Although it’s simple to forget about bath towels, they have an important impact on how your house looks.

You could end up with towels fraying around the edges or a fabric cheaper than you intended.

Talk to experts to learn how to pick the right towel for you and how to care for it so it lasts.

We reveal how to choose a quality bath towel and how to keep it in tip top condition

Here’s how to pick a good quality towel for your bath and how to maintain it.

This includes never drying your towels and avoiding silicone-based fabric softeners, conditioners and shampoos.

You will also find the top-rated fabric and the most sought-after colors in towels.

Jenny Allan Design is an interior designer. She explains that towels add the finishing touch to any bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to choose a good towel.

“Aside from the bright colors, classic white towels with an embroidery trim or monogram are a wonderful way to enhance any bathroom.

How to keep a towel dry in a bathtub

Experts recommend washing towels with a soft machine at 40 degrees and using a hot washer for deep cleaning.

The experts also recommend drying the garments outside in shade to prevent the color from being diluted by bright sunlight.

Joanna Ross from towel supplier Sheridan explained that her top tip for towel care is to wash them in a gentle 40-degree machine wash.

“While it is tempting to dry-clean luxury towels, it will only make them soften.

“Optical brighteners can be used on whites but should not be used on colored washes. Keep them separated to prevent colour bleeding.

It is important to address any stain immediately. She also recommends that you use oxygen-based stain removal products.

Experts suggest drying towels outside in the shade as bright sunlight can dilute the colour

Experts advise drying towels outdoors in the shade to avoid yellowing from bright sunlight.

“If you are doing loads of laundry, make sure there is enough water for the clothes to soak in and then wash.”

“I suggest a thorough clean every once in a while on a hot to warm cycle. It will get rid of any germs and oils. This is best done with a 40-60 degree wash.

“I avoid silicone-based fabric conditioners and softeners because they repel water and reduce absorbency.

Even more bizarrely, Ross suggested that towels be dried in the shade.

According to her, line drying towels in shade is a good option if the weather allows. This will reduce electricity consumption and make towels last longer. Also, towels won’t fade as much if they are dried in direct sunlight.

You can dry towels in the tumble dryer until they’re almost dry. This will increase their softness.

Mrs Ross explained that it is important to make sure your towels dry completely before you store them in the linen closet. The common mistake of not completely drying towels is to forget about it. You can store towels that are partially damp. This will cause unpleasant smells and reduce towel life.

“If your towel needs to be tumble dried completely, you can use a warm to medium setting to dry them and then dry them completely before placing in your linen closet.

Appealing fabrics for towels include Egyptian and Turkish cotton pile yarns, as well as organic cotton yarns wrapped in lyocell

Appealing towels fabrics include Turkish and Egyptian cotton pile yarns as well as organic cotton yarns that are wrapped in lyocell.

How do you choose the right towel for your needs? 

There are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect material to use for towels.

Towels should be soft and absorbent. However, it’s also important to ensure that they last a long time.

You can also choose towels with Turkish and Egyptian cotton pile yarns as well as organic cotton yarns wrapped inside lyocell.

If you want to find towels with softness and durability, look out for towels certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The colour blue continues to be one of the most popular choices for bathroom towels

Blue continues to be a popular choice for bathroom towels

What color to choose?

According to Mrs Ross, ‘Colours can transform your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a splash of colour or tone down the bathroom using a calm blue.

The most used colour in the bathrooms is “Blue”. Because it links us to nature’s blue skies and oceans, this colour can help us feel more relaxed.

Blue is known for its ability to soothe the mind and induce a sense of calm, which can be a wonderful feeling when you’re trying to wind down after a long day.

Ms. Allan also said that towels should complement the overall design of the bathroom.

“If you want coloured towels choose tones that are similar in tone to the tile’s undertone color.

“For instance, grey bathroom tiles have warmer undertones than others. Taupe is a good choice. Blue towels are a better option.

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