Let’s admit that books will never go out of fashion because everybody loves a sense of escapism and imagination through books. Even though paperbacks are always a choice, ebooks have also become increasingly popular over the recent years. In the U.S over 335.7 million ebooks are sold and it is a 1.2 billion dollar industry.

Many well known authors have always sought guidance when it comes to publishing their books and have always started from the bottom. Even though the storyline of a book is the main factor in being a best-selling author, there are other factors to consider too.

Marketing and advertising, networking and even having to copyright a book are all important factors that need to be done by an author. It can be time consuming and daunting for a new author to be able to handle all of this, which is why most seek agents for help. 

But sometimes hiring an agent can have its downfalls, which is why many authors actually prefer to become self-publishers because they have more control of everything, but they still need professional guidance and mentoring on how to beat competition.

Many writers that never thought to see the opportunity to have their work published can now open the doors for themselves and professional mentors can help them too. Self-publishing companies such as MindStir Media have helped writers achieve their goals successfully. Over 72% of self-publishers share their books digitally and over 130,000 books are sold through self-publishing companies.

In 2019, over 326 million digital books were borrowed from libraries and the largest electronic retailer to sell ebooks is Amazon. The publishing industry itself is a 22 billion dollar industry.

Even though there are many self-publishing companies out there, it has proven quite difficult to offer a tailored service to clients because there are sometimes limitations to the services that they offer, making the new authors sometimes struggle to overcome their problems. 

MindStir Media has an effective structure that pinpoints all the important matters for new self-published writers and offers professional advice that many authors vow to believing that it has helped them become successful. The company covers sales and distribution to platforms such as Amazon, as well as handle printing and order fulfillment. They are known to have a strong team of professionals that help with the book designs, ISBN assignment and even marketing and publicity.

The face behind the company is J.J Hebert, a 9-time-award-winning author that has had four of his ebooks at the first place spot on Amazon and has had over 100,000 copies sold. The self publishing author knew that he had to learn every step of the game in order to become successful. 

Self-publishing is the new future of book publishing, which is why many major publishing companies now accept manuscripts from writers without agents. Being a best-selling author has now become easier than ever and e-books are a long term trend that will continue to stay.