A fidget spinner is a toy you hold in your hand, with a weight on one end that causes it to spin. You can use it to help relieve stress by flipping and spinning the device between your fingers. The fidget spinner can be spun using one hand, and it is made from a variety of materials including brass, copper, stainless steel and plastic. The most common fidget spinners have three prongs called blades on each side of the weighted center.

Ideas on how to make a fidget spinner

Below are some ideas on how to make a fidget spinner.

1. Make a simple fidget spinner.

Just fold two paper clips together to create a loop. Take the paper clips, and fold the ends 90 degrees to make a c-shape, then put them together forming an cylinder. Wrap this cylinder with string or rubber bands, and attach it to one end of the paper clip. You can also make a simple fidget spinner by taking three toothpicks and cutting them into three equal length pieces, or take two small dowel rods cut them in half to six equal lengths. After that, you can fold each of these pieces in half again in order to create blades for your fidget spinner.

2. Make a double-blade fidget spinner.

You can make an effective double-blade fidget spinner by following the steps below: First, you have to create a simple and stable fidget spinner. After that, take two paper clips and fold them together in half. Take the folded ends and fold them at a 45-degree angle to form the blades of your new fidget spinner. This is how you can make a double-blade fidget spinner with two main blades, and one side blade that easily adds more spin to your device.

3. Make a 4-blade fidget spinner.

You can easily make a four-blade fidget spinner by following the steps below: After creating a classic fidget spinner, you have to take two paper clips and fold them together in half, like you did in the previous steps. Then, fold two of the ends 45 degrees in order to create two new blades, and one side blade that adds more spin to your device. You can use any type of string or elastic bands when adding this side blade to your new fidget spinner.

4. Make a triangular shaped fidget spinner.

You can always make a triangular shaped fidget spinner by following the steps below: First, create a classic fidget spinner. After that, you will have to unfold the two outer blades and add some new ones to it. To do this, take one paper clip and fold it into three equal parts. Then, fold each of these parts 90 degrees in order to form three new blades on your device.


Please use any of the ideas above to create your own fidget spinner. You can also make a fidget spinner by taking a small metal plate, tie it to one finger and a screwdriver, and cut the metal plate in half so that it attaches itself to either end of the screwdriver. After doing this, you can attach the two halves together with some tape or glue in order for them to connect together.

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