These moving photos capture how Britain stood still as King Charles III paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with a touching and personal tribute. 

Britons gathered in public places from London to Windsor, York and Edinburgh to see Charles’s first speech as Britain’s monarch. They then raised a glass to toast the reign of Charles and his mother (who died on Thursday at Balmoral Castle aged 96) and to the health and well-being of the new King. 

Family members gathered at their television sets while grieving neighbors watched from outside, streaming live the address via their smartphones.

Even British tourists were there to witness King Charles III’s first speech. They then cheered the prolonged period of stability Queen Elizabeth II had provided and resumed their partying.

Many viewers immediately took to Twitter and described how they felt ‘like a waterfall’ after seeing the King speak. @SeagullRichard claimed that he was unable to stop crying after hearing the speech of the King while flower-laying for the Queen at St Albans.

Katrien Vanderschoot stated that everyone at the bar she was sitting in was glued to their screens while Charles (72) spoke. Many people gathered in local hotspots to watch Charles, 72, speak, with Paul Hurst also watching from St Paul’s.  He wrote: “Watching the St. Paul’s service and King Charles’ first speech with everyone in my local bar.  It was an admiring and respectful gesture, for both the Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband. His Majesty King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla. 

Isabel Morillo was one of those who watched the speech from abroad. 

People stopped to watch the live television broadcast of King Charles III's address at the Westminster Arms Pub in London

People stopped to watch the live television broadcast of King Charles III’s address at the Westminster Arms Pub in London

Drinkers in the Prince of Wales pub in central London watch a televised address by Britain's King Charles III

London’s Prince of Wales pub hosts a live broadcast of the King Charles III address.

People listen to King Charles address the nation, outside Buckingham Palace

Outside Buckingham Palace, people listen as King Charles addresses the nation

Customers of the Old Coffee House pub watch as King Charles III addresses the nation for the first time since becoming King

The Old Coffee House Pub customers watch King Charles III address the nation, his first speech since becoming King.

English tourists watch as King Charles III makes his first speech at a cocktail bar and party in the English Quarter in Benidorm

English tourists see King Charles III give his first speech at the cocktail bar, party and in Benidorm’s English Quarter.

People use a phone to watch Britain's King Charles address the nation in a televised speech, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth, at the The King and Castle pub in Windsor

After the death of Queen Elizabeth at The King and Castle pub, Windsor, Britain, King Charles addresses the nation via televised speech.

King Charles III gave his first televised address to the nation following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III delivered his first television address to the nation.

He was a renowned author and speaker. Charles gave a historic, televised speech to the nation. He paid a touching tribute to his “darling Mama”.

He said that Elizabeth II, his beloved mother, was the most important thing a family could owe.

He said, acknowledging that the queen’s husband, the Duke, had died 17 months ago. I am grateful for all your dedication and love to my family, and the families of countries you served with such diligence over the years. The ‘flights and angels will sing to you until thy repose’.

Just like the Queen, the King also pledged his entire life to serve as new sovereign. He said: “That promise of lifetime service I renew today.”

He used his speech as a way to declare that William, his son, was now Prince of Wales. Kate, the Princess of Wales also joined him.

People in The Westminster Arms pub in central London, watching King Charles III address the nation

People at The Westminster Arms, central London, as King Charles III addresses the nation

The photographer's family watch a televised address by King Charles III in Manchester

A televised speech by King Charles III is shown to the photographer’s family in Manchester.

Ben, Isaac and Krystyna Rickett watching a broadcast of King Charles III first address to the nation as the new King following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Krystyna and Isaac Rickett watch a live broadcast of King Charles III’s inaugural address to the nation following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

People in a pub in York listen to the speech by King Charles III

Yorkers listen to King Charles III’s speech in a York pub

People watch the televised speech of the new King Charles III inside a pub in London

The televised speech delivered by the King Charles III is being viewed in a London pub.

People watch King Charles III's speech at the Westminster Arms Pub in London

The Westminster Arms Pub, London is a gathering of people who watch King Charles III speak.

A person watches King Charles address the nation in a televised speech at the Pear Tree pub in Edinburgh

One person sees King Charles give a speech to the nation at the Pear tree pub in Edinburgh.

People in Scotland, watching King Charles III address the nation

Watching King Charles III speak to the Nation in Scotland by people from Scotland

It was a time of great change in my family, he said. He also paid tribute to Camilla, his beloved wife and referred to her as “my Queen Consort”.

He was able to count on her love and support, exclaiming: “I’m confident that she’ll bring the same dedication to duty to which I’ve come to depend so heavily to meet the new demands of her role.”

He stepped down from the significant charity work that shaped his life and led to him being accused of interfering with his lobbying efforts as the Prince Of Wales.

As I assume my new responsibilities, my life will be changed. My ability to donate so much time and energy to charities and causes that I deeply care about will be no more. He said that he was confident that this vital work would continue in the hands of trusted others.

Pre-recording was done by the monarch for the long speech. It lasted just over 1,000 words in total and was performed in the Blue Drawing Room at the royal residence in central London on Friday, 6:45pm.

He was dressed in black with black tie, a dark suit and a checked black handkerchief.

“Throughout her entire life, Her Majesty the Queen, my beloved mother, was an inspiration to me and all of my family. We owe her everything: her affection, guidance and love.

Queen Elizabeth lived a full life and was remembered for her promise to destiny. This promise of lifetime service, I renew it to you today.

He spoke out about the Queen’s 70 year reign and the deep sense of gratitude he felt for her.

The King stated, “Her devotion and dedication as Sovereign never wavered through times change and progress through times joy and celebration and times of sorrow and loss.”

“In her lifetime of service, we saw an abiding love for tradition combined with a fearless embrace and acceptance of change that make us great as Nations. Her reign was marked by the admiration, affection and respect that she inspired.

He shared his’senses of loss beyond measure’ with the nation.

Charles shared the perceptions of his family about the Queen by saying they would all be able to testify to the Queen’s qualities of warmth, humor, and an unerring ability to always see the best in others.

He expressed his deepest and most sincere gratitude to the public for their support and condolences.

His speech was concluded by the King with a quote taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Horatio said to Hamlet, as Hamlet is killed in the play: “Now cracks noble hearts.” Goodnight sweet prince. And angels will sing you to your rest.

Charles sat down at an antique desk with polished edges in Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room. This was where she would film some of her Christmas broadcasts.

The King placed a frame photograph of his mother, the Queen. It was smiling wide and featured a bright blue coat with matching hat and a red flower.

In a silver vase was a delicate arrangement with white sweet peas, rosemary sprigs for rememberance and a few silver-looking corgis.

This ornament, a poignant nod to her love for dogs and a tribute to monarchy’s affection, was worn by Queen Elizabeth when she used the same desk.

Charles received a warm welcome, with many kisses and hugs as he welcomed well-wishers who gathered at Buckingham Palace to greet him after he returned from London.

This was the King’s first encounter with the public after his historic accession. People lined up behind the barrier, eager to meet him. They also took selfies and smiled at him.

He retreated to his royal duties despite his sorrow and had his first encounter with Liz Truss, Prime Minister.

He gave his order for a period to be called ‘Royal Mourning,’ which will continue until the seven-day anniversary of her death.

Royal Salutes were given by one round of Royal Horse Artillery on Friday, 1pm Hyde Park.

London’s St Paul’s Cathedral celebrated the Queen’s lifetime of service. Many mourners sang God Save the King and Ms Truss was joined by around 2000 people to offer a service for prayer and reflection.