Today, a illegal Albanian immigrant was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his actions after his vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian returning from night out.

Aleksi Shyti used a false Greek identification document to drive the Rover 211 he owned when it struck Ricky Burlton. Burlton got thrown right into three other vehicles.

Shyti was a novice driver and drove along the A10 Hoddesdon bypass, Hertfordshire without a license. She had a cracked windscreen for 100 more metres. Shyti then left the scene by foot. 

The man was walking by the side of the road with bloody eyes.

Aleksi Shyti (pictured) was using a fake Greek identity document when the white Rover 211 he was driving struck Ricky Burlton, who was thrown into the path of three other cars

Aleksi Shyti was operating a false Greek identity document. Ricky Burlton was struck by the Rover 211 he drove and was thrown in the way of three cars.

Instead of calling the emergency services, the mechanic/scout leader aged 20 called a friend and asked for help to get him to the hospital.

Simon Wilshire, St Albans crown judge, stated that Shyti was 42 when the accident occurred and had returned to Albania shortly thereafter.

In May 2012, a European Arrest Warrant (Early Arrest Warrant) was issued and finally implemented in September in Bulgaria.

According to Mr Wilshire, Ricky was a resident of Enfield and had gone out with his friends from Hertford. He was returning home when Ricky was struck by lightning. At the spot, he was declared dead.

Other people called the emergency services, and police found Shyti’s fake Greek identification document under the name Georgious Tsoulos when they searched the Rover.

Shyti was taken to Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield. He had previously undergone facial surgery. According to him, he was Georgious Tsoulos. 

Ricky Burlton (pictured) had been returning from a night out when he was hit by the car driven by Shyti

Ricky Burlton, (pictured) was returning to work after a night out and was struck by Shyti’s car.

Shyti fled the UK shortly afterwards, having lived in Hertford for many years.

Shyti was not licensed to drive in Albania or the UK, according to Wilshire. To buy insurance, he claimed he was a holder of a fake driving license for 10 years.

The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced for possessing false documents, including the Greek identification card with intent. 

Also, he admitted to making false statements in order to get insurance. He claimed that he was a UK driver’s license holder for ten years.

The court had earlier heard that Shyti wouldn’t be facing a charge related to Ricky Burlton’s death.

Dawn Burlton from Enfield stated in a victim statement that Ricky Burlton was her son and that he was on his way to becoming a Scout leader. Dawn was also a mother and said that Ricky Burlton was kind and selfless.

She stated that the defendant was not allowed to drive, and that he left the area. Instead of calling the emergency services, he called a friend and left my son there where he’d driven into me.

“When he was treated for medical reasons, he decided to leave the UK. I will never forget these facts.

Her words were: “I’ve been robbed from my son by someone who shouldn’t be driving.” As a family, we will continue to mourn and grieve. He will be sentenced. He will be serving a sentence of life.

Oliver Renton, who was defending the claim, said that he is deeply sorry for the losses suffered by the family. He recognizes that by failing to return to the jurisdiction, he had contributed to their misery.

Following the incident, Shyti was seen with his face covered in blood

Shyti was seen covered in blood following the incident

Renton stated that Shyti suffered serious injuries. He lost his sight in one eye. There were deep scarring and wounds on his forehead and nose.

Judge Michael Simon stated that a 20-year old man who had everything in his life lost it and his family lost their beloved brother and son.

It is not a stretch to state that the court can do anything but have a very real impact on the lives of his family members and friends.

“The defendant cannot and will not be prosecuted for any offense related to Ricky’s death. Experts concluded that Ricky’s death resulted from a fatal road accident. It was determined that there is no criminal direct responsibility for the death of the defendant.

He expressed his hope that Ricky’s loved ones would be open to accepting the courts’ limited sentencing power.

Shyti told him he was ‘living in a lie’ from April 2009, when he entered the UK under a false identification document. He then obtained insurance even though no UK, Albanian or other driving license.

Because the sentence was more than 12 months long, Shyti is eligible for deportation immediately.

Referring to the document crimes, the judge stated: “The public would find it shocking to discover that assertions made by individuals would make it appear that not even the most basic checks were done.” The court hopes that matters will have been rectified since then so that appropriate checks can be made.