How to make your kettle work in just minutes: Mom uses a simple kitchen item to clean her kettle – and it produces sparkling results

  • One mum tells us how she cleans her kettle using a revolutionary new method  
  • Mum Dee boils lemon in her kettle for cleaning and to remove any stains
  • Her cleaning method has attracted Facebook attention with likes and comments 
  • Carolina McCauley’s mother has shared her vinegar-based kettle cleaning tip with us.

The ‘game-changing” method a mum uses to clean the kettle without using any lemons has been revealed by a mother.

Dee, from Sydney, has wowed hundreds of Facebook users with before and after photos of her kettle cleaning hack that show the appliance transforming from grimy to sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. 

Dee received over 1700 hits and hundreds of comments on the post. 

Mum Dee has shared a quick and handy hack on how to clean your kettles, using only a lemon

The kettle stains have entirely disappeared and the interior has been left looking new, spotless and shiny

Dee’s before-and-after photos of the kettle cleaning method have won over hundreds 

You can clean your kettle’s interior by cutting a lemon in eight and then throwing the pieces into the kettle.

The kettle should be filled to the maximum extent with water. After that, turn the kettle on before emptying it and cleaning the kettle many times. 

This lemon cleaning trick also works on ceramic, stainless steel and electric stovetop kettles. 

Mum Carolina McCauley, from Perth, has revealed a fast and simple way to deep clean a kettle

The spotted stains at the bottom of the kettle appear over time but can be easily removed

Mum Carolina McCauley from Perth has a quick and easy way to clean your kettle.

Dee shared that she didn’t taste any lemon after washing her kettle with lemon.

Carolina McCauley (Australian mother) shared an earlier video showing another method for cleaning kettles.

She used one cup white vinegar and one cup water to remove the stains from the kettle. Then, she let it sit for thirty minutes and then turned on the stove.

To remove the stains, she poured one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water into the appliance

She then left the kettle to rest for 30 minutes

Then, she added one cup vinegar to the water. After that, the device was allowed to sit for thirty minutes.

Once the liquid had been poured, the kettle looked sparkling clean inside.

As a result, the kettle’s bottom will develop spotted marks over time.

Vinegar is a high-alcohol concentrate that kills germs, bacteria and mould.

You can also mix water and vinegar for cleaning, as they don’t create a chemical reaction. 

Carolina shared her tip on cleaning after 48 hours.

“This is a great hack! One woman commented, “This works great!