Hunting dogs face bans on trophy killings import… campaigners warn that the law cannot be abused

  • Hunting trophy kills will be banned from being brought back to Britain by hunters. 
  • Since 2019, more than 300 endangered species carcasses have been shipped to the UK
  • The move is two years after the Tories promised to ban trophy kills imports

It was announced last night that hunters will be subject to a complete ban on the return of trophy kills to Britain.

Ministers will make the announcement this week as over 300 endangered species carcasses have been sent to the UK from 2019 according to figures.

They are being warned by celebrities and campaigners that hunters must be able to continue their business as normal.

Two years ago, the Tories had pledged to prohibit trophy killing imports. Lord Ashcroft said in Today’s Daily Mail: “With environmental concerns of all sorts now sitting at top of Government’s agenda it’s time for them to address animal cruelty.”

Graeme and Greig Blundell, a father and son from Kinross, Scotland, are pictured with a zebra

Graeme und Greig Blundell are pictured together with a zebra. They are a father/son from Kinross in Scotland.

In the meantime, Judi Dench (a supporter) of the ban on trophy hunting said that ‘having raised expectations, it is now up to the Government to deliver. This policy has lots of support.

Boris Johnson previously called imports a “disgusting trade”. Stanley Johnson is his father and has supported the ban.

Sources within the Government said this week that the next steps regarding the move will be described. These will include a comprehensive, robust, and effective approach to deliver the promised changes to protect thousands upon species.

Claire Thomas, UK Executive Director of Humane International Campaign Group, stated that the Government promised this ban starting in 2019. Although it has been slow moving, they have taken time to make sure that the deal is done right. It’s a ban that doesn’t have loopholes to allow hunters to keep on doing business as usual.

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, a group that aims to pressure MPs to make the change, will publish a book in which 75 Britons are shamed. Some boast about killing hundreds.

They were named on the Umlilo Safaris website, which provides over 50 species of animals for slaughter in South Africa. It charges £9,175 for a ‘combo package’ to kill a lion and lioness.

Eduardo Goncalves is the founder of Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. He stated: “We want to understand what the government intends to do in terms of enforcement or punitive actions.” We believe lawbreakers should be sentenced to jail.