Kyle Rittenhouse has hired bodyguard to protect him, saying in an interview on Monday night that he plans to move away and live a quiet life, as ‘people want to kill me, just because I defended myself.’ 

Tucker Carlson interviewed Rittenhouse (18 years old) for a Monday evening interview. 

According to him, he received numerous death threats and was afraid for his safety.

He stated, “I was an innocent seventeen-year old boy who was violently attacked. I defended myself,”

“Apparently it’s wrong for many people to protect their communities.

“I must have someone with me because people want me to die, because I defend myself.”

“Some of these things are sickening. 

Rittenhouse met Carlson after being cleared Friday of the charges of homicide. He also faced attempted homicide.

In footage shared exclusively with, Kyle Rittenhouse slammed commentators on both the left and right as 'sickening' for polarizing Americans

Kyle Rittenhouse shared exclusive footage with and criticized commentators of both the right-wing and left for their polarization.

Rittenhouse sat down with Carlson days after being cleared of homicide, attempted homicide and more in the shooting deaths of two men

Carlson and Rittenhouse spoke to each other days after Rittenhouse was cleared of attempted homicide, homicide and all the rest in connection with two shooting deaths. 

The teen's interview with Tucker Carlson was believed to have been filmed on Sunday on Florida's Gulf Coast

'I don't think he sees himself as a poster boy for anything. In fact, he emphatically doesn't. And that's part of the tragedy of it,' Carlson said

Carlson spoke with just hours before Tucker Carlson Tonight’s exclusive interview.  “I don’t think that he considers himself to be a poster boy for anything. He clearly doesn’t. Carlson stated that this is part of the tragedy.

Asked where the police were, in the chaos and rioting after the shooting of Jacob Blake, Rittenhouse replied: ‘I’m not sure really.’

He stated, “They have to do a tough job.

He criticised the city’s leadership.

The National Guard ought to have been called August 23,

“The city of Kenosha has failed this community.

Tony Evers was the governor who failed to serve his community. 

Jurors determined that Jacob Blake was the gun-wielding teenager who opened fire on the three others during August 2020 riots. These riots were sparked in Wisconsin by Jacob Blake’s police shooting.

It’s a racially-tinged trial 

It was a unanimous verdict that cleared him. This led to accusations by the left of a two-tier racist justice system, which favors white defendants while giving green light to vigilantes with heavy arms.

Conservatives, on the other hand, praise Rittenhouse for his protection of the community from lawlessness. 

Rittenhouse stated to Carlson that it had never been about race.

“It was to do with self-defense.”

“I don’t consider myself a racist.”

“I support the BLM movement, and peacefully demonstrate. 

Rittenhouse said, “I think there’s lots of prosecutorial misconduct not only in my case, but also in other cases.” 

According to the teenager, his case with many lies being circulated made him realise how many miscarriages justice exist, particularly for those who don’t have as much media exposure and resources. 

He stated, “It is just incredible to see how much prosecutors can take advantage” of people.

Rittenhouse claimed that he has’really excellent lawyers’ who are looking into allegations of defamation. Rittenhouse said that he believed Joe Biden, who called him a white supremacist, acted with malice.   


Lin Wood, John Pierce and John Rittenhouse were the first representatives for Rittenhouse.

Both are famous for passionately defending right-wing figures. Pierce represented many Capitol rioters while Wood was an ardent pro-Trump voice making false allegations of election fraud. 

Rittenhouse said that Pierce and Wood were not acting in Carlson’s best interests.

The Washington Post was recommended to him, and he later realized that it was a mistake. 

Pierce also flew him to Florida with members of white supremacist Proud Boys, where he was lumped in the same group that the far-right activists.

Rittenhouse denied that Rittenhouse knew what a “military” was. However, his attorneys claimed that Rittenhouse was part of the militia.

Rittenhouse spoke out about Pierce and said, “No wonder people think I am a white supremacist.”

He also stated that lawyers had kept him locked up for longer than was necessary to further their narrative.

He stated that he had been advised by his lawyer to put me in jail because it was safer for him.

“I spent 87 days in prison”

“They could have brought me back to Wisconsin in mid September.”

“But they wanted me to be in prison until November 20,”

Rittenhouse stated that there was no water supply in his cell.

He said that he felt sick and had lost weight.

“I didn’t shower till November 20,.” It was ripping my skin. It was absolutely horrible.

“I felt bad for Dave because he was with me for the three-hour ride in my car, and it smelled terrible.” 


Carlson claimed Rittenhouse was “a sweet child” and, before interviewing him for, said that Rittenhouse wanted to correct the record. 

‘He’s 18. He did not get in this because he wanted to be a politician. Carlson said that this was his community, and they were burning them down. He spoke to hours prior to Tucker Carlson Tonight’s exclusive interview.

“I doubt he views himself as the poster boy for any cause. He clearly doesn’t. That’s the tragic part. I doubt he wanted this.

A production crew was embedded in Carlson’s murder trial with Rittenhouse, his legal team, and Rittenhouse throughout. The documentary will be available on Fox Nation subscription.

Carlson insists that jurors arrived at the right verdict, despite liberal commentators’ racist accusations and unfounded links to white supremacy.

Chicago: Over a thousand demonstrators gathered at Federal Plaza in Chicago on Saturday to protest the acquittal

Chicago: On Saturday, over a thousand people protested the acquittal at Federal Plaza in Chicago

Protests over the verdict continued on Sunday in Kenosha, where a group of around 150 people gathered in the Civic Center Park outside the courthouse where Rittenhouse was cleared to protest the verdict

The protests continued in Kenosha on Sunday. A group of 150 people assembled in Civic Center Park, outside Kenosha’s courthouse. Rittenhouse had been cleared for the demonstration.

