This is a moment when a hungry leopard attacks an unaware antelope in Kenyan Reserve captured in these photos

  • This majestic beast, which was hunting an antelope in Kenya, was captured on film 
  • Leopards are extremely rare and difficult to capture on film.
  • Photographer: Seeing an Antelope hunting a Leopard is the “stuff you dream of”, says this photographer 

Film captured this jaw-dropping moment of a leopard pouncing on prey.

Bhargava Srivari (29), captured this rare moment while visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya in November.

It is seen pounce on the unassuming antelope. They seem to be wrestling before the big cat finally takes the antelope down.

Photographer Bhargava caught this incredibly rare moment of a leopard hunting an antelope in Kenya on film

Bhargava, a photographer from India captured this rare moment when a leopard hunted an antelope in Kenya.

Seeing an antelope being hunted by a leopard is incredibly rare and the 'stuff of dreams'

The sight of an antelope being chased by a leopard in the wild is an amazing sight and is something that many people only dream about. 

29-year-old photographer Bhargava said all the leopard had to do was leap up and grab the antelope when it walked close enough

Bhargava, a 29-year old photographer, said that all the leopard needed to do was jump up and grab the Antlope when it came close enough

The photographer saw the leopard was hungry, so he spent a few hours watching the big cat to capture the hunt on film

Because the leopard seemed hungry, the photographer spent some time with the cat and tried to get a good shot of the hunting. 

 ‘Seeing a leopard in the wild is quite rare in itself, and seeing one hunting down an Antelope is stuff made of dreams. So when I got an opportunity to witness it, I didn’t miss the chance,’ said Bhargava.

He claimed he saw the leopard, but could not see its hunger, so he decided to keep his distance and capture this moment on film. 

‘We spotted the leopard and noticed it was hungry so we knew it would try to make a kill and hence spent a few hours with it. I felt incredibly lucky witnessing this rare event,’ Bhargava said.

Describing the encounter between the two animals, he said: ‘There was no chase initially because the leopard was hiding in the grass in front of the antelope, so all the leopard had to do was leap up and grab the face of the antelope when it walked close enough to the waiting leopard.’