilty verdict.