I DID nearly quit over Downing Street party scandal, says Boris Johnson’s ethics watchdog Lord Geidt

  • Boris Johnson’s advisor on ministerial interest, Lord Geidt considered quitting
  • The ethics watchdog said he was ‘clearly frustrated’  by the Prime Minister
  • He said it had been an ‘especially busy year’ for him, due to Mr Johnson’s actions

Boris Johnson’s ethics watchdog Lord Geidt has hinted he considered quitting over the Downing Street party scandal.

The peer said he was ‘clearly frustrated’ by the Prime Minister’s response to being fined by police for breaking lockdown laws in No 10 and resignation was ‘always on the agenda’.

Lord Geidt also told MPs ‘pressures’ were created by the numerous scrapes the PM had got himself into and that it had been an ‘especially busy year’.

Lord Geidt (pictured), Boris Johnson's adviser on ministerial interests, hinted he thought about leaving his role due to the challenging year

Boris Johnson’s adviser for ministerial interests Lord Geidt, (pictured), suggested that he was considering quitting because of the year-long challenges 

Boris Johnson's actions throughout the year, including his reaction to being fined, left Lord Geidt 'frustrated'

Lord Geidt was irritated by Boris Johnson’s actions during the year. This included his response to being fined.

And despite his title being independent adviser on ministers’ interests, the watchdog admitted it was very hard to convince people he did not have a ‘cosy’ relationship with Downing Street.

But he insisted he did now have the power to launch investigations into possible breaches of the ministerial code – and would not be afraid to do so.

These comments were addressed to the Commons Public Administration committee and the Constitution affairs committee.

Labour’s Harriet Harman will lead a probe into whether Mr Johnson misled parliament over lockdown parties.

Yesterday, fellow MPs confirmed that she was the chair of the inquiry committee on privileges.