Jeffrey Epstein victim Sarah Ransome said that she would like to visit Ghislaine Maxiwell “behind bars for her whole life”. 

Maxwell is accused of recruiting and grooming minor girls and she claims that Maxwell tortured her and other survivors to maintain his “social credibility”.    

‘Jeffrey’s dead. Ghislaine’s here. Ghislaine needs to be put behind bars until her health improves. Ransome said that people aren’t safe walking with her in public.    

Ransome claimed that Epstein introduced her to her at 22 when she was approached by a woman who had been in New York’s nightclub. 

She was later lured to the disgraced billionaire’s island on Little St James in the Caribbean, where she spent five months being abused and was raped three times a day.   

Jeffrey Epstein victim Sarah Ransome has said she wants to see Ghislaine Maxwell 'behind bars for the rest of her life' in an interview with CBS News

In an interview with CBS News, Sarah Ransome, a Jeffrey Epstein victim has stated that she would like to visit Ghislaine Maxiwell “behind bars for her rest of life” in a statement.

Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial on six counts, including sex trafficking of a minor, and faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges

Ghislaine Maxill is currently on trial for six counts including minor sex trafficking. She could face up to 80 year imprisonment if convicted. She has pleaded no guilty to all charges

Speaking about her new book, “Silenced No More: Surviving My Journey to Hell and Back”, Ransome said it was ‘sick’ that Maxwell’s defense team had described the defendant as a scapegoat for Epstein’s crimes on the opening day of her trial. 

Maxwell’s siblings also claimed that she wanted to be punished for Epstein’s crimes, and they were wrong. 

“I want the truth to be known. It’s been liberating for me to be and speak my truth. That’s what has set me free.

Ransome claimed that Epstein warned her to listen to Maxwell, and that she remembered it’very clearly’. 

Epstein claimed that he threatened her life and family with murder if she ran away or spoke to law enforcement about the ‘the Rapes and what he was trying to do to me’.

“I was already scared. It was terrifying. When Jeffrey told me “you don’t cross her”, my fear was palpable. Ransome agreed. 

Sarah Ransome (pictured) also claimed Epstein threatened to kill her and her family if she tried to runaway from Epstein's notorious 'pedophile island'

Sarah Ransome (pictured), also claimed Epstein threatened her and her family with murder if they tried to flee Epstein’s notorious ‘pedophile islands’

Sarah Ransome claims Maxwell, who is on trial for recruiting and grooming underage girls, 'tortured and abused' her and 'other survivors' while trying to shore up his 'social credibility'

Sarah Ransome asserts Maxwell, on trial for grooming and recruiting girls underage, tortured and abused her, and other survivors, while trying to improve his’social credibility’

Facilities at Little St James Island, in the Caribbean, one of the properties of financier Jeffrey Epstein where Sarah Ransome claims she was abused

Facilities at Little St James Island, in the Caribbean, one of the properties of financier Jeffrey Epstein where Sarah Ransome claims she was abused

Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

 Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein 

She stated that she was able to give many examples about Ghislaine’s abuse and torture of her, as well as other survivors. 

“When Ghislaine was on the Island, I had only been there for a couple of days and Jeffrey had this patio outside with seating. She looked at me, and then she turned to me and said “Jeffrey want you.”

“And then, I completely stopped…she grabbed my arm and led me into Jeffrey’s room where she raped me. 

“So, when she said that she didn’t have anything to do and had no idea what she did, it was because she was a facilitator. Jeffrey was his right-hand lady. She was the one who orchestrated it all.

Ransome claimed that Ransome was lured to the trafficking schemes by another New York girl. 

According to her, a woman approached her at a bar and suggested Epstein as a way for her to ‘achieve all her dreams.

Ransome went to see the movie with the billionaire in disrepute, and Ransome invited her back to Epstein’s famous ‘pedophile islands’.     

After being moved into Epstein’s Manhattan apartment, she managed to flee in 2007. 

Sarah Ransome departs the court on the first day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in the Manhattan, New York, on November 29

Sarah Ransome is released from the Manhattan courthouse on the 1st day of the GhislaineMaxwell trial. This took place on 29 November.

Ransome answered Ransome’s question about why she published the book. Ransome explained she did not want to share her own story. It was exhausting to be afraid. It was exhausting to live in fear. 

I reached the point in my life where it was necessary for people to understand my story. Because I do not want anyone to repeat what I went through.

“And when I came forward I was trolling, and I was victim shamed.” It was said that you should be raped because you are 22 years old.

Ransome also said to Ransome that Ransome believed she was an ‘oregon gold digger’, and that her motives were purely financial.  

“And… that really caused an anger within me that I hadn’t even realized existed. It was like a fire…

“The truth is that victims are shamed and survivors won’t speak out because they fear being judged. These people are scared that their bad life choices will be judged and they won’t get believed.

“But I was not worthy to be raped. Due to my poor decisions, I am not an open for grabs, and anyone can rape me at any time they wish. Rape is still rape.