Most of us have already heard about Multiversus – a new game released by the Warner Bros. company. People are excited about the characters they see there and how the game is presented in general. However, as with any great game, Multiversus has some relative complexity to deal with – it’s the determination of which character to choose for the beginning before you learn most of the necessary info. Tier lists created by various analytics sources help handle this issue and enjoy the game without the risk of making popular mistakes. Mobalytics also offers you to learn about Multiversus best characters.

Explore the general characteristics of Multiversus

Before you discover the best characters of the game, you look at the piece in general. It is necessary to consider such factors as:

  • available limits;
  • setting opportunities;
  • characters’ playability (if any of them is locked when you start your first game), and many other points.

It can impact significantly how you perceive the game. Even if the characters are designed magnificently, but the general setting is poor, nothing will make you return to this piece one more time.

These factors do not determine the principal issue, but they can improve (or break) the entire impression of the play. So if you looked through it and are still excited, let’s move forward.

Read analytics

The next step in discovering the best characters and argumentation for such a rating is reading analytics articles. They will help you understand better the background of the game, so it will not be just moving pictures on your screen – you will perceive it as some story (even if the game is not story-based).

It can also help you learn more about the unique characters you did not meet before. For example, Reindog is the character that was created specifically for this game, and without any story, he looks like just another strange creature with no understandable ground.

The only thing to avoid is a detailed description of capacities if you do not like spoilers. Among the other analytical materials, you can find tier lists and their descriptions. These are other helpful sort of materials to use before the gameplay started.

Discover the tier list

Keep in mind that tier lists for the same game from different sources can be different. You need to consider thins while forming an opinion about which character to try first. If you just want to have fun and not think a lot about what, where, why, and how, just choose the one you like the most and follow it. Mobalytics prepared their tier list for you to give a clear vision of how they estimate the characters presented in patch 1.01. Explore it and its description to learn more about the heroes you’re fond of.

To maintain your gameplay on the same high level, you need to use some additional materials to guide yourself. Mobalytics is ready to provide this information and make your pastime incredibly interesting with new and favorite games you play. Explore now and have fun!