Many of us face slow broadband speeds. A new study has shown which areas in the UK are most affected.

Uswitch has named Wistaston Road, Crewe the UK’s most slow street for broadband with an average download speed of 0.24Mbps.

In contrast, residents on Haul Fryn in Swansea enjoy the fastest broadband, with average speeds reaching an impressive 882Mbps – 3,567 times faster than Wistaston Road!

Ernest Doku from is a broadband expert.

Residents of Haul Fryn Street, the year’s fastest street could download a movie within 47 seconds. It would take residents living on Wistaston Road 48 hours.

Wistaston Road in Crewe has been revealed by Uswitch as the UK's slowest street for broadband, with average download speeds of just 0.24Mbps. In contrast, residents on Haul Fryn in Swansea enjoy the fastest broadband, with average speeds reaching an impressive 882Mbps ¿ 3,567 times faster than Wistaston Road

Uswitch has named Wistaston Road, Crewe the UK’s most slow street for broadband. It boasts an average speed of 0.24Mbps. In contrast, residents on Haul Fryn in Swansea enjoy the fastest broadband, with average speeds reaching an impressive 882Mbps – 3,567 times faster than Wistaston Road

The UK’s 10 most slow streets to get broadband 
Ranking  Name of the street  Average download speed (Mbps)
1 Wistaston Road, Crewe 0.25 
Grant Road, Banchory  0.28 
3 Dutchells Copse in Horsham  0.29 
Tyldesley and Cornwall Avenue in Manchester  0.31 
Crossways South Doncaster  0.33 
Llys Tripp. Gwaelod y-Garth. Cardiff  0.34 
Seymour Avenue, Morden  0.36 
South Park Crescent in Lewisham  0.38 
Brant Road, Waddington, Lincoln  0.39 
10  Berriedale  0.40 

Uswitch examined the data from 276,083 broadband speed tests for consumers to determine which areas have the slowest and fastest download speeds.

Haul Fryn came out as the victor, where download speeds reach 882Mbps on average – 243Mbps quicker than last year’s fastest street, Dale Lane in Cheshire.

Grange Road, Ilford (887.48Mbps), Dalesgate Close (Deer) (855.55Mbps), and West Gate (841.85Mbps were next.

Wistaston Road, Crewe was at the opposite end of the spectrum with an average speed of 0.25Mbps.

Closely followed were Grant Road in Banchory (0.28Mbps), Dutchells Copse at Horsham (0.29Mbps), and Cornwall Avenue, Manchester (0.31Mbps).

Use Uswitch’s broadband speed testing tool to see how speeds on your street compare.

According to Uswitch, broadband speeds are increasing and broadband users have access to faster internet connections.

Its analysis also found that 43 per cent of Brits now get superfast speeds of more than 30Mbps – almost double than those six years ago.

While superfast broadband can now be accessed in 98 percent of the UK and ultrafast internet to 62 percent, just 40% of Brits were aware that it was available within their area.

Thankfully, overall the number of broadband users experiencing faster broadband speeds is growing, according to Uswitch (stock image)

According to Uswitch (stock photo), broadband speeds are improving overall.

The UK’s 10 Fastest Streets for Broadband 
Rank  Name of the street  Average download speed (Mbps)
1 Haul Fryn, Birchgrove, Swansea  882.03 
Grange Road, Ilford  877.48 
3 Dalesgate Close, Littleover, Derby  855.55 
Fleetwood West Gate  841.85 
Douglas Bader Drive Lutterworth  758.87 
Billingbauk Drive, Leeds  749.41 
Old Ballynahinch Road Lisburn  707.54 
Hall Road East in Liverpool  707.30 
Valley Road in Newbury  699.92 
10  Dale Lane Appleton Warrington  699.76 

According to Uswitch, 9 of the 10 slowest streets could have faster service.

“At a moment when so many people rely on their broadband for work and streaming movies and TV, it’s difficult to imagine how frustrating such slow connections must be,” Mr. Doku said. 

“It’s wonderful to see the increasing uptake of ultrafast internet, but we don’t want large swathes left behind due to poor connections that won’t cut it for modern day life.

‘Initiatives, such as Project Gigabit and the Universal Service Obligation, are improving connections on both ends of spectrum. But consumers shouldn’t be left behind.

‘Of the ten slowest streets, nine could have access to faster broadband, so we urge residents there — and anyone else unhappy with their broadband speeds — to do a quick search online to see what speeds they could be getting with another provider.’ 

Uswitch recommends that you complain to your provider if your broadband speed is frustratingly slow.  

The provider advised, “If your service has a minimum speed guarantee, you will have 30 days for the issue to be resolved or you may switch providers without any fees.” 

‘If you aren’t covered by Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice on Broadband Speed — which protects all contracts started on or after 1 March 2019 or if your provider hasn’t opted in — then you should still complain to your provider.

“After this, if the staff have not resolved your issue to satisfaction, you can file a formal complaint with the Ombudsman.”  

What are the best ways to connect with the world via internet?

In 2016, the United Nations declared internet access a fundamental human right. 

Many individuals around the globe struggle to connect to the Internet due to poor infrastructure or high fees. 

According to the application, there are 3.8 billion users worldwide without reliable and fast broadband internet service. 

Since then, several companies have launched efforts to offer coverage all over the globe.

Amazon Project Kuiper was launched by the company. It describes it as “a long-term effort to launch a constellation low earth orbit satellites that will provide high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity for unserved communities all over the globe.” 

To help the project, the firm filed a request with FCC for more than 3.000 satellites to be launched from low-Earth orbit. 

Satellites will orbit between 589km and 629km (or 366 to 391 mi) above Earth. 

It ROK GROUP We will establish a Wi-Fi network in all 25 Indian cities.

It is part of the Indian Government’s ongoing efforts to make every Indian city accessible to internet.

Wide Wi-Fi Network is a network that will allow internet access to large areas of India. It will be managed in partnership with BSNL. 

The company was established with one goal in mind: to provide high-speed internet access to India. 

Elon Musk’s STARLINK project pioneers the use of low-orbit satellites to provide more efficient internet for the world.

SpaceX will launch its first operational satellites by 2019 with the aim of eventually reaching full capacity in 2024. 

SpaceX must launch 50% of all the satellites before March 2024.

The first of many thousands of satellites designed for low-cost broadband Internet service, they are located in low Earth orbit. 

FACEBOOK Project ‘Simba,’ named after Lion King, is in the planning stages. It will be an underwater cable which will circumvent the continent and land on several coasts.

 Facebook is in talks to develop an underwater data cable that would encircle the continent, according to people familiar with the plans, an effort aimed at driving down its bandwidth costs and making it easier for the social media giant to sign up more users.

GOOGLEThe company’s plans for an underwater cable are moving forward, and it confirmed plans for construction of a cable that will connect Portugal with South Africa. 

Google’s cable, named Equiano, will have 20 times the capacity of the most recent projects laid in the region and will first branch out in Nigeria—Africa’s largest internet market.