Carlson spoke out about the Antioch, Illinois, native, saying, “What is so troubling, it’s that nobody seems willing to evaluate Kyle Rittenhouse in his own terms.”

After talking with him for a while about his childhood, my view is that he was not a very political kid. He liked Andrew Yang, you know.

“He was 17 years old and came from a middle-class family with a steady job. His job was to cook for the fry and lifeguard. This does not indicate that he is from a wealthy background.

“He was not in any militia. He didn’t have any strange views about race. He is probably more liberal than he appears to be about race.

“He traveled to Kenosha for a group of his family members, because there he worked and because he was angry at what was taking place there.

“The police didn’t do anything about it. Kenosha mayor was doing nothing. This was permitted by Wisconsin’s governor. It was the turn of the 17-year old boy.

“The child takes a stand against violence, and is immediately threatened.”

Carlson stated that he supported Rittenhouse’s account of events because he saw video clips of Rittenhouse shootings, which eventually would form the basis of a successful defense. He claimed that Rosenbaum Huber and Grosskreutz were his aggressors and a potential threat to him life.

Rittenhouse was dressed in a suit and tie for the interview as the family dined at Smokin' Jerry's Tiki Hut Bar & Grill in Placida, Florida on Sunday afternoon

Rittenhouse was dressed in a suit and tie for the interview as the family dined at Smokin’ Jerry’s Tiki Hut Bar & Grill in Placida, Florida on Sunday afternoon

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts. The verdict came in at 12.15pm Friday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, leading to fears that the city might once again erupt in violence

Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t found guilty on any of the charges. According to Kenosha (Wisconsin), the verdict was delivered Friday at 12:15pm. This raised fears of violence once more.

He claims that multiple commentators are still repeating incorrect information about the case. Furthermore, several overseas outlets were confused by US media’s focus on racially focused narrative and wrongly reported that the “victims” were black.

The story was not about race. Carlson stated that all of them were entitled white children,

“Why did that happen?” This was the meaning of American media coverage.

“Why would you do this? Why should you hate people more because of their race?

They can’t get the stuff in the bottles back. They are ruining the country. They’re literally dismantling the country.

Carlson himself has been criticised by rival media companies, with CNN’s Brian Stelter accusing him of using tragedy to “drive subscriptions” for Fox Nations.

Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards said to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, that while he didn’t approve of giving film crew access to his client, he understood that the teenager would need to raise funds to defend himself.

“We didn’t join Kyle Rittenhouse’s defence team. That is not our job.” Carlson countered that our job was to gather as much information possible and present it to our viewers. Rittenhouse’s producers denied offering Rittenhouse any financial incentives.

“It’s hilarious, it’s true. CNN worked with the Department of Justice in order to bring down the adversaries of Joe Biden’s administration. This is very disturbing.

“We have extremely capable producers who were able get more information on the case than CNN could get.”

Member of the right praised Rittenhouse's acquittal, including Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

Members of the Right praised Rittenhouse’s acquittal including Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

Carlson said that before Monday’s broadcast, he wanted viewers to take the time and watch his program so they could make an informed decision about the shooting and subsequent 19-day trial.

He stated that he still believes in journalism’s core principle, which states, “If you present facts to people, some percent of them will form their own minds in a rational and thoughtful manner.”

‘I supported him right away because I watched his video. He did not break any laws, and I was wrong. However, I did not know him so people have an hour to see his reaction.

“People will draw their own conclusions. But, it is unlikely that anyone who sees this video will conclude Rittenhouse was a hater.

“And yet, people claim that he is a white supremacist. I hope he sues the sh*t out of everyone who said that because it’s just so dishonest. This is mind-boggling.

Carlson is worried about Rittenhouse’s future and fears that it may prove difficult to live a life similar to a normal one.

“As far I know, he would like to pursue a nursing degree from Arizona State University,” Carlson said. Carlson stated that this might seem quite difficult to me as an adult.

“I don’t think he can understand because he was in prison and in the middle a murder case. He doesn’t have perspective about how well-known he is and the symbol that he represents. That’s what I think he doesn’t get. It’s hard to believe he could do that.

Rittenhouse’s Acquittal, Left-Wing Reaction 

Cori Bush, Missouri Congresswoman and member ‘The Squad’, described Rittenhouse’s conviction as “white supremacy in practice”.

“This system wasn’t designed to hold white supremacists liable,” she stated. 

“It is why Black and Brown people are brutalized, and then put in prisons, while white supremacist killers walk free. 

‘I’m hurt. I’m angry. I’m heartbroken.’

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also agreed and tweeted: “What we’re witnessing is the system functioning as intended, protecting those it was meant for.”

Fellow Squad member Ayanna Pressley added: ‘Racism & white supremacy remain the bedrock of our legal system. My heart breaks for the family & loved ones of those whose lives were stolen, and the trauma our communities face today and every day. 

“The fight for accountability and justice for healing, as well as for accountability for the past, continues. 

Pramila Jayapal was the head of House Progressive Caucus and said, “I am heartbroken.” 

“If America wants to end racial inequalities, then we must acknowledge that the justice system does not work for Black, brown, or Indigenous people. It must be transformed. 

“It won’t be easy, but it will be possible. I’m here to help you make it happen. 

Bill de Blasio is the New York mayor. He said, “To call this a Miscarriage Of Justice is an understatement.”

Tweet: “Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum are victims. They ought to be alive right now. 

“The reason they aren’t is that a dangerous, violent man took a gun and started shooting at people across the state line.”