Mother (47) pleads not guilty in the murder of her severely disabled 10-year-old son and to administering a toxic substance

  • Pembe Meshmetaliogullari (47) is charged with murdering her severely handicapped son
  • In 2018, her son Mustafa, a Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, died.
  • Mehmetaliogullari was accused of giving Court a lethal substance, which ultimately led to his death. 
  • The 47-year old denied murder charges and administering an noxious substances

Today, a mother was accused of killing her son who had severe disabilities with a noxious drug.

Pembe Mehmetaliogullari (47), is accused of giving her 10-year old son Mustafa a noxious drug that led to his death 3 years ago. She denies this charge.

Mustafa fell ill and was admitted Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton in September 2018 where he was treated by medical staff.

Pictured: Pembe Mehmetaliogullari, 47, leaving Lewes Crown Court today after pleading not guilty to the murder of her 10-year-old child Mustafa who died in hospital in September 2018

Pictured: Pembe Meshmetaliogullari (47), leaves Lewes Crown Court today, after pleading guilty not guilty to murdering her 10-year-old daughter Mustafa. Mustafa died at home in September 2018, and was left behind by her family.

The medics tried to save Mustafa’s life, but he died 3 days later.

A post-mortem examination by police revealed that he died from non-prescribed medications.

Mehmetaliogullari was today in Lewes Crown Court. She was accused of murdering her son and administering a noxious drug to him.

Both charges were dismissed by her wearing a red jacket and black pants.

Prosecutors say Mehmetaliogullari (pictured) gave a noxious substance to her son Mustafa, 10

Prosecutors allege that Mehmetaliogullari gave Mustafa (pictured) a noxious drug.

The ten-year-old died at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Brighton just three days after he was admitted for treatment in September 2018

Three days after being admitted to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton in September 2018, the ten year-old succumbed at Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

Following a complicated investigation by East Sussex Safeguarding Investigations Units, the prosecution took place.

The court had earlier heard that Mehmetaliogullari of Hove (East Sussex) had dual citizenship with Turkey, but she had lived most of her adult life in the UK.

She was granted conditional bail and will be tried next May.